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Did you know that you can put the word penis in every Harry Potter book title and it will make sense. For example:
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Penis
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Penis
Harry Potter and the Penis of Azkaban
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Penis
Harry Potter and the Order of the Penis
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Penis
Harry Potter and the Deathly Penis

i think that they need some more picturess
nacho cheese
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at this point i wish i would
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i dont know if i should be hurt, mad, or humored.

what are you saying here
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that was quite a moment, im not going to lie. that dude was contemplating singing that song for a good half hour before he creeped over

he projected his voice throughout all South Station. it was so epic dude. i tried SO hard not to laugh.....

remember the church pamphlet with the alien on it? lol
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sounds magical, i usually get it right but today i just ****ed up big time. i make it just as good as love potion number 9

damn song that says a lot....i want some of that potent brew
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maybe, i mean i think ill make through this cup but its just over the top, i think im going honey less next time to even out my honey intake for the day

sounds good my friend.

i'm drinking some iced arizona green tea

perfect blend of honey mixture
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i put too my honey in my tea somehow, it sucks

That sucks...maybe you should make some more tea .. honey
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so the first page concludes why i don't go here(the pit) anymore. oh well


Mandarin Tokyo
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Maybe next time you'll think before making an attention-seeking thread on the pit

But then I wouldn't give you low-lives something to complain about because you don't actually talk to girls in person
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Why is this thread even still going on? It's about 7 pages too long already.

I couldn't agree with you more.
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Do you actually know how magnets work?

Opposites attract
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Sorry but you are spoiled.

If you know me so well, do inform me how I'm spoiled
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Alright TS, can I ask you something?

I'm all ears.
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Because for you to have a horse would mean that you or your family has enough disposable income to justify buying a horse. If you have that much money, you lose your right to bitch. I, on the other hand, am a poor bastard because I leech 80% of the time and both of them were laid off recently (thankfully my step-parents still have jobs) thusly I still have the right to bitch about shit.

It's great to know that you don't know how to read before YOU bitch to ME. Let me post this again so maybe you can read it.

Well thank you for the judgement and assumption! I actually got this horse for free from a friend and I'm the one that pays entree fees for horse shows and my horses gear. My parents used to pay for my riding lessons when I didn't have a job. I was raised right. Not spoiled like your rotten attitude.

P.S. try getting a job and stop looking for sympathy from the Pit.
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Hello, I would like to make you aware of a marvelously new invention by the UG and vBulletin teams came up with:

The EDIT button.

After years, even decades of research, they realized that people sometimes had more to say in their posts. But they got tired of seeing the same person post 5 times in a row, especially if they don't care what they have to say. And thus,
The EDIT button was born.

I have utilized The EDIT button before, and it is very useful. I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion. should i quadruple post like Batman? And not press set Edit button? Thanks, TDB.
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It goes beyond whether I like it or not. You can't double post, let alone quintuple post, there's an edit option for a reason TS.

thanks, TDB, i really, really appreciate it.
[quote="'-[NiL"]-']That was a play on the concept of you being a trap. Not that I really refer to traps as 'it'.

'It' was the song I was listening to at the time.

oh my bad lol :P
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TS, you can edit your posts to avoid double/triple posting, as well as the quintuple abomination above. And to whoever said TS is a spoiled brat, +1

If you don't like it don't read it.
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It gives the impression you are a spoiled brat that has no right to bitch thus none has any sympathy for you.

Well thank you for the judgement and assumption! I actually got this horse for free from a friend and I'm the one that pays entree fees for horse shows and my horses gear. My parents used to pay for my riding lessons when I didn't have a job. I was raised right. Not spoiled like you're rotten attitude.
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If you actually have a horse, rot and die.

That's just rude. You're not cool.
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You got a car and a ****ing HORSE and you were about to get a NEW car......

A new old car... I'm getting another 1991 Volvo Station wagon. Nothing special.
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I don't type like that but thanks for the mockery! You're just a purple headed yogurt slinger that creeps in the pit to feel better about oneself.

Have a nice day!


bullshit, and party, and bullshit
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At least you're only grounded for 2 weeks over your dad finding your pipes. Could have been worse.

Just sit in your room, play guitar, draw, or do whatever you can do till you're off grounding. Besides, smoking from aluminum pipes has been linked to alzheimers, if you're going to smoke weed, buy a glass bowl.

So you should be thanking your dad/parents. They just saved your memory.

true story, kind sir.
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Shouldn't you be cutting down trees?

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using aluminum pipes can give you alzheimers.
there's something to think about while you're grounded!

i lol'd
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You're grounded?

Shouldn't you be in the kitchen anyway?

Too many kitchen references already, way to read the thread o.0
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WAIT, WAIT WAIT, you have a horse? I'm sorry, but once you own a horse, you lose your right to bitch about ANYTHING.

Oh really, thanks for informing me. Why is this again?
[quote="'-[NiL"]-']I'd still make it mine.

this almost grabbed my full attention until you reffered to me as 'it.'
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He isn't taking it away because it is creative and productive, he is taking it away because his son enjoys it. That is the point of taking things away...

Anyway, TS is a trap (cute yes, but if one can be grounded, chances are that the person is a trap!). I don't think I've ever been grounded, but that's because of a combination of me not really doing anything 'bad' and my parents knowing that they seriously would guilt-kill me if they did. When I did get in trouble it was for stuff like swearing at a young age or breaking something and not telling them (so like in elementary school). And even then, the punishment would be like, "stand in the corner for (time) and think about why you are in trouble." Sigh, I'm a pushover.

heh you know me all too well from through a computer screen ;D
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I would, I don't know, PLAY GUITAR?!?!?

haha there is always guitar yes
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So this doesn't amuse you?


i'm glad someone has a sense of humor.
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Oh, so it's okay for women to play the sex card? I'm very anti-misogyny (the kitchen jokes really annoy me), but I'm also very anti-misandry.

Haha, you're too funny. Yeah I totally sleep with people for my vices. No.

I know how to smile and be polite, people treat me nicely.

I'm only getting annoyed at people who are putting words in my mouth.
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Getting your smoking devices found out by your dad when he is borrowing your car sure must be a wild and crazy rush.

the part you described wasn't the rush, it was the price I payed.
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Hell no. If i had a car i wouldnt want it to be taken away from me, and spending money on drugs and alcohol is just stupid to me. Lots of $$$ for a feeling that lasts so long. Id much rather spend that money on decent gear and you know useful stuff like women.

Spending money on drugs and alchohol is very stupid. That's why I'm a girl and I get what I want But I can respect your decision
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we citizens of the pit are grown ups and dont get grounded. sorrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyy outta luck chuck ......

ew if you guys are really all adults and spend your saturday nights on this thing, maybe thats why you never have been grounded before...

learn to live on the wildside

*the rush is worth the price i pay*
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She looks the same to me. But maybe I'm blinded by fanboyism.

I don't see why people were expecting so much out of her tits.

Yeah. I mean naturally she is a tiny girl and when you don't really have body fat unfortunately girls lack in that area. But it shouldn't matter, especially if it's something she can't control. I think it would be worse if she got a boob job then she would look unnatural. I give her props for being one of the realest girl artists. I mean, her flaming orange hair obviously is materialistic but thats probably it. She hasn't even fixed that gap in her two front teeth haha. I think she keeps it real. She's talented. It's all that should matter..
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I like how in that video on your profile page your dad is just casually walking round in the background

hahaha yeah i know right.. my youtube followers mention it too. i didn't even realize the time
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Lol dunno why but i had a feeling one of your favorite bands would be Paramore. Anyway I usually beat off, play xbox or listen to thrash all day when i get in trouble, but thats pretty much what i do every day if im not jamming with my friends.

Sounds like being grounded for you isn't much different then a regular day? Haha but yess Haley Williams.. I do have a girl crush on her o.0 I almost fainted when I met her at warped tour...
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Good idea. Have any recommendations?

For you.....