This is my version of the song The End Of Heartache.

I think I could have done it better especially the acoustic part sounds kinda odd, but I thinks it's ok overall.
New intro/ interlude song added: (This Burden - Serenade)
Some acoustic riff I made... Don't really know what it sounds like with distortion

I have now added 3 more songs in myspace so please check them out...
Thanks dude. The songs are repetitive, but I felt like they needed to be at least 3 mins long so... I will add a couple more songs sometime today. I have recorded now 5 full songs and maybe few more next week.

And yeah Broken Wings somehow reminds of My Sweet Shadow

Edit: Harlequin Shade Story, nice songs and very good quality
Hello! I am from Finland and let me introduce you my metalcore/heavymetal project. We do not have a singer yet though. I have composed, played guitars and made drums (with beatcraft) myself. There are two songs now in myspace but I will add couple more songs in the near future.

So I hope you digg it and feel free to add me as a friend if you have a myspace account =)