I'm looking for a wireless sytem for my guitar. I have found a t.bone system at thomann for about 99€. Do anyone know if this is any good? If you own or know any system that is cheap and good, please tell me
Have a nice day!
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That Bugera 333xl looks pretty sweet, but I´ve heard that they break down easily?
I live in sweden, so Ebay is a bit out of reach for me...Just give me some names of good amps :P
Hi! I think it´s time to replace my Peavey Bandit with something better. I have no idea what amp to get but I want a tube amp. I don´t want a huge halfstack or something. A 212 combo would be nice or a 212 cab with a head.

Sound: My favourite band is Dream theater, so something similar to petrucci tones would be nice. It should also be capable of doing really heavy tones as All that remains and such.

Budget: 800$.

Give me some options please
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I don't think a NS-2 is going to make the amp less noisy unless you put it in the loop.

I´m going to put it behind or before(wich option is right?) the DistX pedal to eliminate feedback.
Ok, I think I will save my money and get one for guitars.

One more question: Is the boss ns-2 any good? I´m getting a Blackstar ht-distx and I noticed that already in "shop level" volumes that it´s a bit noisy. So a noise supressor would be nice.
working not as good as it should be?
Hi there!

I´ve come across a used boss FV-50L volumepedal for about 35$. The thing is that it´s desingned for keyboards and not guitars...would the low impedance cut down my distorsion or do something that destroys my tone? And I can´t try it, the owner lives to far away.

My rig, pictures taken with crappy cellphone The pedalboard is missing a volumepedal and a distorsion pedal. The behringer EQ is just there for show, I´m using the stereo EQ between the amp and the 212 cab.
Worst: Boss MT2, that pedal sucks BAD!

Best: Peavey Bandit II 112, It can do anything
Is the 333xl head good for metal, say some Petrucci tones and heavier stuff?

And one more question, whats the difference between the 6262 and the 6260?
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Incubus (don't listen to them but I read the name earlier in the thread :P)
Avenged Sevenfold

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Osiris (I know they're a band, i don't know what they sound like)
Slipknot (only one i could think of
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A little help? :P
Or you turned on the light when you took the second shot ....

Great job :P Is the mod permanent?
Amp: peavey bandit 112 300$
Guitar: Behringer strat 60$
Behringer: Each pedal cost 35$ (total of 420$)
CS100 (compressor)
UP100 (Phaser)
OD100 (distorsion)
XD300 (trash distorsion)
UO100 (octave)
EQ700 (equalizer)
UT100 (tremolo)
DD400 (delay)
UW300 (autowah)
NR300 (noise reducer)
UC300 (chorus)
SE200 (sound enhancement)
PB1000 (behringer pedalboard for 12 pedals) 127$

Get this and you´ll be ready to rock in no time
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Check out the Ultimate Wiring Diagram thread in the GB&C for the answer to the push/pull question. But if you'd like some good replacement pickups, a guy named Phil (his user is something like nuthinbuttruble8) who is based in New Jersey makes custom pickups for cheap ($70 a piece, but $60 for UGers). He makes PAF style pickups, hot PAF style pickups, and more modern ones. Check him out and see if he can do something for you The site (and pickups section) is here, and you can find him in the GB&C from time to time.

Thanks! This Phil guy seems really cool, but I live in sweden so it might get a little bit tricky I think I´m going to replace the stock pups with dimarzio air norton(I think petrucci uses them on his newer guitar but I may be wrong )
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They're passive EMG ripoffs made by ESP. If you change anything starting out, it should probably be the pickups. but once you change those out, it'll be a much nicer instrument, especially if you find a well-built one that feels right in your hands.

If you've been playing guitar for a while, there's really no point in getting a super-low-end LTD, as they're much better for beginners. If you already have an idea of how you want your guitar to sound, get a slightly better one and put good pickups in it, and eventually replace the trem as it will wear down some in the next year or so with moderate use.

EDIT: Just checked out your gear list. If you own a Gibson now, you'll probably be much more comfortable with a 400 series LTD or an Edwards model from Japan, although you're getting more expensive there ($600-1000), but you're paying for better quality and tone. For example, the Edwards Les Paul copes are some of truest sounding Gibson copies on the market.

I´ve been playing guitar for about 3-4 years now, my budget is slightly limited though. But i checked the M-200 and ít´s not a huge difference in price.

The m-200fm got a push/pull pot, how would that affect me when changing pickups in the future?

I´m not looking for any particular sound exept nice cleans and heavy distorsion, I´m just looking for a second guitar with a whammy
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It's alright, but I would aim for the 200 or higher tbh.

Thing is, the m-200fm got some kind of Emg/esp pups wich I don´t like, so pickups will be changed anyway...
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It's alright, but I would aim for the 200 or higher tbh. Most of the removable components (bridge, nut, pickups) will need to be replaced eventually, but if you got a well built instrument (QC isn't great on low-end LTDs), then the guitar itself should rock.

Since Ltd is part of Esp I think it might be okay to ask this...

Is the ltd m-100fm good? How good are the licensed floyd, pups and so on?
I tried one out and I really fell in love with the feel of freedom .... Seriously i think it´s very comfortable and I like moving around on stage without the limitation of cables.
ok, Ive also come across a LD wireless system with 10 different freq. setting. The market price for one of those are about 200$

But could someone give me the answer to my first question?
Hi! I´m looking for a wireless system for my guitar and I have found a used one for about 50$. The problem is that it only got one frequency, could this maybe interrupt with my wireless network/internet or maybe cellphones and similar things when I´m using it?
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I do not

I´m talking about the clean part in Lines in the sand, at least the feeling is the same
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A Rite Of Passage

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A Rite Of Passage


Btw, does anyone exept me think that the clean part in ANTR i similar to lines in the sand?
How many has heard the 2 songs from their new album thats leaked out somehow?
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I´m using a Gibson Les Paul through a Peavey bandit 112 II. In the effects loop I got a boss DD3 and a boss equalizer.

Change amp or get a nice distorsion pedal, maybe get some kind of noise supressor to...
This thread is peculiar...
Correction! When I turned up the volume on my amp, a loud hissing noise appeared(and that´s just with one pedal connected). That power supply is going back to the store tomorrow...Maybe the onespot isn´t such a bad idea...
I´ve bought a regulated 9v, 1000 mA and when I measured it unloaded it put out 8,9v and it´s dead silent to. It cost about 15$ and with the extra adapterplugs i bought the total cost was 16$
Then I will solder my own daisy chain.

Does a regulated adapter put out 9v with no load and 9v with load?

So if i connect my daisychain to the power supply and put those caps after the power s. I will be fine? My thought was that it should be easier with the terminal block beacuse it was less work and you could easily change the positions of the pedals.

Why would a terminal block create ground loops?
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100mA wont power many pedals

Your design idea will also create lots of ground loops, well potentially.

It is 1000mA.
Ground loops?

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Depends on how good the power converter is your buying. It needs to be regulated and have good filtering. The walmart and many radioshack ones arent this way. Without filtering it could add alot of noise thru your pedals.

I don´t know how good it is yet, it´s not from walmart though

If I buy a 9v, shouldn´t it be regulated to 9v? What do you mean with filtering?

I´m going to power 4 pedals with this thing in the future, at the moment i´ve just got 3.
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