Hello Sandra, Nick \/
| (Tryin to make peace sign)
I guess we could.
Never thought of that. But (hopefully) we can figure it out.
new list of band members

We could add keys so sure blood.
Sure you can play drums. Also we are not gonna make a band name official until we have everyone.(just so everyone agrees)
This is just an idea but how about Held Under it could be band name and/or song name.
Flipaningage you can join (look at first post before asking to join please)
Sorry everyone (mom got on for a sec) xsandrax you can join.
Quote by Flipaningage
oh yeah so can i join?
I can't play crazy finger tapping either so.
Quote by Grevious555
How would an "online band" work, exactly..?

i posted about that a little lower
i said i would take rtwo other guitar players and i would play a little of both.
You record your part in the song then send it to the person thast is gonna mix your part with everyone else. And sure.
Rock but we can play other stuff.
Looking for people about 13-15 to make an online band.

And Maybe Another Singer. (like one is girl other boy)
I wil play guitar P.M. me or post if you wanna join. We will play rock.(We will play other stuff 2)
Now that we have everyone how about a name.
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Maybe. Can't you just ask here?
Nope Don't have it
Sorry but i didn't get a PM
Slower can help and no I do not have guitar pro (I do have power tab)
Lets record ! It might take me a few days though to get it down.(Haven't practiced this song that much)
Quote by roosoh13
nice, that should be our first cover

Thanks roosoh. I can play the begining of all my life 2. And can most likely learn the rest.
I can play Pretender intro (Check my MP3s)
about 6 months
That's fine but do you like the Foo Fighters? If so do you know one of there song you would like to cover?(i have to get off pc now so me reply tomorow maybe)
What is the band gonna be called? And are we gonna do any covers?
I will try any style but rock is what i normally listen to. I will play Lead or Rythm. But I can't do fast solos though.
I will play guitar.