I'd say Hellraiser over any schecter but since you got those to up im gonna say the Omen
I think your thinking about Eyes set to Kill
Yeah it works i got one.. theres some cheats that allow you to get shiny pokemon to
E-Minor B7 try those and add a few more
Alesana and Hawthorne Heights both have three guitar players
Look up some august burns red songs
Anyone know what guitars they use in the Pray for Plagues video.. its hard to tell
Have someone play major or minor chords on a piano and try to guess what chords they are
I played one a few days ago at GC and i thought it was the best guitar i've ever played in my life
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are you serious?

I believe its coming out sometime in Spring April I think.. theres a few videos on them on youtube working on the new album, and lemme tell you.. its alot heavier.
Heres the links to the videos
Set your amp settings to this Treble 10 Bass 10 Mid 4 I have a line six spider and it sounds almost perfect
I dunno but this is straight from the fansite.
Schecter White Tempest Custom
Schecter Black Tempest Custom
(both with Seymour Duncan Active pickups)

And Schecter just hooked me up with:
Vintage White Tempest Classic (Custom-designed)
with Seymour Duncan 59 (neck) and JB (bridge), with a single-coil tap on both pickups.. Very rad guitar.

Marshall JCM800 AND
Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier into Mesa Boogie 4×12 Stereo Cabinet
Both heads slave out into Rocktron Velocity 100 Power Amp into Mesa Boogie 4×12 Stereo Cabinet
(Both Cabs stacked)

Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Boss SD-1 Overdrive
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Morley ABY Selector
Behringer Rack Tuner
Furman Power Conditioner
Rocktron Xpression (For delays, chorus, reverbs on cleans)
Sennheiser ew172G2 Wireless System
and some other random Rocktron effects

Schecter Red C-1 Hellraiser
Schecter Black C-1FR Hellraiser
(Both with EMG-81 and 85 pickups)

Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier into Mesa Boogie 4×12 Cabinet
Peavey 6505 into Mesa Boogie 4×12 Cabinet
(Both Cabs stacked)

Boss TU-2 Pedal Tuner
Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer
Boss DD-6 Digital Delay
Boss NS-2 Noise Suppressor
Furman Power Conditioner with Racklights
Morley ABY Selector
Sennheiser ew172G2 Wireless System
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I gave you an answer.
Also, it's not you have caps in your name man.
Well, honestly it might be. I'm not entirely sure.

Lawl.. wow
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You also spelled 'dude' wrong, and your use of all caps is rather annoying.

Anyway I hear Ludwig drums are good.

Why I can't I just get a simple anwser instead of people critcizing me? Seriously I don't go around talking crap about if someone has "CAPS" in their name.
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The Devil Wears Prade does not rule.
Just wanted to throw that out in the open.

Come on now I dont go around bashing the music that you like leave my name alone.
I can get a discount at GC
Well I probably came to the wrong place to ask about drums but.. oh well.. Ok im thinking if buying electric drums.. yes electric drums because i live in an apartment and real drums would be way to loud. I play Metalcore, Post-Hardcore and deathcore or atleast I would like to, what are some drum sets that are good, (I know nothing about drums) and what are some tips for basic drumming? Thanks
Looks like a piece of crap tbh
Thats gonna work great if you wanna sound like *&%$
Hehe thx for all the suggestions guys.. im sure i'll find something I like
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Wecamewithbrokenteeth is teh pwnz, too bad they broke up.

I have their guitarist/drummer/keyboardist on xbl.

Gamertag lawl?
Ok im just wondering what are some good Metalcore,Post-Hardcore, Deathcore or screamo bands that are worth giving a listen to?
Just practice really slowly.. you'll eventually get it it took me a few weeks to really get it down
Good band.. can't wait to see em on warped tour this year
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Chords? In metalcore? If you need chords, you're doing something wrong.

Ever heard of octave chords?
Sounds easy...
Ok im trying to write a Metalcore/Deathcoreish song but I want to know what notes I should use and chords, I've got an intro, verse, breakdown, chorus, and then im still working on the rest. Please help Pit, help me write a br00t4l song
Iron man?
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Its not even that hard to play TBH
Oh and if your playing in drop tuning play power chords like this

Octave chords sound nice

I was wondering how do you tune to drop C when your in Drop D? Im trying to play confined by AILD. Im sorry if this is a nub question but im kind of a nub
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