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Congratulations, you have stumbled upon one of the many contradictions of Christian beliefs.

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and of course there has to be a smug, smart ass comment that i have no other choice than to agree with.
i agree... BUT!
bear with me when i say that this would be extremely cool
pretty commercial i would imagine, but coool nonetheless
wouldnt u buy tickets to see them on tour?
i sure would, i could care less what you think.

Couldn't care less! Couldn't!

Anyway, its called the leveling off effect. Sons that pursue the same careers as their fathers tend to not be as good at it. I agree with pretty much everybody else in this thread that such a thing would be lame.
Twilight= Crappy D-grade romance novels w/o sex.
I smoked pot with Pato Banton after a show at the Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz. Then we did this gay thing where we held hands in a circle and prayed, but it was worth it.
Its just a sign, its not like their going to kick you out for kissing. I imagine this will lead to many silly, awkward incidents: "Hey you two, move along now! Hey! Aren't you listening to me? Don't make me... aw ****. **** it."
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*reserved for when I'm on later*

o no u di'n't
They were running out of ideas in the third season but I think a movie would be the perfect way to end it with a bang. Cera better not ruin this for me.
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I hate the fact that almost everyone at my school plays guitar and I'm better than everyone here save one guy and I get no respect for it. I mean this kid today was butchering stairway, and I mean butchering it to the point where you can't recognize a single note from it and people are bowing to him... I could go up there and play it for him, blow him out of the water and people would love me for it, but I'm not that type of person... I wouldn't do it because I'm not a horrible person.

I mean that kid doesn't know an F chord from a major scale, seriously he knows NOTHING about theory or even what he's playing. I talked to him about it once and he said he didn't know a single thing... I just hate the fact that there are people out there like that and they're getting worshiped for sucking.

People like this. Envy is not becoming, and neither is bragging. People probably don't praise you because they feel you praise yourself enough.

I hate it when... wait, I don't hate anything about playing guitar! Its awesome!
I was in a class of five people once, we would meet in the study rooms in the library so it was really close quarters. While I was discussing something with the teacher I involuntarily let one rip... the look she gave me was priceless.
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Let's start a real UG grammar nazi club. One that doesn't umbrella everything under the generic phrase of "grammar," but actually understands the distinction between things like syntax, usage, and mechanics.

Granted, from what I've seen, the membership would probably be two.

Wouldn't it be nice? From what I've seen most grammar Nazis are just trying to sound smart. Sure, its annoying when "sum1 tyeps liek dis" but criticizing little things like confusion of homophones in a decently well-worded post is just unnecessary.

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You clever devil, you.

I also agree with what you previously said.

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Shawn Lane.
Allan Holdsworth.
Adrian Belew.
Stanley Jordan.


Michael Hedges.

Finally, someone else acknowledges the "guitarist from another planet"
If anyone need further convincing, check this out:
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I found high school taught me how to form proper sentences but that may just be me. High school teaches people much more important lessons than what the textbooks themselves teach and I don't think enough people recognize that.

Don't you have anything better to do? And it was improper diction you pointed out, not syntax. And who cares? And I'm starting my sentences with and, doesn't that just piss you off?
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Ya i know but i kinda expected it. I really didnt **** up my life i only sped up the graduating process cuz in Adult high i get out in half the time as traditional high school.

I know a lot of people that took alternative routes to graduating. Most of them are in college now, doing well. High school doesn't teach you **** and wastes your time, I agree that their are much more efficient ways of getting your diploma.
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i had a job when i was 13 and no ones town is completely jobless, just excuses.

oh and noxiosimitator (think'll) is not a word.

My hometown had a population of 100 people. The closest thing we had to industry was a post office. We used to have a Cajun food restaurant but that didn't last very long... so no, some towns are jobless.

I feel bad because I currently don't have a job and my parents are paying to put my through community college. They're better off than most people (as in they own a boat with a freakin bedroom on it) but times are tough for everyone. TS, get you license and a car as soon as possible. I know the latter isn't easy but maybe your parents will loan you the money. In small towns its pretty much impossible to work without transportation.
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At the end of Primal Fear, when you find out who Ed Norton's character really is.

That makes me think of Fight Club. That **** was crazy
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The end of The Dark Tower.

I think if I had actually read through the last few books in the series I would have sworn vendetta on King for that ending. Instead I skipped to the end and thought it was actually pretty cool.
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for some reasen i didnt understand the twist, i dont no why tho . im pritty good at that kinda stuff and relatively smart but i just cant figure out what the big twist is supposed to be, could you please tell me?

EDIT: SPOILERS! You know what I'll just PM you
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So the Samurai and Spartans weren't real men? They hit women they were out of line. Chivalry does not mean you don't hit women.

What great role models you have . I can't believe I'm even having this discussion

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She assaulted him. And I hate that "real men don't hit women" line. What if the woman is bigger than me? And attacking me?

How about, real people don't initiate arguments and pick on other people who are smaller and weaker than them.

Assaulted? You sound like a lawyer. She spit on him, and she obviously wasn't a threat. The fight started between two girls, then "big man" here decided to step in and defend his girls honor while simultaneously tarnishing his own.

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That's what half of us where getting at. We just said it in style

Most people seem to be saying "You hit a girl? Thats horrible! Good job though man, bitch had it coming. **** that. Wheres the outrage?
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Snape kills Dumbledore.

You aren't spoiling it, everybody knows that by now. Not as many people know that it was all a part of his and Dumbledore's plan to save Hogwarts, however. Thats the real twist

I would say the end to 1984. I'm usually not a big twist fan but that was masterfully executed.
Am I the only one that thinks TS is a piece of **** for hitting a girl? Oh dear lord, she spit on you. She could have given you a cold or something

Real men don't hit women. Good women aren't hard to find, they just hide from ****ty guys like you.
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I still have my first. Cheap Yamaha starter pack guitar. I play it regularly even though I own a Gibson now.

I ****ing love your third sig! So true

I still have my first, a squire p-bass, candy apple red. It is... precious to me. I wouldn't sell it for anything... not that its even worth that
Having losers flock around you because they think you'll make them cool... I'm not cool, leave me alone!

Also, when said losers (who can't play) pick up your guitar and start strumming mindlessly. My god its annoying.
^^Well, they did write the first album length rock opera. Thats gotta count for something.
Fitzgerald would be interesting. His words had a very musical quality I think
Josta! It had a picture of a jaguar on it and a deliciously exotic taste
^^To both of you: Fair enough. Carry on then
This is pseudo science. I hope nobody actually believes it.

heheh, the song isn't bad. Its funny. Makes me think of Ummagumma era Pink Floyd meets Parappa the Rapper

Ok, I just heard the bagpipes and the "CHRISTMAS TIME". Awesome. I think the scientists have utterly failed in their goal, actually creating the BEST song in the world.
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You, get the **** off my forum.

If TS was a noob you guys would be eating his ass for DP. Whats with the good ole boys network here? This isn't your forum, its UGs. Regulars should be bound by the same rules as everyone else.

hahah, "eating his ass for DP"

While I'm here, I thought it was alright. I liked the part about drowning in letters on the doorstep. Its not my thing but its good. That being said, I still think your friends are being too easy on you.
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I agree with their assessment of Dylan.

I've read a good deal about him from various sources, and it seems that near the end of his life he would just go to his old friends' homes, sit down, listen to music, not talk to his friends and then leave after a while. He pretty much never talked to his family despite living in his parents' home, and all that good stuff.

I don't think that qualifies him as an asshole... I've known people that have gone through similar periods, hell, I've been through them myself. Its not done out of any ill will toward anyone, just a loss of ability to connect with them. The fact that he would visit his friends shows he had a desire to reconnect with them, but the guy was lost.
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^^ Elliott Smith, good call man

I didn't see Trent Reznor's name when I skimmed through this thread.

Indeed I guess you missed it but Trent was actually in my list
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1 - It's not a holiday. A holiday is something you get time off work for...

2 - You're a jerk.

Again, I am single and very unhappy about it but at least now I'm drunk into the bargain

1 - You're seriously trying to tell me Valentine's Day isn't a holiday?

2 - It really sucks when you are into a chick that is into you, but you can't hook up because she doesn't want to hurt her ugly friend that is practically in love with you, the only reason being that you treat her like a human being. I could be a "jerk" and avoid situations like that, but I don't.
^^pretty decent? I see you hold this album in a very high regard
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My friend said I should get "five leaves left" pretty nice album. My favorite song from that one would have to be River Man

If you like River Man you'll probably love Bryter Layter, his second album

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I'd have to disagree with you TS, i love his sound but i don't think he's a very good songwriter. ie. the songs on Pink Moon (arguably his best album) all sound very similar and i can't imagine the songwriting is good enough for anybody to cover who doesn't sound exactly like Nick. But hey, that's just my opinion folks...

Who said you could have an opinion?

Its Valentine Day and I'm listening to SF Sorrow... fitting...

This is the only album of theirs I know. What are some other good ones?
I stopped watching The Simpsons a long time ago, it just wasn't funny anymore. I don't see whats wrong with the intro though.
Battle Of Evermore - Led Zeppelin
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David Gilmour is behind Morello. Plus, these lists inherently suck.

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Single, but shot down an offer from an ugly chick! I hate being a nice guy, you get so many of those after you. Then, the word "no" brings joy to your heart right after you feel like puking.

I know! Goddamn, just because I'm a decent person doesn't mean I wanna **** a fatty. Speaking of which, I think thats what my friend is doing now. It kind of makes me glad I'm single...

Dammit. Stupid holiday.