I loved it, I think I know exactly how you feel so I can relate.
The title is what you make of it, if that's how this poem makes you feel,
the title suits it.
Thanks, that actually really helped.
Yeah, I tried to keep it simple and creepy because it refers to someone I know who is actually like that.
It's a poem, not a song... Didn't know were else to post.
Hey guys!
I'm new to the forum and I'd really like to get some feedback.


Oh, how I love them,
people of the night,
staring at you funny,
filling you with fright.

And I wonder how
can one man bring such doubt
to all the people
that scream and shout?

This man, he knows
which buttons to press,
he pushes them precisely
to make a mess.

Beware the man
with the crooked teeth,
He'll never unveil
what lies underneath.

For he's a lone spirit
wanders and roams,
carrying with him
a sack of bones.

If you see him
alone at night,
fear not my friend,
for he feeds off of fright.