"ROLFcopter" Classic d00d!!!

I SOO cant believe you done that!

...Oh you!
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WHAT?! why are you reporting me i just posted a harmless thread!! jesus christ this is like the third time this week randoms have reported me for nothing

Hope it stay's down.
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I was really touched by the scene when Josie fed apples to the horse. And when he calmly stepped into the lake at the very end.


[sarcastically he say’s]
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Murdered? That's messed up dude.

Also, proof.

By the same guy that killed Billy Mays
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Your sig's cute, 8/10.


The number 12 looks like you play's in stadard mostly... and its fun as crap to play
My was a fender acoustic.... with a really awesome tone actually.

I fell in love with that thing i tell ya.
People do that to have something to complain about mostly. Truth be told i personally dont like their music but MCR is talented i'll have to give them that. And i respect their music for that. But mostly everybody now days just trash bands based on looks change of musical direction blah blah blah. Its hardley ever about the music anymore.
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When i get home everything will seem awesome

If you still have one.
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I need some advice. what's a good city to live in if you have little cash?
and by that i mean 200$

I'm about to be homeless by choice....
any advice?

Statistically speaking, it would be Winston Salem NC. (No lie!!)

...Good luck being a hobo
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I learned NEVER to go on 4chan.

^ I agree with this d00d right here!
Yo, is there anyone on here that play's Killzone 2 online??
How about those Steelers!!
There any meaning to that?
Or did you just throw a bunch of random letters together?

I'd probally choose that though, it seems like the best choice considering the others.
This thread's a pretty good one
Only if i'm feelin' sexy.... *wink* *WA-ink*

Does anyone on here like me?

^To the person above the guy above me...............
Just use a set of AA batt's and some glue, that'll fix her up...

Oh yeah and your welcome
[thanks god everyday for this thread!!!]

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Samick: Greg Bennentt Avion's a picture i found off google if that helps any.

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I read this, curiously went to his profile and right now I'm wiping **** off my ass and chair.


Cant really think of the name but he plays in one of those emo pop punk bands...
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Your amp is more important than pickups in terms of tone. What amp are you currently using?

A B-52 AT 100 head sitting on a LS 412 cab... and it gets me a good tone for this type of music, i just need to get more Treble in there while kinda keeping the bluesy(idk how its spellled) tone. Also i think its kinda time to upgrade in pickups.

I need to get some new pickups for my guitar... And i'm just in love with these guy's tone. So what kind of pickups will get me close to this sound?

My parents like totaly support me in teh band

...they even come to shows and crap
(which is hillarious to watch!)
The Bassist From Blackfoot...
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How 'bout you go search for the bar in my pants?

There's too many threads on this. Delete this and post in one of those.

"Blah blah blah i gotta be the UG Nazi Blah blah blah"

how bout...

Me: "hey do you know how much a polar bear has to weigh?"
Girl: "ugh no..."
Me: "enough to break the ice hi i'm chris"

Ohhhh.... and she's in my pants.
Would there be any problems with hooking a portable Hard drive up to a PS3 to give me like a crap load more space than i already have??

A friend of mine was telling me about it today and i wanna know if he''s just BS'ng me or what.
Dude dont mess with it. Just leave it, white's a awsome color.
Yeah we say some of that DUKE stuff like crazy at work
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So, I think the title is pretty obvious...

No actually it isn't...

What was the question again?
Ok why did you tell her you bought shoes when you didn't?

Did you even think once... "hey this may backfire in some way"

Instead you're like "hey i bought shoes DERRRR!"

You my friend are a strange little man.

EDIT: Just buy the girl some shoes...
This dude looks pretty interesting.

Thats awsome dude, yeah.. go for it.

How bout this though. Next time you and you're girl are getting ready for "fun time" i'm just gonna do donuts in your freakin' living room.
Just bootleg it... we're all americans here.
What else could there be besides picking up trash?