Yeah none of us really had a clue what we were doing. It was actually our mate that came up with the idea and did most of it. We just kind of showed up and played in a tunnel! I'll take this on board and see what the others think. Your mates vid is cool as well.

I appreciate the honesty
Hi guys, it's been a while since I last posted here but folk seemed to like my band back then. We've just done our first proper music video. I put it up on youtube about a week ago and so far the feedback has been pretty good.

I'd like some UG feedback on it

So anyway here is Underclass - Beat Your Fist

Oh and I'm the one dealing with the trolls so let's keep it constructive guys

After mucking about with a few sovtek muffs during my last studio session I've decided to get one. After looking online I've seen ebay bidding wars can get pretty ridiculous. I was just wondering a couple of things:

What is a realistic price to expect to pay for a genuine one?

What are the clones like? Any really good whilst reasonable on the bank balance?

Quote by nickamoorus
So I saw this movie on tv when I was younger that scared the living shit out of me. I think it was mostly set in a small isolated village, but the one scene I remember, which I *think* was a dream sequence, was this guy (who I think was a character in the movie) is like a centaur sort of thing. I must see it again, please help.

Edit: By the way, I don't think this movie was meant to be especially scary, so it's probably not a horror movie. I was just a pussy.

Pan's Labyrinth?

Let's croak us some toad!
Quote by Jettski1
Ok, I just checked iTunes and I see you guys are on there. You released an album in '05 and havent done anything since? What's up with that?

Yeah that's actually some other band called Underclass... the problem with these online distributors is that no-one actually checks the bands properly so they all get lumped together. If you check amazon I think there's maybe 3 or 4 different "Underclasses" lol. We have 5 songs available online at the moment. The 3 track demo and the 2 new ones. Thanks for the comment.

EDIT: Thanks to everyone so far for listening
^ Thanks but that wasn't the song I was meaning, that was just a little muck about jam.

The songs I want feedback from are on the Underclass page, "Bruised Eyes" and "Sheep" respectively.

Thanks a lot man I read your comment. The keyboard totally gives us that extra layer to play about with that quite a lot of bands seem to be missing. I feel it gives us a lot more depth than if it was just 2 guitars.
I uploaded some Demos from my band to the UG radio when it was still going and seemed to get a pretty good reception.

FINALLY made a bandpage on here, the link is in the sig.

Have a listen/enjoy/add us elsewhere/buy tracks/steal tracks/whatever

Just let me know what you think.

So I finally got round to making a bandpage on here, it's in the sig. Back when the UG radio was on the air I uploaded our first rough demo and got some pretty good feedback but I think we've come on quite a way since then. Looking for lots of honest opinions here guys so feel free to tear me to shreds.

It's one of the weird setting on the dd20. I think it's called twist. When you hold down the pedal the repeats speed up and the pitch raises. It's been a while since I used one but that's definately the sound.
I posted my stuff in the radio thread back when it was just getting underway and people seemed to enjoy it so here goes.

All tracks are from Underclass (my band) - Beat Your Fist - Love Catastrophe - Rabbit

Hope you enjoy
That xaviergray, is his stuff on that electronic album? It's pretty damn good!
I'm not sure if any of my mates have accounts here but I can ask around and spread the word... I'm sure there's some more unsigned bands from Edinburgh that would be happy to have their tracks being listened to.
Hey guys, I'm the mysterious Mikey from Underclass

Thanks for all the positive feedback and I'd like to take credit for the vocals but unfortunately I'm just the guitarist. All vocals are by John Keenan.

This seems to be going well so far. I've had it on for the past 2 hours and heard some pretty cool stuff (and it finally gave me the motivation to upload some mp3s to my profile lol)

Cool idea, I've just sent 3 tracks from my band. Bsb trio was pretty cool

edit: to corey that guys voice is AMAZING
Some nice pro shots by my mate first.

And a few fan crowd shots for good measure.

^^ Thanks a lot man, yeah it's an original, after much lurking I finally got a half decent price on one off ebay last year, I've got a Wh-2 for backup just incase anything goes wrong.

The guitar started off as a plain white charvel model 6 that was bought by "beyond custom guitars" and then repainted with the anime design by Shadoe Mckee. I normally just admire her work but I had to have this one.
this thread is still going?

2008 Highlights

Ibanez RG2610 (complete with muff hair)

The "please endorse me" shot

And (after a haircut) I did some mods to the Charvel finally

A first... an actual shot that includes my board (Guitar > AKG Guitar Bug > Snarling Dogs Whine-O-Wah > Digitech Wh-1 > Boss TU2 > Amp. FX loop is Ernie Ball 6165 > Boss HF2 > Boss DD20)

My amps a mesa DC-5 but its never in any shots since the keyboard player always seems to end up right in front of it... never needs any guitar in the monitors

Lastly, Stretch Straps are amazing! Anyone else use them?

That's me up to date until my SKB stagefive arrives and I get some gig pics of it
I've been in my current band for a couple of years now.

I've also finally got my home recording setup sorted so I can work on my solo material. It's been quite liberating to be working on my own just now, no musical power struggles
I picked up a mesa DC-5 on ebay about a year ago for 400, nice amp very versatile, might want to have a look at them
I'm looking into various wireless units as my band starts to play bigger stages, I've been looking at the X2 Digital and I'm going to try the akg bug system at guitarguitar tomorrow. Just wondering if anyone heres had a lot of experience with them?

Any tips/opinions appreciated thanks.
So who else was at the Glasgow gig last night? I really like the extended version of surrounded, and the cartoon for the dark eternal night is awesome! Anyone else hear James call John a murderer or was it just me?

I suppose the only annoyance of the night was taking the longest winding traffic filled route to the braehead arena on a bus that we werent even sure went there only to get an email when I got home telling me there were free coaches to and from the carling academy, spent a tenner on a taxi coming back in to my mates flat
1.Shining Force 3
2.Panzer Dragoon Saga
3.Skies of Arcadia
5.Phantasy Star (the first 4)
6.Final Fantasy 7-9

Thats all I can think of just now
Quote by barangatang
I'd just like to say that although I dislike their music, I very much respect Dream Theater's creativity and mastery of their instruments. I'd also like to inform everyone that I, in my lifetime, swear to make a classical-metal band called nightmare cinema.(bad joke)

Too late...

edit: october 11th carling academy with symphony x
Been a while since I posted in here

I think it's possible to have active and passive pickups in the same guitar (don't quote me on that though) but if so the wiring is obviously more complicated... anyone else able to confirm this?
I went with the mesa because I wanted more flexibility in my tone (3 band eq wasnt enough for me ). Went with an old DC-5 which has a lot more tweakability imo. But the Laney was right at the time for me. Its got an effects loop, I didn't really use it that much (at the time I was only using a wah) Im not very good with wattage of amps but my understanding (which bear in mind could be completely wrong so if someone else could back me up/correct me) That I never really cranked the 30 watt so the 15 might be enough, Im really not sure though so I would probably just go with the LC30
It was the first valve amp I bought, used it for about a year before upgrading to mesa. Dont think its too great for metal, but excellent for hard rock, I thought the cleans were bright enough and yes, its plenty for smaller venues (dont think I ever played with master above 4) I cant really compare with the valveking as I've never used it. Hope this helps
The DD20 is excellent for experimenting with. The fact that you can store 4 patches is really useful as well. I only really use mine for 2 settings but my mate uses his to play reverse guitar/crazy explosive sounds etc... in the right hands the giga delay can do a lot more than any other delay I've heard
Mohomods 'MoMuff' is my personal fave
The WH-2 that I won off ebay arrived today... the problem is that the original power supply that came with it is american and so I cant really plug it in here. Does anyone know what kind of transformer would be right for powering it?
Its not a wah, the WH-1 is a pitch shifter.
Edinburgh, Scotland
RG 550
AB 140
WH-1 is considered to be the holy grail of whammy pedals...

Does anyone have experience of the XP 100? From what I've seen they seem to be one of the better later models and it looks a lot easier (and cheaper) to get hold of.

Any help greatly appreciated
dream theater - a fortune in lies

or midnight by satch for a less shreddy tapping experience
My mesa dc-5 arrived yesterday... the couriers managed to smash one of the preamp tubes, being an amp n00b I have to wait until next week or so until my tech friends given it a look over before I can play it...

Edit : oh yeah topic, whats the actual configuration? SSS HSS HH?