made up this 2-chord progression this week, but I wanted to put more chords to it, so just wondering, but what other chords can go with Dmaj7-Gm7? It's sort of a melodic, R&B-ish sound, but I can't figure out any other chords to go with them, I do know that it sort of goes from the D major scale then you can use D minor scale for the 2nd chord.
exclaimation points.

or like drink a whole whole whole whole whole whole whole bunch of green tea lol, then say its positive cuz you like green tea and they just have to accept you and give you the test later next month, and that time, dont make that mistake again... lol idk I really just making up sht, just some rumor I heard
Darkrai in that last pokemon movie

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oh.... that just obliterated mine into darkness
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There is no facepalm picture on earth capable of expressing the monstrous amount of fail you just created with that post.

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Cristian Machado.

uh i would have to say one of the dudes from foo fighters, dont know who, cant put my thumb on it..

dont say jimi hendrix next person
He should be permabanned from this site, not for the porn, but mentioning those who shall not be mentioned, he probably got struck down for putting it as a topic thread by the gods of ug
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hahahaha *laughs mindlessly like chris griffin*

i got 99.70 yds, it got stupid when it was a lot of little red dots to grab on
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I don't find it clever or funny and I find most of the characters obnoxious.

omg who listens to all that, i only got like 110 songs, but i want to listen to more, but I'm just so picky that i dont give new bands any chance, i still listen to the old..early 00's
that ending was so freaking disappointed i almost wanted my money back
Demonology and Heartache-Atreyu
Epic-Faith No More
Attack-30 Seconds To Mars
Niki FM-Hawthorne Heights (shut up, i couldn't find anything else starting with N)
Demolition Lovers part 1 and 2- My Chemical Romance
Reassurance Rests In The Sea-Fall Of Troy
E....ill come back to this

Welcome Home-Coheed And Cambria
All Nereids Beware-Chiodos
The Flood-Escape The Fate
Surrender-Matchbook Romance
Only One-Yellowcard
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The Lonely Island


oh uh... yea uh.... damn im the only one that doesn't listen to rap for real......... and I'm stereotypically supposed to...

well i only like RATM, thats it...
hmm maybe that one dark one that i cant remember, uh... its one of the newer ones... evolves from poochyena?
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obama is not handsome. but Hugh Jackman is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HUGHJACKMAN.

meh maybe its just the "coolassness" that he got that somehow never comes off as an asshole
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Since this song is base on the fap concept, i believe it should be instrumental . . . I you know what i mean

* fap fap fap *

Yes, everyone with a computer microphone, get your pen0r as close to it and push record and fap away and we will have our opening riff, verse progression, chorus progression, bridge, and solo
lol The Pit + suggestions for anything = The Fapping Song by The Faps... Fap Corporation All Rights Reserved 2009 ©
yea, that's gotta be that one suite life and zack and cody show. I was brainwashed back then, but that was back in the day, come home from elementary/middle school, ride my bike up and down the street, microwave me a bag of popcorn or pack of ramen noodles (probably explains my fatness today lol) with even stevens, lizzie mcguire, boy meets world, recess, lloyd in space, disney was pretty coo back then. and nickelodeon was the best then, all that, kenan and kel, guts, double dare, rocket power, doug, hey arnold, figure it out. But now, I don't even really watch tv anymore, well except family guy, and when im occasionally bored to death on a sunday when my brother's kids are rampaging through the house, sometimes that teenick stuff, drake and josh is okay, icarly kinda tolerable.
*necroing thread*

rather not get flamed for making a thread and not using searchbar.. uh

I would have to say there are... three people for me: Gerard Way, Jared Leto, and uh.... Obama >_<, come on, u can't admit those are rather handsome guys there
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'I use this for everything else.'

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everytime i here the solo for bat country by a7x..i feel like jacking off and when i listen to it..

oh yes yes yes, me too...this and Surrender by Matchbook Romance, omg i listened to that song like 20-30 times a day on repeat for the first two weeks when i first heard it and The Bird and The Worm by The Used
if i can remember, the beginning of bleeding mascara by atreyu use 3 string sweeps, or maybe im thinking of another song by them >_<

Edit: my bad, its 4 string
Hmm.. whenever there are ever zombies in the real world, I don't give a flying swimming transposing f*ck if they white, black, asian, mexican, or albino, I'm running or shooting heads off whichever. Lol why would I or any other black person be offended by this lol
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The weird breakdown thing in the middle of Don't Fear The Reaper by the Blue Oyster Cult. I've listened to it so many times now that I can't imagine it not being in it but it still sounds out of place.

omg I never noticed that either. I had always thought that it was some kind of advanced modulation technique to where it changed keys, but then again, isn't it in a major key? I thought that maybe the solo was just in the relative minor since it got so dark and stuff, or phrygian or some other kind of minor, maybe it was harmonic minor?

or maybe the cowbell taken out during the solo changed the mood of the whole song? Don't sig that, im just kidding >_<
Vasoline by Stone Temple Pilots

hmm, just don't get Eternal Sonata, you will be super disappointed
Omfgomfgomfgomfg I Am One Of Two African Americans Yessssssssssssssssssh Im Not Mainstream!!!
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You won't get arrested if you are good at running.

But film it and post it in The Pit for some lulz.

this..and someone tell me when he does
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I woke up this morning as usual, came downstairs, and my dad says ... 'why was your stumbleupon profile set to x-rated?'

(blah blah blah)

tl;dr my mom found out i look at porn and is pissed but my dad doesn't care.

oh sht i forgot to put stumbleupon on my laptop!! since i got stumbleupon on my room computer. and I didn't know that it had x-rated!! wow!

but anyways, dont get so down, im 18 and going to college in 6 weeks too, i was caught waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay earlier on, like 13 when my mom had to go somewhere and my dad was at work so i was home alone, got on the computer in the front room and limewired some, and then started fapping, but my mom i guess forgot something and had to come back...through the back door and i didnt hear her come in, she was like WHA I CANT BELIEVE YOU, and i was like OMGWTFNUU :O and it was awkward for... a couple weeks, i kinda stayed in my room a whole lot that month

5 years later, havent been caught since, but yea, deleting cookies/cache/history, cleaning the registry, lol and never using limewire and windows media player ever FTW (it likes playing the last played video and keeping record of what played in the file menu)

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pffff you got it all wrong

it's like this.

that obama? O_o, ah i would make one, but... using my laptop to photoshop is a btch
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Because we're so badass we have Vin Diesel, Chuck Norris and Mr. T. Hawks can kiss their asses.


that and mudkipz
wish there were more rap metalcore-ish kind of groups, a bit heavier than RATM but not like heavy Korn is (only heard like two songs, didn't like), wait, Linkin Park was ever known as nu-metal?? wtf
****... new moon... didnt read yet, too lazy, waiting for movie instead

""I always want you," I reminded him, with perhaps a little more intensity than the conversation required"
I just searched 7 pages of "driving" through the searchbar and still didn't find anything that came close around it really... Oh well

Ok, so I'm 18 and here in Missouri, you can start learning to drive at 17, then you can finally get your license at 18. It had seemed easy watching everyone else drive to me, and a couple of my friends can already drive. But the first time I drove about 5 months ago when I almost turned 18, I was like shaking, i couldn't be steady, sht, I was used to playing Need For Speed and Burnout and Gran Turismo and stuff that like on video games, its like the sensitivity is ultra ultra high now and I always sucked using the steering wheel with my game anyways, but I know, I know, video games aren't real life.

He was telling me to brake all early, like half a block from the red light but even though I did, i felt like if I push it too soon, I would stop like 100 feet back from the next car, but pushed too late, I would push really hard, and almost fly out the window, or hit my face on the steering wheel, which I did once that day. and I couldn't turn for sht, always turned too wide or too thin. Had other cars behind me cuz i was going slow, someone beeped and I was like "oh ****" and I had to go a little faster, and my dad was like slow down, who cares bout them..

Had a dream last night I was driving by myself and I like accidently spunout and crashed into an 18 wheeler, under the wheels and I couldn't get out....And as I'm making this post right now, my dad is yelling at me to go driving now since I only have about 35 days til I go away to college... I kept putting it off....

How long did it take for you to learn to drive? Were you scared at first, or am I just being wimpy...
So anyways, I've been trying to make something different for a while for this board, since all there is is death/prog metal. Made up a little rap-rock-ish riff (not really rage against the machine-like, but defintely not lil wayne >_<, and then went from there, and now 2 hours later, this is what I came up with...

i tried to make the drum solo really..... complex or driving, or both, i don't know, came out wrong in that triplet-ish measure after the 11ths things and I messed around that one measure for like 30 minutes and said i'd come back to it later.

I got stuck right after that, maybe that was just an intro, or put a guitar solo after that....
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Fuck yeah.

EDIT: Something went wrong. It was meant to have a triplet rhythm. Fixed.

thats so catchy like a commerical or tv theme or something, haha for some reason, listening to this reminded me of meow mix, dont ask why
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