i'm a real girl. i'm not a ****in tranny, you guys are so pathetic!

and fancy that, i actually play guitar as well.
check out my page.
yeah, i'm stuck in the pit >.< i play cymbals and its not all that bad, you don't have to learn much because its so easy, meanwhile other people are pressured and struggle with hard parts.
he doesnt eat meat
lol sorryy
i don't get it
whale? heh?
you trying to imply something?
6...sorry not for me :\
well, i'm a girl, a guitarist at that, but i know i find it extremely alluring when a guy plays a sweet acoustic song and sings to me. best thing in the world.
i listen to my iPod while i fall asleep at night, long car rides, plug into the car jack (beats the radio ew) i bring it to my guitar lessons and plug it in to learn a new song, i find it really convienent

eh too bad mine is a nano thats about 3 years old and the battery BLOWS. it died sooo easily >.<
thannks everyone! haha
I'm like m&m's
I melt in your mouth, not your hand.

Do you think I'm cute?
ciggarettes are ****ing stupid. they smell bad, taste bad, burn your throat, and its rude to the people you are surrounded by. it gives you cancer and its overall unnattractive.

P.S. kissing someone that smokes is gross too.
sorry guys but, its not for me.
i'm new to this website sooo you should check out my profile or add me or something...any tips on how to use this thing? lol thanksssssss
i met them at warped last year and almost fainted. ha!