I'm eating chocolate mousse with chocolate sprinkles. Getting my protein for the day! :P
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Seems like you have a decent taste in music. Funkstep, that would be awesome.


do want
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Considering both those genres are nothing special on their own a combo would probably sound horrendous.

>nothing special

Wow. Have you even listened to dubstep?

get summa dat inta ya

>philosophy major

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The Red Paintings. I love them. They're kinda strange art-rock, but they really hit me, emotionally

lolol wow 7000 views. epic.
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That's quite cool.

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Okay, so how am I supposed to get my Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Empire Strikes Back logos on my shirts. Great concept, but no one will buy due to lack of customization.


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Well not really THAT obscure, But Extreme, Living Colour, and Everclear

Yes they all had some big songs but a lot of people today haven't heard of any of them, with the exception of Guitar Hero fans

haha well don't post if they're not obscure (:
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Eh, probably Ulver.

Yeah they're alright. You should listen to the Norwegian band Shining! They're great!
I don't mean like, metal. I mean like OBSCURE bands that are sorta experimental and out there, like The Radio Heads or whatever.
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..You like the Jonas Brothers.

I liked them before they were popular
Sometimes I get annoyed when people talk about how obscure the bands are they like, but so much hipster garbage is mainstream these days!

What's your favourite obscure band? I love Neutral Milk Hotel. They're an indie/folk band that write sorta experimental/weird lyrics about monsters and Jesus.
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Thread topic + searchbar

I've been thinking about this lately. Fusions of genres give an almost unlimited amount of possibilities musically and creatively. What fusions would you like to see? I would loveeee to see a combination of something like Disfiguring the Goddess and Rusko+Caspa! Deathcore+dubstep combo, you can't deny how awesome that would sound.

What fusions do you think would sound good?
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Why do you assume we use martial arts?

There is an overriding sense of alpha in these parts. I want a thread related to said alpha.
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Not really applicable in real life situations.... unless you enjoy prison
I've recently gotten into taekwondo. What do you think is the best in terms of self-defense and applicability to real-life situations?
If you smirk past this point, you lose.

Let's play.

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Haven't been here in over a year, I see Fassa is still trolling everyone with things she actually thinks.
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Just go to my profile and click on "all posts by kensai".

:O Holy sh1t Kensai is still here! Man it's been some time.

On topic, I'm an asshole all the time. It's strange how girls tolerate/like it. Alpha as fvck.
"Hey Tim, what have you been up to?"

"Oh, been looking for a cure for cancer. What about you man?"

>this thread
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lol, tell your parents.

His parents are dead lol. He's gonna move to Bel Aire with his aunt and uncle.
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Move to Bel Aire.

I never really like his guitar work.
Why don't you try googling it?
If there was nothing before the creation of time, then there would be no time for anything to happen

I shat.
I'm the cleverest. I eat Trama roots and make sick-ass intelligence potions with them.
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Jonas Brothers


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I don't quite understand how anyone who's vaguely musically trained can listen to Between the Buried and Me and not fall in love.

Because they are pretentious and I HATE their vocals.
God forbid, should somebody not like your band.

In fact, I would go as far to say Between the Buried and Me has one of the most obnoxious fan-bases i think I've ever seen. Why can't you people except other people's opinions?
Anything by 'A Forest Of Stars'. I can't listen to more than a few minutes of that stuff without getting creeped out.

It's psychedelic black metal, for anyone interested.

"Silence shattered like ice, incipit rage in myriad voices of the wind
All light now absent as the banshees howl
No solace in the maelstrom.

-Even the sun's afraid to rise around here-

It's ice cold as far as the eye can see
Relentless winter restraining the new mourning rays.

Frozen in thought whilst seeking oblivion.

Got scalded by summer, given the cold shoulder by winter
We'd watched the world go by...
Shifting slowly from here to there, going in the direction of everywhere, but arriving neither here nor there
Now there's a taste of blood in all the throats around here.

Asked for a shot of winter in my holocaust, it caught my throat afire on the way down
Wrought iron gateways pleading, under-used ovens awaiting further problems
Countless eyes closing, rhyme boring reason.

It wasn't very sunny that weekend, sitting and watching this world stumbling to its end.

-All rain all everywhere-

Shining wet skies' tears.

-Sun hides in fear just around the corner from here-
Just around the corner, see? Over there!

God's... eyes... closed."
Carmel always had bigger balls than you.

<3 you both
when you turn off light switches or close pop-top water bottles with a thumb-slap
when hot girls let you give them back rubs because of your amazing hands
Bring your robe and wizard hat.
It's like church... only moar yelling and far moar kvlt
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I should mention that it was ctb who got me addicted to SUPER MEGA COMICS in the first place

Not funny. Stupid, immature and 'random'. Please do not post any more of these.


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