it would smell of rich mahogany
ok well at a dance these two dude were fooling around and one tripped into a glass trophy case and glass got all in his arm and was sent to the hospital. This one kid sent a virus to a computer to where it flashed porn nonstop, another kid masturbated in class. The usual preggies. Drug busts. this pussie, somthing wolfe, was "bullied" and went to the police and was on the good morning show about it. the fag got punched alot. but started it everytime, once by beating up a kid in a wheelcheer, killing a kids cat, and making fun of some kids dead mom, so he deserved it all. only thing i can say is seek attetion much? my vice principal even said he had it coming. haha. umm what else...oh, there were countless fights. so much stupid drama. there was a bomb threat which was cool bc i got outta my least favorite class. And there was an actual food fight. really good one to, planned out well... So the 9th graders planned it on the last lunch of school and they all bought a bunch of slushies and stuff and all sat on one side of the cafeteria. One 9th grader started clapping loudly (the signal) and then proceeded to run to the opposite side of the room away from the 9th graders getting everybodys attention and then all the 9th grader threw a huge wall of food and it was chaos after that. The next lunch period the principal went off on us and made us empty out pockets and lectured us and kept saying how despicable we were lol

ohh and to top it off some kid smoked crack IN CLASS
come to a compromise?
theres this awesome new web site, its new though so you prolly havent heard of it. its great, you ask it things and it tells you what you want, its also good for porn! i think its called gaggle? or is it giggle...
you look like a fat kid afterwards, my friend got it and we all called him fat ****
people usually play two guitars through one amp using a splitter where you plug it into the amp, i suppose you can plug the splitter into the guitar and have the two going to a different amp
you need to put sonic on the poll
wow, i cant believe there's not a thread on it already. It was funny at first but people at my school talked about it way to much and it got old
Quote by nalyd
During school: usually nothing, sometimes a pop tart or granola bar or something similar if I'm hungry enough.

Not during school: I'm not on a normal breakfast-lunch-dinner schedule, since I sleep past noon and go to bed past midnight. Usually I'll eat dinner and another meal later around 11 or midnight. Sometimes I have 'breakfast' around 1 or 2, which usually consists of a bagel, some cereal (if it's anything I like) or biscuits (from a few local places).

Biscuits are a constant breakfast item for me, there are two places I often go to get biscuits: Bojangles, which is a Southern fast food place that's quite greasy but still really tasty, though it focuses on chicken as well as biscuits, and Biscuitville, which is a North Carolina (mostly) fast food-esque place that has very tasty biscuits and other breakfast stuff, I usually get a biscuit with bacon, egg, and cheese in it. Unfortunately, it closes at 2 which means I generally don't wake up in time to go during the summer.

But I digress.

EDIT: Also being Southern, I always have iced tea with biscuits. (And with many other meals as well :P )

just say u eat cereal
so for my birthday i got a Epiphone Les Paul Classic and a Fender Super Champ XD and i was just wonderin wat everyone thought bout it.

I play classic rock, Modern Rock, blues, metal, and altrn. rock

i really just wanna know if its the combo for my style but reviews and such are good. If i had it my way i would of stopped my dad from buying it to figure this out but i was in the hospital when he bought it bout to get my appendix removed (he wanted to surprise me)
its called joining a band, and entering battle of the bands
and you care about people doing this why? its really not a big deal at all
teen night at Fudpucker's, Destin Florida, i truly had the best night if my life there
i know you use the C scale for blues soloing but is there a scale made more specifically for rock soloing?
you should check out the ME-50 or ME-20
i own a spider they are great for practice, great distortion, the clean is all right, worth the money and really cheap
my bad i read your post wrong, i thoguht u said ur spider was humming
same amp, same problem, 15w?
Ok i've checked out the Boss ME-20 and i'm in awe in it's glory, its perfect for everything i need. I also know that there are ME-30's and ME-50's. Is there major differences in them? I don't care about the price difference.
you know those ads that say Like WTFOMGBBQ! Become a better guitar player!

do they really work?

EDIT: Has anyone tried it? did u get better?
i could be that something is loose, this happened to me and the nuts (or whatever you call em) where you tune the strings weren't tightened.
42hrs.... just had 2 redbulls and im not tired
20hrs, not that tired
if i feel like it i'll contribute as well this is gonna suck
metallicaboy are you starting from 18hrs or 0?
thats it, im joining in
...i think i'll join you, weird that i've been up for about 18 hrs too

but it is 1:48AM here
i think you have to buy them in a pack
ok heres what to do, soder it back together and when he uses it again, it'll break and the blame is on him.

j.k. the answer is pretty obvious now