I went with a Crown XS1200
Any thoughts on the TC Electronics 450 classic ? Do you think it'd have enough power ?
I used to run a Crown XLS1000 but that thing is seriously underpowered. My vocalist loaned me his 90's Peavey bass head and that thing is rated 250 watts but feels so much louder. i can't even crank it past half way. I don't know whats up with that thing.
However, my last show with that dang Crown power amp, I had issues. It made me hesitant of the power amp route. I found a Nady SPA 850 for a cheap deal, but I don't think i should trust Nady if i had issues with a big name like Crown already. I quickly decided against tube because of the extra costs now, but I'm just iffy on if I should run a GK1001rbII for power, then run the Eleven rack into it, or if I should go the power amp route.
SVT 4 pro opinions ?
Maybe an Orange Terror bass?
I'm in the market for a new bass head.
I've been running an Eleven Rack preamp and nailed that Ampeg tone I like with it, combined with my Peavey Classic 50 power amp. I used my rig for both guitar and bass. (guitar through a 2x12 and bass through my GK Neo 4x10)
However, my guitarist is using a Blackstar Series One head, and it's just completely over powering me, and the Peavey isn't really pushing my cab enough. If I dime out my volume on it, I can kind of keep up, but I need more headroom.

So my question is, what are some bass amps, preferably tube, to check out ?
I looked at the Ampeg SVT 7 Pro, but I heard they had lots of problems until revision C, and even those had a few problems.

Budget- $700

Genre- 80's metal, some heavier -core genres, but VERY rarely, 80's rocks, "indie" rock music (Phoenix, Two Door Cinema Club, ect.)

Use- Gigging

Closest City- I'm in Louisville, but I'm willing to drive to Indianapolis, Nashville, or Cincinnati.

Current gear- Eleven Rack, Peavey Classic 50 power amp, Fender Mark Hoppus 4 string bass, Gallien Kruger Neo 4x10

Bring forth thou recommendations.
I snagged a set of Audix Fusion drum mics on the cheap last night, but they didn't include clips. I need a clip for my snare, rack tom, and floor tom. What kinda of clips do you all recommend ?
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Just a thought, but to me it seems that bands like Periphery, Born of Osiris, etc. have a tone that is quite smooth compared to most other -core bands. So maybe the Legacy might get closer to those tones, whereas bands like The Acacia Strain, KsE, etc. have a more gruff tone that a Peavey 6505 will be much better suited to. Which of those styles do you gravitate toward more, or do you have a preference?

As far as the trade goes, you're still getting a great amp, it just may not be what you're looking for. But if you do trade for the Legacy, I'd use a good OD over the dirt channel, rather than a distortion over clean. The typical route is a Tubescreamer-type pedal, but if you don't really want to add a ton of mids there are other options (Paul C Timmy) or you could use a clean boost like the MXR Micro Amp to avoid coloring the tone at all. Just some suggestions if you do go that route. Personally I kinda like the novelty of having an amp no one else on the local scene has!

This is a good point. NOONE uses the Carvins here. People sh*t bricks when I put my bass rig on stage and got my sound outta it.

I'm getting the Legacy tomorrow.
Imma try out a TC Electronics Rottweiler next week.
I'm strapped for cash, and the Legacy came to me as a trade offer on the Classic 30, which is obviously not going to work for my new style. I love the Legacy cleans though.
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running a distortion over the dirty channel is just going to turn it all to mud. try something like a tube screamer or an OCD. those should do it for you

well the distortion would be on the clean channel .
But I've got alotta friends preaching the OCD to me.
So I got offered a trade on my Peavey Classic 30. It's for a Carvin Legacy [series 1] head. The clean on the Legacy's are phenomenal, but the overdrive channel seems a bit thin for my uses. I'm going for a heavier sound with my new material, think Periphery and The Acacia Strain style. Obviously, something like a 6505+ would work so much better, but I'm running a pedal board already, so why not just pull the trigger on this Legacy, have a different amp than all the younger kids in the scene, and boost it with an OD, or run a distortion in front of it?
I have a Boss Metal Zone now, and it obviously isn't worth a DAMN for the tone I'm going for, but I had it laying around, so yeah, anyways. I also have a Delta Labs OD, but other than boosting my cleans, It's a joke excuse for an OD.
I was looking at selling the Metal Zone and snatching up a Hardwire Metal Distortion, but I'm not sure if an OD maybe a better option?
Recommendations ?
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Dw 5000

Iron Cobra Power Glide too, if were counting these lol.
I have
Morley Accu-tune tuner pedal
Delta Labs Tube Overdrive
Boss Metal Zone
LovePedal Gen 5 Echo
Ibanez CF-7 Chorus/Flanger
Behringer DD-600 Digital Delay.

Those are what's on my pedal board at the moment.
Genre used for: Country, Blues, "indie" rock.
Budget: $500
City: Louisville, KY
Can be new or used.
So I have money coming in soon from financial aide, and now I have more to spend. This has brought me to 2 choices though. I found a Fender American Standard Telecaster for $550 but it's way up in Cincy.
I played a Vintage V52 Icon, and I loved everything but the bridge pickup, so I'd probably replace it with a Twang King pickup. It was $500. [not sure if that's a great price, I haven't had anything to compare it to.

These were the two I'm torn between. I know that common opinion is "Omgz, It's American made, its better." But the UK made Vintage guitar was super tight.
Opinions ?
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Do you have an opinion on this Tele:

I've been eyeing this one for a while now because I love the look and the fact that it's less expensive than a standard MIM. Is it just a plain old MIM made special for MF? Or is it different (better/worse) than a regular MIM Tele?

I've been eyeing this one too. I saw it deeply discounted at a local shop a few weeks ago and I was digging the specs on it. I may end up with one. I'm waiting on my financial aide to come in, and I might pull the trigger and buy it.

And I checked out the Vintage guitars at Sams. I've done ALOT of business with them over the past few years. I just wasn't quite digging the Vintage tele's though
They are indeed great amps. And they're plenty loud for almost any venue around here.

And the vibe just had a lot cheaper feeling neck to it.
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I really love the Fender FMT Tele. It's not your traditional Tele, but it played and sounded amazing! I think they are a little bit out of your price range (about $600 give or take) but they are really worth saving up for. If you see one in your local store I think you should try it out.

I played one and actually came super close to buying one when I did, but I've changed my style, and I definitely want a single coil in the bridge. I almost bought a Highway One 60th Anniversary Strat with all single coils because I feel in love with one.
The Spider Valves are dependable. My old guitarist used one and we did countless shows without a prob. Made set up and tear down easy because he used presets on it. I'd buy the Strat at full price, only if he'd sell me the amp for a damn good price since you're paying full price and not con-ing him down.
So I've went around and played a bunch of telecasters, and now I know what I like. I played a Squier Classic Vibe, and it was super tight, but felt a smidge cheap. I played a MIM Fender Standard Telecaster And it was alright, i loved the neck on it, but i found that the bridge pick up left ALOT to be desired. I'm looking at the ESP LTD Te-202 series because I like the worn look, and I love my EC-1000, and the Alexi-200 I used to have, so I trust ESP whole hearted. Plus the neck pickup being a humbucker and the bridge being a single coil is even better imo. I'm a fan of the sunburst style paint. I digress.
My question is, has anyone played the TE-202? There's not any in my town for me to play.
Also, any other recommendations?
No Jay Tursers, rondomusic, ect. I'm not a brand *****, but I would like a more trustworthy brand than those.

Style of music: "indie rock", think of Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Circa Survive.
Budget is: $400 use
Preferable new, used is a possibility though.
In Louisville, KY.
Current Gear: EC-1000, Peavey Classic 30, Delta Labs Tube OverDrive, LovePedal Gen5 Echo, Behringer DD600 Delay.
I know it doesn't really seem like I NEED a new guitar, but I'm getting money back soon, and a guitar is ALOT better investment than gentlemen clubs and such.
ill have to check out the BBE then.
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then get a wah that is true bypass.

Any recommendations ?
I forgot to mention the tuner, haha. I have a Morley accutuner I use haha. It's late. So i guess that leaves me about 2 spots for other pedals. I may look into getting a wah. I've just had issues with em sucking tone
So I went out and bought a DeltaLab Tube OD, and I love it. I bought a LovePedal Gen 5 Delay, and I'm iffy on it. I'm going to buy a DD6 or DD7 to use for a full on delay, and this for a more subtle delay effect.
I'm going to add and MXR EVH Phase 90 too.
The Pedalboard I'm building will be able to house 8 pedals total. I have about 5 planned out. Any more suggestions for my music style?
[using a EC-1000 with the JB/'59 pickups into a Peavey Classic 30]
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MIM neck > squier necks. I have an affinity Tele. it has GFS alnicos in it, total cost NEW was about $250 (180 for the guitar, 70 for pickups)

Its not a bad guitar at all, but it doesn't hold a candle to MIM Fenders.

I reckon I'll go with a MIM Fender then. I might as well get what I'm going to like. I'll snag one when I can. Since you mentioned you changed the pickups out, what do you think of the GFS pick ups? I don't really have a problem with the stock Fender neck pick up, but the Bridge pick up has too much shrill for my liking. Any recommendations?
Also, what kind of case you you use? I'll need to get it a small case, I drive a small
'03 Mustang.
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The Squire Classic Vibe Teles sound amazing. Every one I've played sounded like a higher end Fender.

I've read ALOT of good things about these and saw UG called em some of the best gear out this year. What are the necks like on them? I played a tele once with a smooth finish on the fretboard and it threw me off and it felt cheap.
I love my EC-1000. Ive had it for year. I complained on here that the P-ups weren't cutting it for metal, because I got the model with the JB/'59's but they SCREAM in a properly EQ-ed amp. I highly recommend em. I played the silver burst version of the model you're talking about with the EMG's and loved it. There's a chance you may of played that guitar and the EMG's batter had been a bit dead and cut the tone. [not to sound like a d-bag, but some people jump to the big things before the little easy solutions.]
I need/want a tele style guitar. I want a Peavey Reactor, but I can't find one anywhere near me now, and I'm kindly sol for now. So I'm waiting for one to pick up, but what are some other things in my budget to look at? I know my budget is low for it, but I'm eventually going to upgrade the electronics in it and such. I played a Fender MIM Standard Tele today, and it had a good feel, but the pickups left a lot to be desired. I could pick one up on the cheap though. Suggestions?

Budget- $250

Preferences- Must be tele shape. Must have Single Coils. Not too picky on brand, but I want it to be somewhat reliable. Must be a headstock that isn't 3-3 with the tuning pegs.

Favorite artists- My influences that I will this guitar for are along the lines of Two Door Cinema Club, Phoenix, Starf**ker, , and Peter Bjorn and John.

Pickups- Single coils. I have the EC for humbuckers.

Preferable used, obviously low budget here lol.

Location- Louisville, KY

Current gear- LTD EC-1000 with JB/'59, getting a Peavey Classic 30 tomorrow.
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Any opinions on the Schecter Blackjack ATX C-7?

These are sick. I'm not even a fan of Schecter, and I like em. If you're into 7 strings, You can't go wrong with it. Clear tone for a 7 string, and super reliable. My friend dropped his multiple times from a wall hanger, and it go zero damage.
I played one today and fell in love. Perfect size, perfect weight, perfect wattage, ideal sound. The local shop wanted $400, but I found one I'm going to check out and probably buy tomorrow for $260. Anyone with experience with these amps have any concerns, or any recommendations on things to check out, outside of the usual making sure there's no sound loss, scratchy pots, tubes looking alright, ect.?
Sounds tight. I'm going to assume I'd need to upgrade the tuners too
vypyr is the best choice in your price range with those. Out of those two, I recommend the Roland. It may lack on some features, but it's far more reliable long term.
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Jesus your friends must not like you to suggest a ZBT

Or, they're not very smart.
That's true, but I played the pity card on my drums, And got $100 knocked off the price for gas.
trade card for fake ID.
Go to the titty bar with the $150, and enjoy.
Made in the USA, and I found 2. I'm thinking about driving down to Nashville for the day this week and scooping one up. Are they decently reliable and sound good?
My friends rag on me all the time because I used to use a JEM, and now I prefer more practical instruments since I haven't played live on guitar in a while. I use an EC-1000, and a Peavey Predator that I love just as equally.
I digress.

1990's Peavey Reactor Telecaster, USA made. I'll be using it for an indie rock sound. [think Two Door Cinema Club, and Phoenix.] I realize it won't be close to a Fender, but I love Peavey instruments, and I'd eventually change out the pups.
Opinions? Comments?
The guy says make an offer, and since I'm driving from Louisville, I'm thinking of offering $150?