Sorry for posting so many threads on here guys, i just dont want to buy the wrong amp again be regretting it a year later. Anyway, so I have 600-700$ approximately and two options.

Bugera 333XL 212 combo for 700$. I've heard that this is like a copy of the peavey XXX.

Peavey 5150 for 550$. I hear alot about this amp. I just dont know if this will be as versatile as the bugera, considering this has 2channels and the Bugera has 3.

I play hard rock and metal, and alot of 80's stuff. I need one to be versatile and cleans dont need to be amazing, but need to be good. Im basically looking for a nice real sounding distortion. Distortion thats thick and crunchy but can get like EVH. Also like to play alot of Pantera and A7X stuff.
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Dimebag, are you refreshing your craigslist too? Have you gone to go check either of these out? I forget where you live and your circumstance. Refresh - Play - Report - Decide - Buy - Win.

in other words, were those the only two amps after all that effort - i forget

I dont really understand your question. I've been searching for ever and since I cant find a Peavey XXX, I think the 5150 will do the job.
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They're sort of considered one trick ponies, but if you want to do a hard rock ala van halen that should be doable. I've heard mixed reviews about the cleans, but I wouldn't expect anything fenderesque considering it doesn't have a true clean channel, but just a rhythm and lead channel.

What if i like, turn the gain really low will that get a not so heavy sound?
Dont put it through the effects loop, it'll work fine through the normal input.
Oh, is the 5150 versatile? Like could I get a brutal metal sound one second and get a crunch sound the next minute?
Okay, lets say you play metal. Such as Pantera, Metallica, A7X, well at least you like to sound like they sound. If you've ever heard the Revolution Is My Name or Room 409, thats a nice sound im looking for. Which is the better buy?

A Peavey 5150 with footswitch for $550, used of craigslist.

A Peavey XXL half-stack(solid state) for $700, used of craigslist.

Which is the better buy UG?
Anyone have a Peavey XXX combo? Maybe around the Pennsylvania area. Im willing to trade or money. So, if anyone has one for sale, lemme' know.
Well, I was kinda' leaning towards the tube(5150) one. Because I've heard a bunch of good things.
I couldnt get that Peavey XXX so now I have other choices. Choice #1: I can buy a Peavey 5150 from Craigslist for 590$ and thats that. Choice #2: I can buy a 5150cab fr 300$ and buy a Peavey XXL head for like 200$.

Which should I do? I play hard rock and metal. I like nice tight distortion. I dont like playing with mids up. So, which should I buy?
My budgets from 600-700$.
Alright, thanks guys. I appreciate because I've been so indecisive about amps for like months.
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thats what i thought, but apparently it has 4

well, BFMV use Mesa Triple Recs and Peavey 6505's, but a XXX will do well

Yeah, well I dont really play heavy sounding stuff like BFMV all the time. Kinda' mix Dimebag with Synyster Gates and you'll kinda' get how I play.
Since this is a thread about Peavey XXXs i have a question. Im looking for metal amp(Pantera, A7X, BFMV) and im looking at one of eBay for around 300-350$. Is this a good deal, and will it fit my music?

Oh, I also like to play hard rock, and stuff like Nirvana, Metallica, Megadeth, EVH.
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Just get any other amp

Dude, I totally agree. I think I could buy either amps im considering and I wouldnt be unhappy about how they sound. Considering how long I've had to play with a Spider III.

This is the XXX i was looking at, but its got a few days left. Do you think it would be good for like 350at most?
Sorry for posting so many threads recently but im so confused about what to buy and i dont want to buy the wrong one. Okay, I could buy a used Peavey XXX on ebay for around 300-400$. And maybe if it doesnt sound as good as i want i'll buy some distortion or OD pedals. My second choice is to buy a Peavey Valveking 212 from eBay for around 500. Which should I buy?

I play metal and hard rock. Like Pantera all the way to Nirvana. Oh, and I need an amp that is louder that a Line 6 Spider III 75w and sounds better when its cranked.
Anyone know of any 600 good tube amps? Like for metal? used or not.

oh, and I live in PA.
Well, I have a decision between an amp with tubes or an amp with vacuum tubes(?), not sure about that. My first option is to buy a Peavey Valveking head and an Ibanez cabinet for around 580bucks. I'll have 20left over. My other choice to buy a Peavey XXL(used) from craigslist for 350bucks. I'll have 250 left over. I dont know what to do. Because I'd rather have a tube, cause im not sure about vacuum tubes or whatever.

Which would be better? If i bought the XXL i could buy a pedal with the money left.
Oh, i play hard rock and metal.
Well, i got a situation on which amp to get. Basically, I got 600bucks and I play hard rock and metal. Favorite guitarist are Dimebag, Synyster gates, EVH, Randy Rhoades.

1. My first option is to buy a Peavey Valveking 100Watt head(330$) and a cabinet seperate to have some money left over.

2. Buy a Peavey XXL for 350.

3. Buy a Peavey Valveking 212 from Guitar Center for 600.

I want an amp that is louder than a Line 6 Spider III. And sounds way better when its loud. If you've ever heard the sound "Revolution Is My Name", that is somewhat kinda' distortion im looking for.
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Ignore this at all costs. That is complete over kill and a complete waste of money. You don't need to spend in excess of £200 for a great bedroom level practice amp or a bit more.

A 5 watt amp would be perfect for bedroom volumes. Look at the Roland Micro Cube (a great place to start and plenty of decent effects), fender Champ 600 and Blackheart Little Giant. If you want a bit more power, check out the Fender Vibro Champ, or Super Champ.

I guess you're right, I just like to play loud in my bedroom.
Hmm, I'd say if you can find it a used 6505/5150. Or a Randall RG50tc.
If you're playing at home, bedroom level. I'd say 75watt solid state would be good enough and maybe 30-50tube watt would be good.
Yeah, dude you need a new amp if you want more gain.
Well, once again im in a ponder on which amp to buy. =/ But I've narrowed it down good. Oh, my budgets 600bucks just to let ya know. Okay, here are my choices,

And my last choice is to buy a Valveking 212 from Guitar Center. The bad thing is, I dont have a credit card, my girlfriend's mom does and I dont know if she'll do this for me. =/

Oh, I play stuff like Pantera, A7X, SOAD, Stone Temple Pilots(old stuff), Bullet For My Valentine. Stuff like that, basically hard rock/metal. Okay, which amp should I get?
Dude, I know how ya feel. But you can find some on eBay for kinda' cheap.
I'd recommend a used Mesa Boogie or Peavey 6505/5150.
Hmm, not too sure about this but gain 9-10, bass 6-7, mid 5-6, and treble 8-10. I think that might get it to souind something like it.
Damn dude, i'd watch yo' back.
No, but seriously. Poop on their heads.
Anyone selling a Peavey Valveking 212, or stack in PA?
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About $50 US I'd say.

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Well, yesterday one of the strings on my guitar snapped, so I restrung it. Then I was turning it and another snapped(probably from too much tension from by floyd rose). So, another one snapped and i got mad and threw my guitar and 3 of my machineheads broke off. My question is how much will it cost to buy some new ones and get they put on?
Wait, what kind of bridge do you have?
Dude, you are lucky to have the gear you have at 3months.
I would say go for the peavey. You'll definitely be happy in the long run. Defininetly.
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Anyone ever hear of any Ovation amps? Because one of my friend's dad has one. He's old, 40-50s and he used to play guitar or bass when he was younger. Its like a stack, but its just one. No cabinet or head, but its a few feet tall. It looks old skool.

Anyone hear of these?
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