Just recently got a hold of Nothing, I feel like I have been really missing out. I had Destroy Erase Improve, but it never quite clicked with me like Nothing has. Straws Pulled at Random is definitely my favorite Meshuggah song, the surprisingly soft ending really caught my attention more than any polyrythmic groove. I wish they had these kind of breaks more often, it's beautiful and dark without sounding out of place.

Maybe I should delve into more of their discography because I was really impressed with Nothing.

Anyways, Straws Pulled at Random is pure awesome from start to finish.
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Thanks for letting me know this, I'll stop listening to them now.

Metalcore, but the good kind. Not the mainstream shit, but not really metal, it's artsy hardcore with some metal influence.
Yeah...well every so often I work up my courage...

Anyways, how does the rest of their material stack up against Too Late to Pray? Worth a couple clicks? Anything to avoid like the plague?
Great album, not really metal though.
Wowza, that was a nice change of pace from what I usually listen to. Need to find more.

I'm honestly surprised these guys seem so unknown, must be because of the early break up, which is such a shame. to describe's like if Judas Priest got heavier, slowed down from time to time, created real atmosphere, unique production, and had had huge balls. I guess that's nothing like Judas Priest, oh well, the point is that this is quality heavy metal, which I usually stay away from except when indulging in nostalgia. Yet these guys really own their sound, I really dig the vocals during the choruses where its layered quite well, haunting and powerful.

Alright, enough of that, listen for yourself, the music speaks volumes more than my words.

Good find, thanks for sharing!
Both videos have been removed by user, just as a heads up. Looks like I'll have to overcome my laziness and *gasp* run a search myself. All this hype mixed with little attention has piqued my interest.

Thoughts upon my return.
Already a thread on them, but I don't think the search bar is working.
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What kind of guitar is he playing? It looks like an SGocaster.

It's a standard SG with EMG pickups.
Well, it's that very special time of the year, where you spend a lot of money on tickets to a dance where they'll play shit music and waste most of the time you could be dancing doing stupid raffles and eating dinner. Yes, Prom is coming soon or might have already come to past in you area. Often one of the female sex desires you to ask them in a special way.

Now I ask you, does it get more special then making a brutal deathcore video?

You be the judge, what do you think? Yay or nay?

Think you've done better, please share.
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Is Images and Words by Dream Theater really as good as they say it is?
I was thinking of getting it..

I'd go with Scenes From a Memory, it's a perfect concept album; and really the best Dream Theater album in my mind. It's tasteful and powerful, and without annoying cheesiness or any bland tracks. Check out the song Fatal Tragedy, the solo will blow you away.
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Wow really? Haha that part is the only bad part of that entire song!

Oh, well I love it anyways.

I think it's a nice contrast with the rest of the song which is pretty repetitious, although don't get me wrong, the song is awesome. It just always felt like a great way to transition to the clean vocal part and its so unexpected, the first time I heard it I had to go back. In the least, it's just damn funny to me.

Ah, well. I guess I'm alone on this one.
Oh, man how has this not been mentioned?

Black Horizons by Dissection, you know the part, where Jon let's out a nice falsetto "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH-OW!"
Genghis Tron-I Won't Come Back Alive

Got to love the tron.
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Yes, your post is filled to the absolute brim with potentially lethal irony.

I suppose the thread will be closed by the time I get around to explain it, so I shall exit dramatically.


Hey, I wouldn't mind a ripping from some one that knows there stuff. It seems like a right of passage to get at least one post torn apart by Dead Fish.
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That is true, all i was trying to do was point out that the genre cant be dead when that many ppl are uying the albums , and going out to the shows.

You're right it doesn't mean the genre is dead, just stagnant and overly commercial. I mean, you think it's a good thing that a band sells more than Nickleback? That's frightening logic, maybe you should join a pop band and play the same music as everyone else. Oh wait, that's what the metalcore scene is all about now. If you believe in a correlation between popularity and integrity, then you're most likely far too delusional for any of this logical reasoning to penetrate your clouded mind.

Quote by OnBurningShores
Thnks for representing yourself as an educated indiviual. Some of these other guys could learn a lot from you instead of making ignorant comments.

The irony is killing me here, but I'll go on.

I suppose it's not very scholarly of me to dare to question the merit of your music, I should accept it like another mindless scene kid. No, great minds never question the opinions of the general public. You've truly convinced me now, As I Lay Dying is good because a lot of people like them; it's so simple.

Oh wait, once again this false logic. I suppose you believe that Trivium is one of the best bands of our generation then.

Look at that, you can me your assumptions and so can I. Unfortunately, you're blinded by your own ignorance. I only hope you could decipher through my sarcasm with your head so far up your own ass.
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Municipal Waste

then more Municipal Waste.

I second this, there's a band who embodies drunken stupidity.

"Municipal Waste is gonna **** you up!"

That sums it up.
Wow, scene shit. Get out of here.

It's all the bands with the same attitude as yours, who just want to play big shows and who don't give a fuck about creating art that disgust me. You're just another trend-whore, get over yourself.

You've lost sight of what's important, or maybe you just never really understood it in the first place.
I found that quite enjoyable. Strong melodies paired with intelligent and well delivered lyrics.

Here's the myspace for lazy people.

I wish they had songs posted, but the vids are nice.
I'm surprised no one listed Slipknot while all this shit was being posted.

Holy fuck, how does this happen every day. This thread makes baby Jesus cry, and not in the super kvlt way.

Really, when will they learn?
I was intrigued by how bad you claimed The Locust to be, but after only a few seconds of listening to there myspace all I have to say is "Why would any one ever do that?"
I've been listening too a lot of atmospheric sludge like Cult of Luna and Isis, and for some reason I do not have any Neurosis yet. Where's a good place to start?

Also, for more traditional sludge, I've really been digging Eyehategod. What else should I try?
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Get over it. There are bands that exist solely to make money and others that make genuine products. That's the way it's always been.

This sums up my feelings almost perfectly, although I think genuine product is not the right word, I would say genuine art.

And about the scene kids, yes it sucks. But if some of them move from Cannibal Corpse to the depths of metal, who does it hurt? Every one has to be introduced at some point, the -core music can be a transition, don't forget that.
Alright, I've been "working" (which means singing along with my favorite songs) on my vocals a lot lately. I think I'm decent enough at black metal styled vox, but I really want to get a strong death metal growl.

Why is it that one style is easier than the other for me? And should I be worried if my throat gets soar (not actual pain) somewhat afterwords a session of growling?

And if you care to sample my growls, look right on my profile at With Fear I Serve. Perhaps that might give a better representation of my voice.

Does it sound "proper"?
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Trivium, Avenged Sevenfold, Slipknot...

Ugh, some people are idiots.

Unintentional irony is the best.
I'm honestly surprised this jem hasn't been posted.

"Too much my bath-a-room."

Pure poetry.

And now that Crimescene has been posted, that means we have little time until Brokencyde.

Finally got Crack the Skye, listening to the Last Baron at the moment.

So far I really dig the more prog-rock sound they have going. While lacking in growled vocals, I find that the clean singing fits perfectly in this album. The vocals strike me as dreamy yet aggressive, which really fits with the far out themes of the album and compliments the distinct guitar work going on. Speaking of guitar, I love the mix of classic rock and spacey psychedelia with Mastadon's already unique sound.

Good stuff.
They remind me of a mix between Whitechapel and the Acacia Strain, but while I can enjoy both of those bands, I cannot say I feel the same toward Oceano. The production of the tracks on their myspace leaves much to be desired, it sounds very flat and thin. The riffing is pretty uninspired, just the usual chugging.

I expected better, a few of my friends really dig these guys.
Just started Oceanic by Isis, I'm already sold. I only wish I had gotten this album sooner.

Pure beauty.
Hi everyone, this is the first song I've posted on UG.

I have great love for both Post-Rock and Metal, and I've never tried combining the two before. I think the song captures an intense feeling of emotion without being cheesy or cliche. It's post-metal, but not in the usual sense of the more doomy or drony sounding bands, it has a lot of energy.

I'm pretty happy with the sound quality given that I'm using a half-broken mic, in the future I'd like to add drums. I'm thinking of "acquiring" a program for that. If any one has any suggestions for a digital drum program to use, your suggestion would be highly appreciated.

It's titled Falling and it's on my profile, right here.

All thoughts are appreciated.
I'm addicted to To Weep Once More, what a brilliant song.

I <3 Suffocation.
While there is musical structure, in no way does that make the music artificial. All artists have their own form of unique expression, although its fair to argue you do not agree with their choices. The band is writing songs, while they attempt mirror internal conflict, they also are writing music. And does emotion not repeat itself at times too? If every band who dares to repeat a part was treated this way, well then its safe to say there wouldn't be many bands who could hold to your standards. Yet I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Lykathea Aflame is being target unfairly.

But to each his own I suppose.

It's all a matter of perception in the end. Perhaps I'm being an idealist here, but I could argue you're taking a rather cynical approach. Preconceived notions and unconscious bias all play a part in our opinions. I doubt either of our mind's will change, but that's irrelevant.
Really? Sold as a tech band? I mean they can be pretty technical at times, but I've never thought of them as a tech band, just progressive metalcore. Where did you get this impression?

Just checked their myspace to make sure they hadn't changed anything. Still Metal / Progressive / Hardcore.
Now I do understand your point, but I do disagree about them not conveying anything. Personally, I find listening to them quite cathartic. The music brings me on a journey through emotional extremes, the chaotic frenzy of rage, the overwhelming pain of deep sorrow, and the rare yet profound moments of pure bliss. Their music is an exercise in human feeling, which often conflicts inexplicably and changes in the blink of they eye. Our internal state is reflected in the madness of their music, we are not simple creatures, we are full of contradictory feelings.

This is what Lykathea Aflame captures perfectly.

Listening to Sadness and Strength right now, I finally had this epiphany.

Don't worry though, I don't want to force my thoughts on you, but I felt you may enjoy this discourse.
Progressive death grind is incredible, Elvenefris is a album that seems like it wouldn't work, but Lykathea Aflame nail it. I particularly love Flowering Entities, the contrasting melodies and heavy chord beat downs bring tears to my eyes. It's like a musical roller coaster, except the ups and downs come at you with enough blazing speed to cause vomiting and head trauma.

Love 'em.

Hey man, you don't have to like it. I think its a blast. Are you confusing progressive with inconsistent?
Oh, lordy I love playing Ants of the Sky, such a fun tune and not too demanding.

Quote by Magero
Was just thinking that exact same speech the other day...

And hey that was almost like getting a compliment when it comes from one of the regulars!
Selkies is the song that is everyone says they love when they first get into Between the Buried and Me, not that its wrong to like it. Just don't forget to give their whole catalog a good listen, something new always seems to strike me when I start going through the older stuff. I overlooked some real gems like Aspirations, More of Myself to Kill, and the Lost Perfection twins when I first got introduced to them.

That's what's great about BTBAM, there is a lot of music to explore after the initial "wow" songs.
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Goddamnit, beaten to it!

Hey, at least there are more Atwood fans out there!

That's what counts.
Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood.

While I like dystopian novels, I'd have to say that they usually suffer from being far too similar, luckily this novel is quite refreshing. Atwood's dark humor and personal story telling gives the novel a unique feel. Also her feminist perspective is insightful, without being overbearing, which usually seems to be the case. It is quite a breath of fresh air, one you won't want to put down, and an exploration in intellectual thought.

I highly recommend it.