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duude it's lik you think more about your clothing than ya playin!

Wow a thread I've previously posted in thats still going? There goes my reputation I guess

For fans of the Charvel...

I play bass sometimes too (in the same show )

dunlop has nothing on this

I have the whine-o-wah.

True bypass

3 Basic wah types


Od boost

Very versatile pedal, best wah I've ever played
Have you checked out these?

I use the Whine-O Wah. Great sound, very versatile pedal

An intimate show last month at Henry's Cellar
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ok seriously. thats way too many pedals.

The majority of the pedals do the same kind of things (fuzz and delay mostly) theyre all just set differently so they have a general sound with little tweaks here and there (I think I counted 8 line selectors last time) I highly doubt the majority of the crowd notice though

Amplifier FTW

(Sel had another couple of boards last time I saw them )
Panzer Dragoon Saga
Shining Force 3 (all 3 scenarios, nowhere near as good if you only play one part)

Not many people cared for the saturn

Skies of Arcadia was good as well... Ah I was such a Sega fanboy back in my day lol
You could look on ebay for an RG7620. I've heard they're supposed to be pretty good, discontinued now though I think...
Already have my copy of the album, I knew you'd get on here sooner or later great work man
I've been listening to FII a lot recently, 'Lines In The Sand' and 'Trial of Tears' FTW... also I had never been that keen on 'You Not Me' but I really like it now oh well and also 'The Killing Hand' is my fave off WDADU, anyone got the reunion dvd of them playing with Charles? I saw it on ebay and im gonna buy it next payday
The JPM100P3 was teh sex

I'm thinking about getting that design painted on my RG
^ Debatable but I must say that If I flick on any point past the 4 minute mark on metropolis, I always listen to the rest of the album
I love the extended intro version of lifting shadows off a dream from the 5 years DVD

My DVD of the concert in rome for ToT tour arrived today

Anyone thats got it find it weird that they played The Glass Prison/This Dying Soul THEN The Mirror? I thought they would have done the 3 in order

EDIT: The general recommendation seems to be Images and Words/Awake/Scenes from a Memory, lately I've been in a more Awake mood so you should go for that... ending of Scarred = pwnage but to be honest you should just get all 3
Im playing a gig tonight and my volume pedal just arrived when I got home from work. Im still somewhat of an effect chain n00b since I used to just use my gt-8 but now Im starting to use single pedals, tonight the setup is simple enough.

RG - Bad Horsie - Keeley DS-1 - Laney LC30 (or whatever amps this place has apparently its pretty decent )

So my question is, Is it better to put the volume pedal before or after the other effects, which will give me the best control of the overall volume or does it not really matter? Going for a bath now, got a few hours till showtime, will check back here in a bit. Thanks in advance

superior pie enthusiasts win

edit: below... wtf?
^ PIC battle thread btw

hunters > ducks

Kaiser Wilhelm destroys Iron Spidey and the institute therefore forcing you to come up with a new and hopefully original idea

Supernanny easily disposes of evil nanny, einstien and the head of the institution

I close the door... lock it... swallow the key

Little kids (with the help of Jesus) FTW

hurricane owns your jet yourself in the mirror to get your kicks because no-one will dance sexily for you

you're a mute assasin...
because the 2 of you have been eaten by a giant who has just eaten a cookie

you're fighting a giant chicken (ala family guy)
I was only 'enlightened' about a year and a half ago... My ex's dad tried to get me into them about 5 years back but I was just starting to play guitar and still obsessed with the 'tallica boys... ah to be a n00b
lol yeh just thought i'd check and make sure

/ontopic - do you actually know the last time dt played in scotland? Or have they forever stayed away from our fair land?
You dont play drums at all do you? Some guy replied to my bands advert, said he was doing music tech, does the name smoked glass mean anything to you?

And also yes its a lot to spend but im only buying one if I can get at least a reasonable deal on ebay, there always seems to be at least one on there lol hope it stays that way

:edit haha yeh I know... but at least you've met them
ummm just use photobucket, it doesnt take long to register, kl about it getting signed though. Im at college just now but I've got my placement back at scot eq for the summer. My mission is to have a proper ernie ball one by the end of summer

cant wait

Has anyone here ever played/owned a JPM or JPMM?
kl thanks, now some of you may have seen this already but if not apparently its from the first version of ACOS, enjoy
Change of subject, I was just looking at the tab for finally free and the writer mentions that he thinks john may have used an e-bow on the part starting 3:14... I've never heard of an e-bow, what is it?
and find your wife in bed with your boss... and his son... and his sons football team

you're at the circus
you get lockjaw and a midget jumps down your throat and steals your kidneys

you're on the toilet
at the side of the motorway causing a massive crash, well done!

you're on your way to work
you got mugged and lose $150... and your clothes

you've just learned how to commune with the dead