We got one of the guitar parts done. Also Nick will you play the top guitar in the powertab?
I have never built a guitar before but I want to know how much and were do I get parts. Also what are the difference between Humbuckers and Single Coil Pickups? Whats the diference between the Floyd Rose Tremolo and the Strat Tremolo?
Also after you are done recording export it as an Ogg Vorbis or Mp3 file then send it to me.
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what song were you thinking about doing first

If you were talking about are band Dosed By Red Hot Chilli Peppers
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I know you guys have 3 guitars already but I use alternate tunings and some different techniques, so that could add to your sound.

I will keep that in mind
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Quite a band list you got there, it'll be nice to here some music from you all.

Thanks. I also hope we will finish a song soon, But we are in no hurry to finish one though.
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does he not check this? I'll pm him anyway
I do check this just I can't stay on all night.
newest list of band members

Second Singer (girl)-
What is your email (that is what I need right?
i know that but what do I do after I sign in on the website?
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tyler go online i added you already

How do i go to the chat room thing or whatever?
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im good, lets all get on msn and have a group chat about what song to record first?
How do I do that?
thanks sandra
What website do I go 2 2 make an AIM and here is a link to dose on power tab (in case we play it AND because I don't have guitar pro)
Also i like dose
I don't have aol i have msn hotmail so i guess i don't think I do. Also who here has power tab or guitar pro
Also sandra I did play that Rock TYou Like A Hurricane(just used a little to much dist.)
I have dial up (Boo Hoo) so i can't watch it but i could get it on power tab so i could here it through that
I haven't heard it.
I am glad he will
Also if we do cover red hot chilli peppers we are gonna need a bass there
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yup, you're right about my name. yours is Tyler, if i remember correctly, right?.

i can play most of Tell Me Baby and i uploaded riff to rock you like a hurricane to my m,p3s
i like red hot chilli peppers.(let me make sure I got names right xsandrax=sandra king_arthur Flipaningage = nick right?)
I have never heard Beezlboss in my entire life.That i know of
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foo fighters...uh they are cool

Scorpions would be good to, 3 guitars....

Van halen...
Maybe we could cover Rock You Like A Hurricane
I would (now thinkin about it) would rather do three doors down because other band is gonna do pretender by foo fighters. And i could try to mix everthing together after i get all the parts and there is no rush to finish your part *Breaths in deeply* if no one would want to do it.
Foo Fighters or Three Doors Down. Anyone wanna try one of those?
I don't have any Queen of the Stone Age songs other than one on Rock Band
I DO NOT have loads of effects.(only one cheap little dist. pedal.(But i can add effects on Audacity(i spell that right)))
I don't now if I have ever heard muse.if i have i just didin't know it was
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what kind of covers would you do?

Whatever the band agrees to do
You don't have a mic?
I guess we need to wait for singer this might have seemed mean of me but i meant to post this before your post sandra
I think we could do some covers on songs we all like and some origanals to.
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oh lol
i wish i knew how to play the keyboard or piano

Me 2

newer list of band members

Second Singer (One be girl other be boy)-
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If you gyus want me too ill play bass also

I'll add u as bass