Get a compressor
Yo I asked to be perma'd'll come back 5 years later out of boredom.
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The Valvestate is, at best, a one trick pony and it's not even a particularly good trick.

Saying that it's better than the ones listed is like saying that a crap sandwich is better with wheat bread than white.

If it meets with your approval, well and good, I'm sure a good audiologist could explain why (and perhaps offer prosthetics to cure the problem).

I however cannot.

Have a nice day.

So when I looked at your profile, I noticed you own at least 10 amps and at least 10 guitars. You know, not everyone is a silver-spoon like you. I'm giving the guy an honest answer to his question, assuming his price range isn't very much. So get the **** out with your elitist douchebaggery if you aren't going to say anything productive.

Furthermore, what grounds do you have to state that the valvestate is a one trick pony? If anything it's far from it. Great clean tone, good effects, good reverb, and again, if you know how to get a good tone (how about this) out of ONE amp, which obviously you don't, the valvestate will work for you and will in fact cover more ground than you think.

Have a wonderful day and God bless!
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Obviously this guy doesn't know how to get good tone out of a cheap amp. It's an acquired skill. It'd be useful to learn, I suggest trying it when you get done being a keyboard warrior.

Anyways, the Marshall Valvestate is a better amp than any of the ones you listed, kid. Anyone who disagrees can kindly suck my dick!
You guys are clearly forgetting Kurt Cohammett
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This may not interest you but I figured I would share it anyway. I have the modern lead (15k) model in the bridge of my tele. I love it. And you can't beat it for the price.
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I actually thought that would be difficult.

No dude, it actually was haha.
Hoagy Carmichael?
Yeah well, I guess I made it my turn, did I not?
sorry for huge lies..
^I'm assuming that's right and Maninthebox14 isn't here SO:

lol please be right
Black Snake Moan? Although i thought that was a movie
holy hell I'm stumped beyond belief.
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Fleetwood Mac, that was an awesome one

Right on, man
Here are some suggestions.

Anything with Mark Tremonti on guitar.

there you go.
I'd recommend the Wangcaster.
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I understand this is the pit, but when I used to frequent here there was a lot more...cooler people who wouldve actually understood this.
UG wasnt populated by complete jerks while I was gone was it?

If UG is too heavy for you man, I'd recommend 4chan. They'll welcome you with open arms.
What's the story, morning glory?
That's queer.
Depression makes for great songs. Pick up the guitar, and literally bleed your fingers onto the strings. The blood will then adhere the strings to the fingerboard, forming a chord (usually of a Dm variation). That will be a base for your next hit single. Congratulations my friend, you are on your way to being a rock star!
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OP, I live about 30 mins south of Jacksonville. You live in Kentucky. why the **** do you like the Jags? I don't get how they are remotely likeable other than those ******s (like the ones in my family) who root for the home team. but the Jags are easily the worst team in the NFL.

sorry for interrupting.
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