.. I just finished getting over this show after watching the whole series 6 times. You're seriously going to revive the the thread NAO!?
Dawn Of The First Day Lololololooll
White-list me please.

theunhappymeal = MC name!
Hey guys could I get the IP for the (or a...?) server
The wise men were obviously aliens and the gifts they gave all possessed powers given to Jesus.
Marty Friedman for his odd picking style and just being downright orgasmic.
Hm, I remember stalking around here and seeing you now and again, anyway I won't be a d-bag. Welcome back!
I play Black Ops with my girlfriends dad, SCORE!
Sorry if it's been said, but Minecraft.

play it with headphones on at 4 am and dig straight down.
Land in cave.
Turn Around.
My Minecraft broke Right after making a hole to bed rock that was 360 x 360. There goes 2 weeks.
Dead Money - Amazing in my opinion. I mean story wise at least.

Honest Hearts - Awesome to wander but too short.
Black on a leash - Freak on a leash - Korn
Bear in mind I'm 16, But something I despise are the "gamers" today that when you have a conversation it's only about call of duty-_- I don't think most kids these days will ever play Majora's Mask
Megadeth 34
Rolling Stones 35
Soundgarden 34
The Foo Fighters 34 +
The Beatles 32
Primus 30
Dream Theater 25
The Doors 20 -
Queens of the Stone Age 18
Rebecca Black 8
Dream Theater 22
Megadeth 24
Soundgarden 24
Primus 23
Strapping Young Lad 16
The Beatles 22
Rolling Stones 28
The Foo Fighters 30 +
Deftones 15
Tom Jones 14 -
Dream Theater 19
Captain Beefheart 5 - HURT
Megadeth 22
Soundgarden 22
Nirvana 9
Primus 22
Strapping Young Lad 14
The Beatles 13
Rolling Stones 25
The Foo Fighters 23+HEAL
Dream Theater 21
Captain Beefheart 14
Megadeth 19 +
Soundgarden 19
Nirvana 12 -
Primus 20
Strapping Young Lad 19
The Beatles 11
Rolling Stones 22
The Foo Fighters 17
I want to go to the far lands, anybody know mods for speed settings/Coordinate teleports?
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Clock Town Day 3.

Greatest song in the world
Banned because I don't know what day it is.
Anybody else go OOB in NV yet? It's extremely spacious out there. You could fit so many modded towns out there.
has anybody else used the portal gun mod? It's a ton of fun and I just made a huge-ass course utilizing it.
Mods are evil
Link has one earring so therefore it is cool.
On play-through 6 in NV finally. Went with NCR Twice Ceaser's legion 3 times, and Yes Man once. Finally going to collet all of the globes and take the Mr. House route
I pray for another Majora's Mask like game every night. Too bad I have a gut feeling it won't happen
It's the youngness of your face mixed in with your hair length. The hair makes your close seem a little bit bigger than they really are so it makes your overall appearance seem younger. Well, that's what I think anyway.
We were all on a field with a huge tar pit and our guitars. Blasting whatever music we could think of.
I miss coming home to new Ed Edd n Eddy every week and to whoever said fox 29, I was watching it last week since I woke up earier. Kirby is now gone sonic is still in. and it's a shit load of anime.
Vinegar on salad<3
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Now if only the rest of Laiho's lyrics were halfway understandable, I'd be able to tolerate CoB as a band...


And I Ain't Superstitious - Megadeth

Somewhere random Dave says "Chicken Shit sissy worm Metallica.
Rubbers, Ying yangs, Bounce balls, Eyes.
You shouldn't of done that...

But seriously, I love this thing i find it amazingly fun and Majora's Mask has been my favorite Zelda game since I started playing.
Willy McWandwanker
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Raise the Rhinoceros

Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Sr.