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Yeah, just the fans that are like "OMG, liek PARAMORE r teh best band evar!!!! ne1 who don't think taht r, liek stoopid!!!111!!!!one!!"

Her voice is good. Very good. And their bassist is awesome.

Also, I thought truth was against drugs?

i kneww it (;
and yeah, truth is against drugs, that picture is a joke, mockery, if you will
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You seem nice, you're pretty (), and I don't mind girls that smoke (as long as it's not an addiction). But Paramore? No. Just no.

Durrp. :P

well thank you..

but i bet you aren't shunning paramore. maybe you are, but my best bet is you are shunning the obnoxious fans that worship then..

i'm assuming you're a legit musician and if you are you'd be able to AT LEAST respect that haley williams (lead singer) has a flawless vocal range, or a good voice at least.
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I'm just sayin, that ****'ll kill you. Did you know that 95% of people who smoke cigars DIE THE VERY FIRST TIME? Yea. It's true.


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wow haha that was from i first started my account, i forgot about that xD i fixed it, thanks though :P
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Just messing with your head, your profile looks legit.

heh, thanks (:
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What a badass. Nicotine AND Caffeine?! **** man, I wouldn't **** with that stuff.

i wasn't trying to be badass, i find it ironic i am relaxed but shaky, i'm simply curious if anyone else has felt like that before.

i'm not a ****ing lesbian. i have a boyfriend. and yes, i'm a girl, yes i play guitar, smoke cigars, and drink redbull

hahah you guys...
me! i'm shakey yet messed is that!

has anyone else mixed cigars with caffiene before?
haha, i dunnooo
hmm. dry humping my boyfriend, thus making my paranoid and thinking i may be pregnant.

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is not really satanic, despite 666 in his username

gangsta gangsta
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It's good. I'd love to hear you really belt it though with your voice. Get some power behind it.

go listen to my misery business cover on my youtube account, i do belt out. this song was written by a male and its lower for me to sing, and its difficult to project my voice in that key, but i do my best :P
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daaaayum nicely done.

I have yet to master singing+playing at the same time

But yea, awesome job

thank you!
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1. You're a girl, so you wont get flamed, but most likely +1000 profile views.
2. You shouldn't get flamed anyway, because its not too bad. Can't really hear you at the beginning, and there was one choppy part, but otherwise, me thinks it was pretty good.
(Spill Canvas is from my local town, i've actually hung out with those guys before, good song )

thank you (: if you see them again tell them that colleenuprising <3s them haha! i love them so much
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I'd bang you if I was drunk.

that's rude
well i'm not exactly a twig myself, and i think curves are a good thing. my boyfriend likes me for me and my curvey body. seriously, coming from a girl, if the only reason you're holding back on whether she's the right weight or not is ****ing stupid. if you like her go for it

i know i messed up a bit, but i wanna know what YOU ALL think (:
<3 Colleen

P.S. i'm not blind, but i just wanna get out there :X

i can barely see your face dude!
sugar free- red bull
what do you think about my music?
haha andrew i was talking about the hannah montana guitars...
but yeah i have a yamaha electric and i just got a wammy bar for it

p.s. thank you (o:

i saw those in wal mart today and couldn't stop laughing.
i'm not that bad at guitar...
lucky! kind of... lol
appearently, i'm blind.

sorry its 1:21 AM
this deserves to be closed...haha
i have to wake up in 6 hours to go to school. first day... yay sophmore year

anyone else on here starting school tomorrow? \
My solo acoustic project has been going on for about a year now, I play at local benefit concerts and BOTB. some originals are recorded on my musicpage, feel free to download and let me know what you think!

Also, I have recently started a new [mainly] acoustic band with my friend Matt, called Sidewalk Stories, have have 2 originals recorded, and one of them is a super rough demo. Free downloadable songs there too!


Pleaseee, check us out, add us, whatever!
ha, i don't have one as of right now
thanks though xP
its pretty simple...just make one friend, and be like hey, mind if i sit with you at lunch? i'm sure they would let you, being new after all.

on a scale 1-10 how attractive am i?
i'm really sorry to hear that...and i agree with most the people here. let her know you are there for 'em.

and i'm really sorry for the jerk offs being so insensitive about it (

i'll pray for your cat )

lookin' good ;D