for the haters...

if you don't laugh at this, idk what to say...
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yeah ^ we put it in there but i think this is thread worthy

Alright... so my buddies and I came across this epic youtube blogger...

We almost pissed our pants laughing.
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"Its My Birthday"

This kid is hilarious just watch it...

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"Its My Birthday"

This kid is hilarious just watch it...


yeah, it's one word.

this kid is so tapped...
you could all just add me and go to my profile
banned for being adorable
i work at a movie theater. i met a lot of really chill people, and can see movies for free. and i can see movies before they come out into the theaters, its pretty chill

i also just got a job at journey's, a shoe store. probably not the most entertaining buts its cool to get paid to do jack **** all day, haha.

hope this helps?
banned because you're username is stupid.
i'm thouroughly impressed. that was prettty ****in funny!
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A bad decision for a username.

harry potter.
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So you would like to intrude in a complete strangers life with no other purpose than to fullfil you empty afternoon sitting there staring at a computer...?

i'd really appreciate if you listen to this dude,

and way to creep on him hahah

dont send him linkss errr
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Whip him.





Preferably, whip me too.


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You talk to him about it or you two break up, easy as that.

ahh but i'm this kid's everything.

i'm just curious as to what you guys think.
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Maybe you should stop being such a tough girl. (avatar).

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Catherine?! o.o

no, colleen, haha.
to be constantly annoyed by your boyfriend? normally the girl is clingy in the relationship but honestly, i wear the pants in my relationship and my boyfriend acts like a pussy and admits to me and everyone that he's whipped

at the same time i do like him but wtf?
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wait. what kind of zombies? Dawn of the Dead style or Shaun of the Dead style?

oh come on they're the same thing!
slow moving, disease infesting, flesh eating zombies
**** her man. she gives girl guitar players a bad rap.

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im surprised no one said "Fap"

+1 for you sir
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Become their leader.

i suppose thats one way to deal with the situation...

I would hijack a tank and have a blast.

What would you do?

just another update, i just got home from the gig and my mother was SO happy with Cory. she said he is wise beyond his years and that her opinion of him is soo much higher.

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I think your boyfriend should give both your parents hickeys and say,

"See? It's not so bad! Worry not, good sir and madam, your daughter is in good hands!"

why didn't i think of this before??
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like the person above me said colleen it might end up in a confrontation. it would just be to awkward from cory; how do you apologize for giving someone's daughter a hickey lol.

i know what you mean, but, i think it shows that he's brave and doesn't want my parents to have the wrong idea about him. not to mention the nice things he's doing for me on v-day
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hickies are a bad idea, dont chew on one another until you bruise, that just sounds dumb. why not have sex like everybody else?

who says we don't?
to clear up your confusion i'd just like to know if you think its a good idea my boyfriend is going to apolagize or not.
Well Pit, I dunno if you read my last thread, but long story short my parents saw my hickies my boyfriend gave me. He has a gig tonight at a pub and my parents are going with me, and my boyfriend plans on taking them outside for a few and apolagizing/telling them what she's doing for me on valentine's day & the day before (which is going to be a surprise, he won't tell me what we're doing!)

i'd like to know if you guys think this is a good idea or not?

to clear up your confusion i'd just like to know if you think its a good idea my boyfriend is going to apolagize or not.
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well, the general societal consensus is that females are weaker and more vulnerable, therefore any indication of sexual action or tendency will put parents on edge about their "precious flower." I really don't like overprotective parents.

I dunno, society is messed up... sex is one of the most basic, natural, and neccessary aspects of life in general, but things sexual are considered taboo, wrong, immoral, etc.

Totally agree. Its not cool..
So my parents discovered the hickeys on my neck and they freaaaked the **** out. It was so stupid because my mom is so worried about me and what friend alex looks like he got attacked by a vampire and his parents think its funny and laughed at his hickeys. I think its stoooopid.

I wish I was a boy sometimes so my mom wasn't always assuming ima get preggo.

Any good hickey stories,pit?
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Yeah, but the question is strangest places, everyone's done it in the threadstarter's mums bed

real cute, thanks for that hahah
so i've heard and read of some strange places for people doing it

where's the strangest place you've had sex?
acoustic version of should i stay or should i go by the clash

orrr the tide by spill canvas
oh wait! i already have
0 - you have no picture brahh!

a stuffed monkey for my boyfran. its our one month tomorrow, and he said he always wanted a monkey. alas, i bought him one xD
p.s. i'm kidding about the shrooms and **** hahaha
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I remember my first time getting high, I was mad I didn't start seeing flying unicorns.

try acid next time
or shrooms