My first thought was "Don't buy an SUV." My second thought was "Get a sporty hatchback instead"
You think that's bad?
I just bought a Mac!
Lock On
Fake Tears
Work in Progress

High and Low

If the world is so bad,
Why can't I just bring myself to frown?
Well, it's true: we'd rather remember what we had
Than reach right on out and feel.
I suppose I should be sad
That we tell our kids "It's okay to dream",
As if there was something wrong with that at all.
And people tell me, "I'm not judgemental,"
Because they assumed I was judging as well.

I guess I just feel
That we're safe from hell
'Cause what kind of God would send us on down?
Life's a riddle, and I don't expect the answer.
What's the fun in that?

What's the use in praying to the stars
to make the sun give up and tell?
She told me, "Stay true,"
But I never gave her an answer at all.
We look to the clouds
When all our questions are here on the ground.
The dog howls to the moon,
And we laugh and we swoon,
Yet the moon must have something to listen to.

I think I need help with my intros, and keeping my work uncluttered.
Any help is appreciated.
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I love how enraged people get about lines in a movie they don't need to see spoken by actors who have no influence on their lives.

*movie comes out, you're walking down the street*
Random 12 year old: Ha ha ha that's legit, I can't wait to legit shred while listening to some hardcore Aly and AJ! Whenever I'm in public, I'm going to have really loud conversations about "true rock" and how it's defined by Miley Cyrus!

Times 1,000,000.
K, I'll try that
Yeah, and I tried registering my game too. Nothing.
Yeah I'm positive I got the email right. And my friends wanted to do an Online Dynasty. :/
Ok, has anyone else had a ridiculously tough time with EA sports and Xbox? I have NCAA 2010, and I just want to make a team. It tells me I need to sign up, so I do.

Then, I have to link my gamertag (this is where the trouble starts).

It says I need to add a persona, and when I try to put in my gamertag it says I have to do an online match on Xbox live for it to recognize me. So I do (and get crushed 63-3), and it tells me I should've gotten a confirmation email, which NEVER CAME!

Has anyone else had the misfortune of dealing with EA, and could gimme a hand?
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The parrot isn't dead, it's merely paralysed...

I forgot about that. "Twit of the year" had some good ones too, I forget most of them though.
The Wii.
Don't do Latin. Easily the most boring thing I've ever learned. Unless you'r taking it outside of school, maybe.
I rage quit out of Forza 2, without assists. I'm up by 30 seconds, two laps from winning an enduro-race, when I accidentally brake too hard, the wheels lock, I miss the apex of the corner by 3 feet and spin out 40 feet into sand. By the time I get onto the course, I'm in dead last.

I don't support pedophile actors. Look at that beard. Look at it.
I cleaned the playroom. Yay....

Now it doesn't feel so great.
I always pretend that I'm wearing some sort of super high tech armor suit, wherever I go. Out of boredom, I guess. If my mind drifts off, I picture wherever I am as in the future. Cars are spaceships, buildings are docking bays, etc.
And also, I'll see a car in the distance, and imagine a HUD that tells the speed, distance from me, etc.
Well, if reality is all beings, objects, or forces that can act on some other being, object, or force; and I can react with something else, then I exist.
Obvious answer is obvious.

If it looks like a piece of sh*t, drives like a piece of sh*t, and the owner treated it like a piece of sh*t, it is a piece of sh*t.
The searchbar is the now. The searchbar is the future. The searchbar is watching you.
No idea how it came up? She has some serious segue problems.

"...yeah, I like the Red Sox too. Too bad about Ortiz. I'll give you a sucky-rub and tug for $50."
LCD Soundsystem
Daft Punk
Protest the Hero
Dance Gavin Dance
Led Zeppelin
I vote Jigger-new.


Or Rolf.
Quote by Wulphy
You obviously have never been in a deep depression. Depression is a disease like any other, it is not a choice.

When one considers/attempts suicide, the suicidal impulse is usually only over a period of 48 hours, in which one is completely irrational. You're ignorance about this subject is astounding.

Anyways, I think people who do this sort of thing are real arseholes. I hope they're on a SERIOUS guilt trip right now.
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Yes, this is true, but when you do this, their stats become the same as a pokemon in the wild, unless they add the EVs already on it. But it's better to raise a pokemon to lv. 100 by training it than to just let the game do it, because when the game does it, it's like giving your pokemon as many rare candys as it needs to get to lv. 100, with no addition of EV points. when you raise them yourself, it gains certain EV points based on the stats of the pokemon you fight, making it far stronger. I would like that edge.

A Wild Pokemon appeared!

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I dunno, that pound attack can be quite devestating.

I find tail whip more effective.
Quote by you = fail
I bought it

Also, I hate games without retaliation. This is why I love Fallout 3 and GTA IV. When somebody drives into my new Ferrari, I get out, rocket launcher their @$$, and drive their car off a cliff.

Unfortunately, in other games when your AI teammate decides it would be funny to hide in a corner while you're getting shot in the dome, it's physically impossibly to punch them or something. Even having the OPTION to do so is nice, even if you're not violent.
The only three non-game-specific complaints are:

1- Rubber banding in racing games. Especially Need for Speed: Most Wanted. When I'm doing 216 on the highway and the closest guy to me is a mile and a half back on a hairpin, I seriously doubt they can catch me in 30 seconds if I clip a wall with my mirror.

2. One-hit K.O.'s

3. People who exclusively snipe or kill steal, nothing else.


-F*cking annoying trainers that search around every goddam second to make sure no one gets by them. "Derr, our eyes met so we must battul!" No! You saw my back as I was turning a corner, in tall grass, 300 feet away. I can't WAIT to smash your Level 2 Pidgey with a Level 49 Thunderbolt. Take it in the face.
-Gym Leaders using Full Restore.

Halo 3:
-Beating down. Since when has punching someone through heavy armor been more effective than 50 assault rifle rounds to the visor? Not to mention, you can beat them down twice online and they kill you with one.

-Battle Rifles. Remove from game. Now. I esclusively teabag all Battle Rifle users until someone else on the other team kills me. Ironically, usually with a Battle Rifle.

-The map Standoff. Just, no.
Randy Newman- Short People
Short people got no reason
Short people got no reason
Short people got no reason
To live

They got little hands
Little eyes
They walk around
Tellin' great big lies
They got little noses
And tiny little teeth
They wear platform shoes
On their nasty little feet

Well, I don't want no short people
Don't want no short people
Don't want no short people
`Round here

Short people are just the same
As you and I
(A fool such as I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(It's a wonderful world)

Short people got nobody
Short people got nobody
Short people got nobody
To love

They got little baby legs
That stand so low
You got to pick em up
Just to say hello
They got little cars
That go beep, beep, beep
They got little voices
Goin' peep, peep, peep
They got grubby little fingers
And dirty little minds
They're gonna get you every time
Well, I don't want no short people
Don't want no short people
Don't want no short people
'Round here
I started laughing right after I started judging you for the "long slender necks" comment.
I like my room like how I like my computer: clean at first, until I start storing loads of porn and random sh*t in it.
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same reason as why we don't ride our bikes with our kickstand down

So you whip out your dong when you go into the pharmacy?
I had to leave for school at 7, so I had to watch sh*tty ass Ripley's Believe It or Not. If I was lucky enough to escape the Weather Channel

UG's Say Anything fan