Hey guys, I don't know whether this is in the right section or not, but does anyone know where I can find the tab book for "Dig Out Your Soul" by Oasis?
Noel Gallagher, I mean he's an okay guitarist, but he's extremely full of himself.
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I would've been fine if he'd phrased it like that, but the "all others are like Epi's to Gibsons" and "USA only" ticked me off and made it sound like if your not playing an American Standard or better, your playing crap, which I found somewhat offensive as a player of a Mexican Fender.

Wait, what problem?

The pitch is easily made too sharp if you press down on the frets even a bit to hard.
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How is that a flaw in the guitar? It's a flaw in your technique if you push down too hard and make the note sharp.
I prefer teles to strats.

I have never had this problem on any other guitar T_T
One really noticeable flaw in all Strats is the height of the frets. You can knock it out of tune if you push down on the strings even a bit too hard.
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what about the epi les paul jr.? its only 100 bucks, would it be worth if if i got one and changed the pickup in it to a p-90 or something?

Hardly, the body is made out of a very ****y wood and the tuning heads are crap. I tried one at a guitar center once.
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Gibson only just put the regular LP Jrs back into production, and Gibson are going through some distribution problems right now, so it's probably going to be hard to find new models like this for a few months. Don't get your hopes up.

How come they stopped making them for a while?
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Yeah, street price is usually about 30% less than the MSRP.

Do you know a website where I could find one? Not a Billie Joe signature or vintage or anything, just a good ol' Les Paul Jr.

They added it back! it wasn't on the Gibson website for a while.

But none of the stores actually sell LP Jrs for the MSRP and its mostly a matter of finding it in a store where it's priced lower.
I've been in all of my local music stores (Sam Ash, GC, Ken Stanton) and no one has any. And the only ones that are on the Guitar Center site are vintage models and the Billie Joe Jr, all exeeding the price of the standard (I believe somewhere around $745?).
I haven't been able to find any Les Paul Jrs anywhere. Did Gibson stop making them?
Bag It Up - Oasis

Extremely simple.
Right... so I didn't see one so here it is.

What are opinions on "Dig Out Your Soul"? I think some of it was good, but there was a point where it all started to run together and the organ became intolerably annoying.
Power tab = Free

GuitarPro = not so much

In essence, you get what you pay for.
I'm looking for a good strong bass that is inexpensive (under $200) has a descent tone and isn't so cheap that the tuning keys won't unwind themselves. lol

Any Ideas?
@ Metorical

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I'm good at hammer-ons and pull-offs one and two frets away, so I probably need to practice doing them farther away. I also mostly need to work on keeping the tacet strings from ringing. And I need to work on keeping other strings from ringing when I bend.
I've been playing guitar for about 8 months and i feel like I've reached this point where I feel like I've stop learning new techniques and i'm just doing the same stuff over and over again. Is there a certain song that would help me along and start to get new stuff down.
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i just want to know who makes the best sounding strings for an acoustic guitar

Ernie Ball Super Slinky Acoustics
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always use the proper way, three finger,,, Barring with ring finger is very bad technique. you will thank yourself when you start learning barre chords my friend.

I know the barre chords, that's just how I play it when i only want to hit the first three strings of the barre chord.
if you have literally never played before, it would be just as easy to learn with your right hand even though you are left handed.

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I just bought my first electric guitar. I'm trying to find online lessons ( and other type places), books, basic learning material, etc for left handers. Most of what I've seen is all for right handers. Does anyone know of anything thats good and available? I'm having a real challenge so far.

I have no musical talent. I do not know chords, notes or anything currently. I hope at age 30, thats not too late to do. I'm determined to do it however. Thanks for any help you can provide!!
I've gotten into a habit of barring my power chords with my first and third finger. This was mainly because the way I did it i could mute the other strings with the part of my finger not holding down a string, this way I could hit all 6 strings and only get the desired chord.

lately I've been realizing in a lot of videos, people use the whole 5th chord shape and only play the first three strings of the chord. i had usually avoided that in the past because when playing a power chord like a "D" or "C" i could only downstroke or else I would hit undesired strings and turn it into a minor.

So am I doing it right, or are you supposed to make the major 5 and minor 5 shapes but only play the first three strings??
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Nope. Some chords reach across all of the strings. For example, you can play a Dm chord in 2 ways:


Or you can play it:


Im not sure of the song in particular though... After looking at the tab, you're just playing barre chords. You just have to get used to playing them. Practice makes poifect


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yeah you can connect the two speakers in the back. just descide which amp you want to use, then disconnect the one you don not want to use from its speaker, then connect the two speakers in the back. there should be two metal prongs sticking out the back. just get some insulated copper wire and wrap one around each prong, then run the wires to your first amp and do the same there

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just a quick question....

is it possible to set up one guitar to play through two amps? i kinda wanna try playing through like some fender clean amp, while simultaneously playing through some balls deep in distortion...dunno why. might sound like crap but w/e...

so is it possible to do this?

and if it is, is it practical?

does it somehow rob your guitars tone or something?
I've had two Fender Frontman 25Rs over the coarse of the past year. The reason for the second one is because the jack on the front broke off the circuit board. Its bad enough it happened once, but then two days ago it happened again to my second frontman. Now I know that there are better amps out there... that have metal jacks instead of the crappy plastic ones that com standard on the 25R (which is why they can price it so cheap, because of the mediocre hardware).

alright, my question is, what is a good combo amp with two speakers that can get good distortion, good clean tones, and won't break so easily? preferably under $500
This is just part of "Promises" by Def Leppard. Its not really any part of the actuall song, its just piece of it. Its the solo with the intro riff attached. What do you guys think?

And for some reason about 10 seconds got cut off.

...sorry... its also about five beats per second slower than the original too.
dude... guitar's way out of tune. And you can't really her the guitar when the drums come in.
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Umm... Don't you mean heavier gauge strings?

nah, the lighter the gauge, the more resistance it has to tension, so you can bend the string farther
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Jesus Christ, how do people do this? Here's my advice, get an Ibanez. I've never broken a string and that's all I've got.

@ticklemeemo: The guitar has nothing to do with the strings breaking.

@ Original Post: If it really bothers you and you think you're going to break your high E string, get a lighter gauge set. You might need to try several different kinds because depending on how high the your guitars frets are, a lighter gauge might cause the sting to go out of tune at certain frets when pressure is applied.
hmm. didn't see it.
How do I make a change to one of my approved tabs?
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Attach your tab to your post.

Post here:

Song: Shoplifter
Band: Green Day
The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop
Yeah... so my tab got denied. There was one tab posted for it, but it wasn't really that detailed.

Song: Shoplifter
Band: Green Day
Yeah, it'd be a bit less irritating if they pinned a reason on it.
What does it mean if there is a "D" in a little gray box next to a tab I've submitted?