i never wanted anything
and you gave that to me
yeah you gave me nothing
which i wouldn't trade
not for love or for money
because i cant have them
because i never have
When did you get to be like this?
why did you have to change?
if you on keep seeing stars
we will never be the same
Love is ugly, just like you
but i love it all the same
and when it comes down to it
i know that im the one to blame
You strive to get high
but end up feeling down
you're always wondering
why they're never around
don't use itunes and use frostwire like normal people
I tend to come up with random guitar riffs and lyrics, but never end up putting them together...might there be a way to put them all together in one or something like that? my songwriting just never seems to go anywhere. Soooo.....any advice? im still just starting out in my musical career.

get it cut a little shorter and gel it. lol
my bf and i haven't been going out for very long, but he got me a necklace and earrings for x-mas. i have no idea what 2 get him! help!
i went 2 see yes man with my bf yesterday, and we made out the whole time. there were a few people there, but if u sit in back it's fine.
if a guy can do a crazy guitar solo, as long as he's not a freako, also, i don't know if it's just me, but skinny jeans are so hot. as long as the guy isn't chubby. i've also got a thing for tall, kind of skinny guys with low voices. oooh, and curly hair!