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Its anger really. Only fools leave their laptops in the kitchen.


that was funni
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I'm listening using my headphones, although my soundcard is shagged and only plays one channel so I may be missing half the song if it's panned a lot?

They sounds quite well recorded to me. The rapping on Remember Me wasn't quite up my street (not rap itself, just that style).

The rest is some nice stuff, again not really me, but well done all the same.

Yeah as of lately I have been experiencing with different genres, writing hooks for people who perform at local dance clubs in the Boston area, and going to the studio to record. It's different, but easy, and fun. Thanks for the input
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I got grounded an entire summer once...

No guitar and I had to study every class I was going to have in the fall for 5 hours total every day. That was a dark summer.

I listened to 'Behind Closed Doors'. Very Nice.

That sounds like a rough summer...

and thanks!
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TS were you grounded.......from the kitchen.

Sorry bad joke.

Now to check your profile to see if you are cute.

If I was family would starve...
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If I click on the profile of a UG girl it's to see if they're hawt, not to listen to their songs.

Maybe you should consider deleting your account, then signing up for a porn site.
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Well moving back to the point of the thread.

Once when I got grounded they took away my phone, guitar and laptop. It was hell. Seriously. I was rocking back and forth whilst hugging a pillow. Then I thought "Wait, I have books". So I read like 4 books within that time and then they forgot about it. It was awesome.

Can't remember what I did... I think it was cause I'd gotten an after school detention.

haha that sounds rough...i remember when i would get grounded during the school year for bad math grades i would "stay after for extra help" A.K.A. do whatever i normally do. hahah
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You're right, that was rude, my apologies.

Atleast you're replying in a manner appropriate for a nigh-on 18 year old now.

I may check out the songs, although it is 3am so perhaps not now.

It's quite alright, you can check them out some other time
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I wasn't until they said she was "cute". Then I clicked. I was disappointed.

That's just rude. Sorry to disappoint you but listen to my songs, maybe you might like them.
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So you only respect your parents until your 18? Cool.

Didn't say that either. When I turn 18 I will be an adult and take responsibility for my own actions, know their input and make decisions based off of it. Being grounded at seventeen is babying me, and if they don't let me act like an adult and learn from my mistakes, I won't survive in the real world. Thanks though, dad.
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TS means This Slut.
Also, you seem like a bad child. Shame on you.

thanks for the update,
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Seems to me ITT TS reeks of desperation for attention.

uh oh you caught me...
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Learn to realize that the posts are ordered from earliest to latest chronologically. Which then provides evidence in that such order.

You're welcome.

Kinda like your username?
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Yea.. once he used his lighter on me and now i have lighter burns everywhere

what a bastaaaaaaaaaahd. (that was my boston accent)
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If you're grounded, how come you're on the internet? Tell your parents they're doing it wrong.

haha i turn 18 in a month so i basically don't listen to them. the only reason I'm on the internet right now is being my car is broken down in the driveway. err
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Watch that for a few hours. It never gets old!

i LOL'd

thanks for being nicee
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Actually it's going pretty good, been doing the Workout Challenge and all, it's just I've seen that guy be a douche in multiple threads already.

On topic: I didn't realize that this was a girl we were talking about, in that case:

2.Take pictures
3.Post them

Hmm. thanks for the ideas but uhm I've done one, two, and thats it.

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I don't get grounded... My dad takes away my guitar ... Then I have to go to my drummers house and use his gear while he smokes weed and tries to drum in the corner...

that sucks! so bad! your friend sounds like a riot xD
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TS is pretty cute. I have nothing else to add.

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I have the ability to follow through with and accept my basic responsibilities.

Its pretty cool.

I took the blame for it. I'm not even pouting about the situation. Learn to read and understand what the question was, thanks.
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God what a heartless bastard. Not wanting to risk his job so his daughter could get high.

You call the police.

I never said those words...or even bad mouthed my parents that i love.. nice try though!
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You don't go out much, do you?

Yeah I've been grounded before. "GO TO YOUR ROOM! YOU'RE GROUNDED FOR A WEEK". As I think to myself "...Dad I never ****ing go out as it is... You're basically condemning me to carry on my own miserable life".

Hahh actually the funny thing is, for a week after me being 'grounded' i went out everyday to make it sound important like..'Mom, I gotta go ride my horse...if I don't then he'll go wild" or going to the bank...but we all know what I really was doing. Then my car broke down on the 3rd, and all freedom was cut. I'm only grounded for a couple more days, so I'm really just curious to hear your guys' stories about what you do.

P.s. my parents just came back from a NY trip, I was left at my house for two days 'grounded' hahah. again, we know what I really was doing...
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What did you get grounded for?

And also I have to laugh at you. Grounded... Ha.

My dad borrowed my car to drive to Rhode Island to look for a new car for me, a possible trade in. My friend left two aluminum pipes meant for smoking the wacky tabbacky in the car. Dad found 'em. He's a fire chief in Boston so he could have 'lost his job' if pulled over..
Well ultimate-guitar, if you have ever been grounded, what did you do to cope, pass time, not go insane?

other than fapping of course...

xoxo Colleen
Hey ultimate-guitar, I'm trying to get into the MI of Hollywood, check out my profile and if you like what you hear you should vote for me on August 1st, if I win this competition I'll get a $10,000 scholarship.

Thanks guys!

xoxo Colleen

Here's the link...
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banned cause same here, every time I had sex/masturbated/came into a room I would yell: THE BRITISH ARE COMING, THE BRITISH ARE COMING!!!

banned bitch because you should it do for like love like Ray J.
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Too Hot Too Handle - Black Crowes (?)

Your last girl/boyfriend...

paparazz- - lady gaga

The most ****ed up night you've had...
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banned for being on teh highway.

banned for too many sigs
I'm a girl, and yeah. we do. if you know a girl who doesn't own up to it, they're just being shy
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Invalid sweetie. Don't worry, you're a female, we know you can't understand all common sense.

ouch...that one hurt?
that doesn't even make sense.
i work at the movie theater, my opinion is valid. i saw the movie before it came out.

yay employee benefits
just go to my page and watch my youtube vids (:
i work at the ****ing movie theater, and i worked today. my thoughts on the movie so far, not too good.

it was torture serving people for 6 hours straight ):
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Haha, I don't care if I'm upset that you've married one of coolest female UG'ers, you kick ass. On top of it all, Rock*life*away* wants me.

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well then...i dont know what i could say to that....

you could sayy how i'm your wifey...

this is a good one btw
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I am still better than you! Last Thursday I went surfing naked. While most people would have been arrested for indecent exposure, I was awarded the key to the city of Manhattan Beach.

are you for real? you must look damn good naked then.
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I think you need MSN.

See Don? This is how to pick up girls.

KIDDING! Females are not a game to be played, but our superiors.

ohh funny thing you say that mr. elekguit, i actually chilled with donald today, infact, we've dated before xD

but you are right about the superior part...
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I think you need MSN.

i think you need AIM

dawww i don't have MSN ):

on the sunny side of things, there's a christmas vid
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You sir are becoming one of my favorite n00bish type people. I will take you to the top with me.

haha i want cred. i made the thread!
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Hello Youtube! It's my birthday today! YEEAHHYEEYYEAWWAWAW!!