Wow, I've been working on a couple logos, and just got done with them (uploading tomorrow), and I was bored so I decided to show off MY band's logo (also done by me) and our Upcoming Album Cover (ALSO done by me.)

If you're interested in my work and have any questions/requests for a band logo/album cover, ask me on here, or PM me.
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man the VX series are nice

Yeah, I'm looking to get the EVL-X4
Because i dont want to drive for 6 hours to get a guitar, then drive 6 back and waste gas. I'm not made out of money.
I was asking for places to buy them OFF OF THE INTERNET. Perfect quote, "a SITE to buy them on." Learn to read before you tell me to google something.
Does anybody on here know where I could find a site that sells any type of Cort guitars? Because I've read up on the history of Cort and read the specs on most of their products, and they seem like a really good manufacturer. I'm really considering buying one of their guitars. Anybody know where i could find one, though?
anybody else looking for a logo / black metal logo that's in my style of drawing? cause i'm outragiously bored
For Symphony of Silence
(would have gotten it to you earlier, but i had sleep, school, etc.)
Hope you like it:

If anybody is interested in more of my work, or would like a logo made, just request one and i'll get right on it.
I'll get to work on the "unreadable" one, and if you want it like A Living Misanthropy, i'll have it to you by tomorrow, because i'm about to go to bed. So i'll have that one too you ASAP.
No problem.

Anybody else?
I'm bored and have nothing else to do for now...Band practice isnt until 5:00...
If anybody is interested in my work, and has a request for a band logo that is similar in the style of my art, feel free to ask. I'll hand draw the logo and then take it in to Paintshop Pro 7 and touch it up, all for free.

Here is some of my previous work:

A Living Misanthropy (Request):

Raven Thorn (Local Band):

Troll Hammer (Local Band):

Chaotic Holocaust (Local Band):
This is for A Living Misanthropy
Hand drawn, and then taken in to Paintshop Pro 7

Since I've purchased and listened to Beyond The Permafrost, I've wanted to learn one if not all of Skeletonwitch's songs. But after an hour of searching, there are absolutely no tabs for any Skeletonwitch tracks at all. I've tried tabbing out all of their songs, but it didnt go so well. Does anybody have any tabs for any one of Skeletonwitch's songs, or know where i could find any?
I've been playing the guitar for 4 1/2 years and have been playing the same guitars for that time, and I'm trying to decide which guitar i should get next. Which do you think would be a better choice between the Jackson DXMG or Schecter Hellraiser Avenger?
I'm looking for a talented drummer and bass guitarist around the north florida, south georgia region. I live in Cairo, Ga so if you live anywhere near here (ie. Thomasville, Whigam, Tallahassee), or near the Georgia, Florida border and you're interested, email me at:

I'm also looking for a good growl vocalist, and possibly a rythm guitarist. If you're in the above area, email me if you're interested.

Check out my bands new profile on here

Seeing Sounds

and tell me what you think of our new track.