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I'd go back to the puddle, and ask if he wanted to play some yahtzee....

Is that a new meme, or has it been around for a while?
Cuz I've never seen it untill today, but i saw it today like 3 times.
Porn itself does not degrade women, but I believe it could teach men to degrade women.
Only certain, shallow men though.
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Quit being so 'emo' and stop looking into puddles.
Problem solved.

So 'emo's are the only people who contemplate things
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lololllololol dain bramage?!
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Probably the original Zelda for NES. I had no idea what I was supposed to do. Ocarina of Time also had some difficult bits, especially the Water Temple. Fucking Water temple.

Oh god... Fucking water temple pissed me off!

...i had to use a strategy guide....
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So, I went downstairs to get me some coke and ritz bits,

Dude.... That is the exact recipe to cure the munchies.
Dude, it scares me to the point that I avoid looking into the mirror!
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Tell your parents to stop pressing B and let you grow.

Took a second, but oh god... makes me wanna go play red
...looked into a puddle and seen your reflection, then walk away and the reflected you disappears into nothingness?

Well what if the one in the reflection is THE REAL you, and you yourself are the reflection, and when you walk away, THE REAL YOU WILL CEASE TO EXIST?
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whoa, weird. i just did the exact same thing. found my old game boy along with oracle of ages. i played it non stop til i beat it about an hour ago. it was pretty hard. make sure to save it before fighting veran.

i vote oracle of ages

Who's veran?
Lol I don't even know the story at all anymore, I'm just pushing through dungeons right now.

Oh wait, didn't some witch possess Nayru or something?
I hadn't played it in so long, I forget what happened in the beginning or why I'm gathering these stupid essences.
The fact that I beat both Wind Waker and Twilight Princess in a week with 3 hearts for both and no magic upgrade for WW and I didn't die once kinda proves that they're both easy.
Well, combat-wise. And I already knew what to do because it was my second playthrough for both.
But still, the old Zelda games were challenging simply because of unsophisticated combat controls. I miss that....
Like in Oracle of Ages, I have 75 deaths and I'm only halfway through.
*perfect Rick Roll opertunity*
The fact that you're asking the pit if you failed is a fail in and of itself
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ive only ever played Ocarina of time, link to the past (GBA), wind waker and twilight princess.

Ocarina of time was hardest, Even harder was master quest, (bonus disk with wind waker)

I couldn't even beat the FIRST DUNGEON in Master Quest.
Didn't put it up in the poll though because it's not really a game itself
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No. Your penis is broken.

Please report for amputation

No, actually I think it's because I'm circumsized.
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Here is the story of the Fused Shadow:

1. Was used by an "ancient tribe" in their "hexing rituals".
2. The powers of it became so dangerous it was sealed in shadow forever.
3. Subsequently, the tribe that wielded it disappeared forever, and noone knows what became of them.
4. A young imp takes possession of it.
5. It is defeated by 4 giant guardians from all corners of the globe.

#3 is false, the sages who made the Mirror of Twilight know what happened, and so does Zelda and the rest of the Royal Family of Hyrule. Plus, it's a Hylian legend that the worst criminals ever were locked away in a mirror somewhere in the Gerudo Desert, so pretty much everyone knows.
How come when I fap it doesn't make the noise *fap*?
Am I doing it wrong?
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I say Bolt, but I voted Phelps because I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free, and I won't forget the men who died to give that right to me and I proudly stand up next to you and defend her still today, cuz there ain't no doubt I love this land; God bless the USA.
Overrated- slash
Underrated- Billy Corgan
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Oh just a quick question....on Twilight princess, right at the beginnin, anyone remember how to catch that stupid ****ing cat that the woman at the shop owns? Started the game again after ages and can't remember for the life of me how i did it lol.

Go to where the cat is standing and catch a fish. That will get its atention. Then catch another fish in the same spot. The cat will grab it and run home
Oh crap, I forgot Minish Cap and Phantom Hourglass in the poll.....
Well there was only room for 10 options, and plus those two were easy anyway.
I know, this may belong in the Gaming Thread, but I wanted to put a poll up, so don't flame. Recently I blew the dust off of my Game Boy Color and decided to play Oracle of Ages again (I got it in the 6th grade and gave up after getting stuck in dungeon 2). I FINALLY got un-stuck and actually progressed to the point where I'm at the 6th dungeon, and having played almost all of the zelda games, I have to say that this one is the hardest imo.
Which six flags? Are you talking about Magic Mountain or somewhere else?

Uhhh.... yay.
I'm gonna have to say Between the Buried and Me.
They immediately popped into my mind when I saw thread title.
I'm checking in

I'm back from camp, and I still haven't orgasmed.
Probably because they've already been banned but still need access to Pictures of Hot Chicks thread, so they don't sign in
I found a penny in the grass today.

I always bleach the faces of my victims and slash each side of their mouth and paint it red.
My old gamecube games........
Luckily I just borrow them from my buddy now.
That's a great story, could you please tell it to me again?
Lol owned


And who the f/uck cares?