matt bickerton

How many people die whilst wearing helmets? Helmets are not infallible. Exerting forces greater than the helmet can withstand only makes clean up easier. You will still die.

The point, obviously missed, is that YOU are in control of YOUR car. You cannot control someone else not wearing a helmet and you cannot control their behaviour. Saying "oh, he should have been wearing a helmet" when you admit that you are at fault in causing the accident is buck-passing, pure and simple.
Just for everyone blaming the cyclist for not wearing a helmet: unless the law proscribes you MUST wear a helmet, he's breaking no laws and the OP admits fault of the accident in the first post. So if they situation was, say, "mother and pram on the footpath" not "un-helmeted motorcyclist" would your opinion to different?

"Bah, walking on the sidewalk with no helmet. Asking for it."

You are driving the car. You should be paying attention. You don't have control of whether he wears a helmet. But you have total control over your car.

Anything else is passing the buck.

Glad you're both ok though. A long time ago I read a vehicle manslaugter sentencing transcript of a guy who was convicted of causing an accident that killed his wife. It can always be worse.
This is purely gratuitous since I noticed the forum. And we've done less than zero promotion. Aussie rock band; I play drums/bass and kick in guitars where necessary. What I write doesn't generally fit the sound here, but it's fun. You can stream the whole first album @ the BandCamp link; CDBaby only offers clips. We don't gig, we're just a bunch of guys who play and write music for the sheer fun of it.

Best Song: Living ...from The Stencils Volume 1
My songs: Coal Minin' (Stencils 1); Sixth; Coloured Popcorn; Dreaming Beneath a Winter Sky (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

Now I feel all dirty...
PEBKAC. Or in this case, PEBGAC.
Having the thought is not the stupidity, it's the doing that is the stupidity.

Thoughts are cool that way. I can be the most disgusting fucked up person you can think of in my head and no one knows.
I know very limited knowledge of theory, more or less what I have worked out from learning songs. Noticing patterns, intervals and chords that have certain sounds. I can't name any of them. I have never studied theory. I have never had a lesson.

That probably crystallised when early on in my guitar days I showed a friend of mine (a much better guitarist than me) a riff. He stopped me and said "no, that's note is wrong. It should be this, for the scale you are playing." My first thought was '**** you, I'll show you wrong note'. I tried the riff with the changed note and I didn't like it as much. I preferred my wrong note.

It struck me that if you limit yourself to only writing by conventional musical theory, you are really putting up barriers to being able to fully express yourself. It's like painting with only the primary colours.

The music I create is an expression of who I am. It is my art. I do not conform to theory, why should my music?

I have nothing against it, and I'm sure it's quite helpful in creating something that other people might want to listen to. It might stop you from being a "technically" adept musician in terms of "technically correct" music, and will certainly limit your ability to interact with other musicians who do know theory; but only if that's what you are aiming for. Which I'm not. I play drums in my band.
In all seriousness, you do realise you'll need quite a bit to cover the entire guitar with enough coats. Which means multiple lettings. You'd be better off adding some of your blood to a paint if you're aiming to utilise the energy.