i got a $200 speeding ticket for doing a little over twice the speedlimit
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soory dude i got a lil defenceive ummm prooly a hss or hh tremolo i dont care about if its there great if not ok and ill play any kinda a rock proly radio friendly and a lil metal but i like to widen my horizons

Try the lower end Ltd M series... the ones i played actually weren't that bad for a lower level guitar... It's a bit above your price range, but it is a pretty deec guitar
tell her to play this, or shut the hell up. Or pretty much anything Brann wrote
that is retarted... someone should introduce them to bands like deicide, aeon, and the berzerker
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Same here. Never seen a USA Jackson with flaws. And i've seen over 20 pieces.

Btw TS, I have the very same guitar. Mine is a 2001 SL2H.

Same, My SL2H was set up perfectly, and everything about it was perfect right out of the box. I haven't played quite that many U.S.A Jacksons (6or7) but i've never seen one with any flaws whatsoever, other than just slight pick scratches from being a display model where anyone can play it...
Welcome to the Jackson U.S.A club. Beautiful playing guitars, aren't they
This thread is worthless without pics... you get a HNGD when we get pics
It appears to be a Beatleus Smallus
I'm letting my friend borrow my squier because he's just learning. but if i'm the only one who's even allowed to play my classical or my SL2H
take this down and post it in Riff's and Recording
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so... you just happen to have a picture of yourself with no shirt on saved to your computer... alright

i have more if thats what your'e into
I play one of their USA models, and it is by far my favorite guitar i've ever played
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Yeah true, might pick a few offspring, the hives, rise against songs. But there will be one tHrash song damage inc, holy wars or dyers eve maybe

It's THRASH metal. there is no trash metal
Could you be more specific? like do you want instrumentals like:
To Live is to die
For the Love of God
Surfing with the Alien
Bad Horsie
If I Could Fly
or do you want song's with rhythm and lead guitar? which would pretty much be any rock blues and metal song ever written
it means you have a more curved radius towards the headstock, which lends itself to easier chording, and the radius flattens out towards the body, which lends to easier soloing. i quite like the compound radius on my SL2H
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buy used.

This. probably the cheapest would be buying used parts and making a partscaster... You'd have to know a bit for the wiring part though...
Just make a bunch of discreet marijuana references with the whole "Mary Jane" thing
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when you pay more money for anything, 90 percent of the time you are buying the name. I can make an investment in a squier made out of mahogany, replace the pickups and i'm good to go. squier strat, made out of mahogany, basic. $150 soundboard replacement 50-100 total investment: $250. Buy a fender strat and you already spend twice as much.

The wood quality and construction would be nowhere close to on par with a MIA Fender. I paid $2,400 for my SL2H, and I paid $100 for my Squier strat. Do you think the extra $2,300 was just for the word "Jackson" inlaid in the headstock???

Furthermore, Paul Reed Smith guitars are hella expensive but they sound like crap, unless your name is Carlos Santana, and he uses other stuff to make it sound good.

Yes, they can be very expensive. No, they do not sound like crap unless played buy a less than adequate musician. And Carlos Santana is an extremely talented guitarist who sounds good because of A.) Years of dedication to, and practice of the instrument. and B.) He is playing incredibly high quality, hand-crafted, top of the line instruments through high quality amplifiers.

My little epiphone les paul special II can out play any fender guitar because i replaced the pickups. Really the beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you like the feel of a guitar, buy it

No. GTFO. Replacing the pickups in your cheap beginner's guitar, does not have anything whatsoever to do with the playability of the instrument. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but beauty has absolutely nothing to do with the playability of the instrument. That's down to personal preference and what one expects out of their instrument. In no way am I saying that cheaper guitars are bad, I'm just saying you're wrong.

To TS: Buy what feels best to you. If you like the Squier, buy it.
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Your problem is that you try to lure people into watching your poor cover of a John Petrucci solo by using a fake-link, and thus realising yourself, that the COVER is poor, and that you NEED to lure people in to watch it.

Also, get someone able to look at your frets and neck, which you are not; For example, don't take the strings of to measure neck bow.

Qutoed for emphasis. All of it.
Beautiful. I love tele's
I'm playing the same guitar as you in Drop C tuning, and I'm using 10-52 Slinky Top heavy Bottoms's

EDIT: I use 10-46 in standard

play this arrangment of "Air on the G String" by JS Bach. If they don't let you in, i will murder them with my own hands
idk, i stop after 100

but i'm 16
weigh 140
bench 195

EDIT: I've also had 4 months of lifting since that pic. my arms are bigger now, so don't judge my puny arms
Jackson is your standard jackson guitars usually MIK or MIJ. Jackson stars is your MIJ Jacksons, but they're only for the Japanese market, and are somewhat hard to obtain outside of Japan. Jackson USA is their top of the line production guitars, they're fucking amazing. and then there is the Jackson custom shop, based in USA, needs no explanation
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Hey now, I don't pretend to be that good at guitar

Because you're not.
my baby. 09 Lancer ES... any suggestions for mods? I don't know as much as i'd like to about cars

I set my friends on fire
I've got a white 09 Lancer. it's the 2.0 158ish hp model w/ the CVT (automatic ) i plan on modifying it, when i can get the money. i'll post pics tomorrow after i clean her up a little
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Also, where was this guitar made?

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WOW!!!!, that is amazing but not as amazing of how big of a douche you are.

...If we wanted comeback(s), we'd ask your mother. it has you email the ringtones you create to your phone... it keeps them really high quality
Singer: pretty good, really good lyrics writer
Lead Guitar/Me: can't write lyrics for crap, needs a better amp, needs more patience for our rhythm guitarist.
Rhythm Guitar: Great at writing riff's and lyrics. can't solo to save his life. great amp, needs a better guitar.
Drummer: is finally learning how to do double bass. seems like a cool dude
Bassist: If our singer could finally decide on one, life would be much easier
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This high?
Yes, it is strapped up that high...

Anyone who can play like Chris Storey can wear their guitar as high as they damn well please. besides, he needs to wear his guitar up there... he sweeps more than a janitor
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My vote goes to the Horizon. But i'd considder a USA Soloist. Imo, that would be even better.

Angela Gossow. There is no discussion