Hey Chrismacker, thanks for putting this up, I didn't have a reason to do this before but that's just about all the reason I need to go hang myself when a co*ksucker like that can pull a rabbit of such magnitude out of his ass not once, not twice, not even three, but four fu*king times in a row. I hope that kid crashes. Thumbs up, here's hoping
You're scared you're becoming Emo because you are cutting your wrists, well, personally I'd be more scared to perhaps die but I guess that's just me. However, if your only fear is becoming Emo, I say as long as you haven't decided to cut your balls off yet, you're in the clear so keep cutting.. dumbass..
MXR Phase 90, I just bought one, used, for 50 dollars, really good though. Retail around 90-100 dollars, try one out if you can.
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Get yourself checked out man, you might have caught 'shit music'.

lmao, that's sheer brilliance, well done. you can get one BRAND SPANKIN' NEW for about $150.. are you going to make a custom or something?
Motorbike, faster, louder, and costs more than your average bicycle. You'll be the talk of the campus
You have 3 choices of what to eat, all revolving around chicken, any way you slice it, you lose..
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Why is 6 afraid of 7?

because 789

BAHAHAHA...ah.. go screw yourself..
You owe me a time machine because that is going to bore me to tears for the next 10 years.. tonight was ice cool.. maybe when you're burning in hell is won't be so "cool"..
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..I think I speak for the thread's viewers when I say "we don't want that"
..I think you need to be struck with a couple of those meteors for posting this crap..
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i practise economy picking in the nude, then economy pulling, ok im bad at these joke things

Nice attempt, the possibility of hilarity was there, you shouldn't have said "I'm bad at this"
It also depends on the program you want, just do as best as you can in your HS classes, what else can you do? That will give you the best shot.
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Share some stories? How many outcomes can come from this?

HAHAHA, brilliant response
Post the conversation so WE as the Pit, can get a better idea.

He's probably just kidding, i take jokes too far sometimes and do things to make it seem more real but I never follow through with the end game. But just the same, keep both eyes and your nuts on this guy so should he pull out an Uzi, you know when to hit the dirt.
Counter at 225 and its a deal.
Is this a joke? Of course the biggest queer would be the one who started this thread, all other queers are sub-par and pale in comparison.
Dean Markley aren't bad either, I usually use Ernie Ball if I have them though.
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To lighten the mood:
Hit Me Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
I Want it That Way - BSB

To wetten her *ahem* ...eye sockets
The Scientist OR Sparks - Coldplay
Daughters OR Slow Dancing in a Burning Room - John Mayer
Unintended - Muse

If she's not sitting on your face by then, may the Gods of Rock have mercy on your soul.

Listen to this guy, he knows what he's saying here.
Simple answer.. yes..
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Alright TS i have the answer to all your problems. Just print out the following photo and give it/mail it to your parents.

Just.. well done
She's cute if you're into that 10 year old, tom-boy, trailer park look. I give you my blessing, she's all yours my friend, you should have no problems worrying about other guys either.
Staple your hand to your penis, so how well that day goes.
Wow, that's brutal. Such negligence.
That needs no photoshopping, that's frighteningly horrible as is. What the hell were they thinking? Yngwie Malmsteen's Rising Force? He's more like the Quintessential Blow job than the Perpetual Flame, I mean just look at those lips, he's ready for a long one.
That looks like the first hellspawn Leo Fender ever created.
I'm posting from my porcelain throne. I get wireless in there too
Really, it's Sunday despite the work week starting on Monday. It's really not cost efficient to dwell upon things of this nature..
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yeah ummmm how does this actually help? it mostly sounds like your wanting to get miley cirus high, drunk and then **** her soo yeah doesn't sound like a good plan..... i say we rig the stage with C4 and when the jonas brothers come on stage.......BOOM!!!!.... blow the whole stage to high heavens

What wrong with that plan? Sounds like a kick ass plan to me. This all happens right on stage too during a concert in front of all the 12 year olds, hahaha. Talk about scaring them for life.
I have to agree with the fact that its fake. If it were true, it's sad to say but I bet it would be on every CREDIBLE news channel, every CREDIBLE webpage, the story would be smearing it feces all over the place but much to my dismay, I have yet to read it from a reputable source. Someone post a link if they have one.
If you think about it for 3 whole seconds, you will realize that has zero purpose. Thus, this thread is useless.. but if you are seriously looking for an answer, the answer is "not to my knowledge"
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If those are the specs then you are lucky that computer runs the internet haha.

2gb of Hard Drive and 250mb of RAM? That's not new bud.. I mean it was when it came out.. it sound like its the first laptop every produced.. about 2 decades ago, hahaha
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i live in mississauga, sry -.-
i know that the place looks nice :P
edit: oh yeah i also know that my drum stool is somewhere in hamilton cuz of my stupid brother :P

YEAAHHHH.. another guy from Mississauga... nice.. and Hamilton is alright, nothing special but not a bad place. I'm sure you'll find something enjoyable to pass the time.
I'm usually going commando and the only thing separating me from others is a thin layer of denim
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if its on the internet it has to be true

That looks like something out of the BC. Rich dungeon. That would be my guess, something like that.
Depends on your budget.
Sounds like he got what was coming to him for invading your privacy. Btw, how old is he?
Haha, real nice. The second one was better than the first but the first was ALRIGHT, a little funny though, I may be alone on that one though..
You guys don't know what you're talking about, I could see myself doing her so long and so good.. in the dark.. with a pair of sunglasses on.. and a hillbilly sticking a rifle up my anus.. that's probably a pretty accurate depiction seeing as her Dad is a country bumpkin.