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yea... not for me... at least for right now in my life... maybe in the future...

Oh ok dats cool every person has there times to do things and right nowI guess aint your time for this.
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I deleted a crapload of posts in this thread bacuse I realized how stupid it seemed for me to be in an "Online Band" especially one like this

Does that mean you are quiting?
HEY SORRY ABOUt this but I need to leave the band.
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well... My pastor: Jamey Wylie, first invited me to church one day when he was substituting at our school (he didn't know that I played guitar he's a guitarist too) he played in church a few sundays and i thought: a preacher that plays guitar... that's awesome. This was before I was saved tho... In our youth department our youth leader: Gary King, had always talked about serving the lord with all of our talents and i thought: wow... god will find a use for me knowing metallica? I obviously didn't know that much about christian music at the time, but brother Jamey showed me a band named UnderOath and that forever changed my life by showing me that Christian music doesn't have to be all hymnal music. It can still have all the hardcore elements found in metal and serve god. After listening to Underoath for the longest time, I looked for more christian music and found With Blood Comes Cleansing. I continued listening to this music until my spirit was heavy. I felt god calling me. I was addicted to porn at the time. I realized what i had done was wrong and wanted to do away with my old ways so I accepted Jesus into my heart, repented, and continued going to church. Brother Jamey gave me a chord book of Christian hymns and told me that if I learned one that he'd play with me during church. I've never had a problem with performing until this. I had never sang religiously before. Yet if it wasn't for Brother Jamey giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone to serve God, I wouldn't be where I am today. He showed me that s long as your heart is filled with the holy spirit, and God dwells with you, you can achieve anything. Which is why I perform in church, out of church, anywhere possible, hoping that I can help someone that hurts like I do. So that they too may know.

Wow. That is all I can say about that. Also do you have a windows live messenger account? (So we don't have to wait so long)
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yes sir! I actually performed it a few weeks ago at my church. One setback tho... I don't have a recording adapter for my mic:'(

OOh dat stinks that you don't have a recording adapter. But that is awesome that you played it at your church! One thing real quick this is sorta off topic but exactly how did you start playing with your church?
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that is hands down my favorite relient k song! I can play all parts of it!

Aesome! I haven't heard any Relient K other than this one but I will try to record a guitar right now. Also can you play the piano part? And can you sing it?
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Alright I got it. I'll see if it lines up with my drum track and I'll record my part in the morning. Headed to bed now. Adios.

P.S. Sounded great from what I listened to.

Thanks man and I can't wait to see what you do!
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sweet! anything by Relient K is good

How about Who I Am Hates Who I've Been?
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depends. are u in the need for a bass player, a guitar player, a vocalist, or a keyboard player. (that's all i got)

Well we don't have a keyboard player and we don't have a vocalist so ya you could be in if you want to be in. Also if you have any suggestions for songs just tell me
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I'm not the biggest fan of Chris Tomlin, but the songs you mentioned are some of his stuff i play when i play in churches or at youth camps. My goal in christian music is to target a non-christian audience with the message of Jesus. I want to go out and help all the kids out there that hurt like I used to hurt. They don't listen (and probaby never will) to Chris Tomlin. Matthew Ch 28 says go ye into all the world making disciples and baptizing in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit. That's my mission. Jesus came for those that are broken so that they could be re-made in his image. I'm here for those broken ones

Dude that is some deep stuff. That stuff came from the heart. I am not complaining but is that a request to join the band?
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Hmm, I'm not sure actually. You could try some free upload sites. A quick google search showed me so you could try that maybe.

Edit: Stryker is fine with me.

I just sent it
Well my email wouldn't upload so do you know of any other ways that I can send it?
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Oh okay. Well upload it somewhere or email it to me.

I will email it and also is Stryker ok for a band name?
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Works for me. I can work up a backing track and send it to you to record alongside, then you can send me your part and I will mix them all.

I already recorded my part
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You pick whichever part you are comfortable with and I'll take the other.

As for names, I'll leave that up to you .

Ok then I will take the Dave BrownSound guitar and for names how about Stryker?
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that would be great! what type of music u play?

Pretty much a little bit of everything.
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The Sum 41 song works too. Also, if you did want to do anything like Freebird I'm sure I could learn the solos.

Edit: Also, I might spice up the Sum 41 song with some lead work.

Thats cool so here is my tab that I have and we should decide who gets what guitar part. And we should get a band name to.
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I'm not too bad on a keyboard - ask for some of my techno/trance tracks if your interested?

That would be pretty cool. Can you play other styles than Techno/Trance?
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Lookin to start an online heavy metal/punk/country/blues/rock band, hopefully. i'm more of a rythm guitarist and can play some lead. can play bass as well. i specialise in most of them, mostly songs like Nightwish and Megadeth play. if u want to start an online band, give me a shout!

Hey I play guitar (rythm and lead) and I can play with you if you want. I can also program some drums to.
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haha yea :P

Hmmm... i guess we should pick a song and make a band name now, so have any sugestions?
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I was kidding.. Freebird is a song unto itself. I only know of three guys that can play it perfectly - and they all play for Skynyrd. Good luck with your internet collaboration, though. I have a question too.. Is there any special recording gear for this that is necessary, beyond the basics required for recording sound to a computer? I mean hell, i have a mic and a little talent...

I use the line in port on my pc lol with reaper (of course lol) so nothing special
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you guys should do an online cover of freebird....

We should but I can't play the solo lol not that good yet.
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Holiday sounds fine. I used to play that a lot when I was first starting out on guitar, so it should be easy to pick up again.

Sorry about changin it again (like really sorry) but it only has one guitar! How about Makes No Difference by Sum 41?
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That's fine. Just let me know if you think of another song.

As for drums, I can do simple midi drums in guitar pro. As I said, I'd rather have an actual drummer, but I can do some simple drums if needed.

How about Holiday By Green Day
Hey sorry about changin the song but I would rather do a different song because I am gonna do this with another band so we will have to find another one.
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haha ok.. add me on msn dude...

Is your name seriously Tyler? Because thats my name to if it is.
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Definitely different from my usual style of playing, but that just makes it more of a challenge. Sounds like we have our first song .

As soon as we get a bassist and singer we will be set. A drummer also, but I can possibly program them since they sound pretty simple.

I mite be able to play drums this saturday if we don't get a drummer. I might be getting an electric set so I can record. But I don't have a bass and I don't sing lol so we need to get a bassist and singer and drummer 9but we don't need one). Also what would you use to program drums?
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Well I'm not really religious, so I don't listen to much Christian rock. However, if there is a Christian rock song you'd like to do then I'm all for it. You said I had to be willing to do different styles

Look up Indescribable By Chris Tomlin on youtube or something and tell me if you like it or not.
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haha awsome/.. my freind is a really good singer to if u want a singer...

Yay! We pretty much got a band now! And I have a Addictive Drums Demo that I use for drums even though I would rather have a real drummer it will work for now and it would be awesome if your friend will sing with us!
Also the first one I just heard last night at my youth group.
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btw... i olny heard the last 2 songs.. there epic man! we play them all the time at our youth group

THAT IS SOO AWESOME! Oh yeah I play guitar just so you know. And if you have any questions about online bands just ask me!
I don't care if you make fun of me.
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Haha, oh. I don't know. You mentioned doing different styles, but is there any particular one you had in mind? I'm pretty much open to anything. I just like to play.

Oh me to lol. I relly like Chris Tomlin but I don't know if you would want to do Christian Rock lol.
Here's my story, I am not the most christian person in the world so I have been tryin my best to become a better christian. I have went to a church youth group for the year and I now love Chris Tomlin because the band up there plays a bunch of his stuff and I want to do my best to become a better christian so I will do what I do best. Play music. So I wanna start a christian online band. Here is a list of some songs I want to do:

Indescribable - Chris Tomlin

Your Grace Is Enough - Chris Tomlin

How Great Is Our God - Chris Tomlin

More Songs!

Unfailing Love - Chris Tomlin

It would be my pleasure to play with any christians out there. Also for those non-christians that are reading this I am not trying to disrespect any of your believes or anything so don't disrespect me and my believes. How Great Is Our Lord!
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I play mainly progressive and neoclassical/symphonic metal. But I can do plenty of other styles, from simple punk rock to thrash or death metal.

That's cool, but I was meaning more like do you have any sugestions for songs or anything?
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I can do some guitar work for you if you don't find anyone else. I'm 18, but I don't mind playing with younger guys.

That would be cool and since I don't have anyone else you are in, so what kind of music were you thinkin of playin?
Ok, I am bored so I want to make an online band. I will play almost anything (atleast once) and I play guitar. I can use some virtual drums I have if I can't find a drummer, but I just use an Addictive Drums Demo. I will be playing guitar, and I would like (don't have to just would like) people around 14 so we will all be around the same age. And we can choose songs after I get some band members but like I said I will play pretty much anything. Also BAND MEMBERS MUST BE WILLING TO PLAY DIFFERENT STYLES! That means rock, metal, pop (I doubt we will play any of that though) country, etc... I need the following:

Guitar Player - MetalGS3SE

Guitar Player - 19yoda950 (Me)

Drummer -

Bassist - DeathWarrant

Keyboardist/Pianist -

Vocalist (I would kind of want a male and a female vocalist just so we can do any song) -

And I want to thank anyone who wants to join.
Also if you want to hear some of the stuff I have done go to Thank you!
I need someone to record vocals bass and drums of the song 1,000,000 by Nine Inch Nails. If someone will pm me.
I just want to know any tips or tricks people use when making a tab. And thank you in advance.