Open up a rival business and put them out of business.
Only one or two people who I didn't even know and my ex (Not because I hated her or anything, just made it easier to get over her). I'm pretty sure I've been removed by other people too
He should edit in a love heart between the two of them for shits and giggles.
Tell him you're moving house.
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The idea was that if people found the pic funny it would then get its own thread.

I love shoop threads as much as the next guy but I have to say this wouldn't work all that well.
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Bruce Lee anybody?

You mean Brandon Lee?

OT: Glad to here the guy's ok. These movie guys need to start checking their guns before they're fired at people.
Sweet, does this mean that people will start sending money to us now?
Well I support Liverpool because it's the nearest city to me and most of my family do too. My friend on the other hand claims to support Barcelona

Soccer teams by the way.
Take something off the guitar that's easier to carry. Surely it has a pickguard or a backplate (or whatever it's called).
Google tells me that Finale Print Music has a feature that can do this and looking at their website it looks like they have a trial period.

Just ignore all the elistist 'Waaaahhh you need to learn sheet music otherwise you'll never amount to anything' guys, if you want to learn how to read it go ahead but you'll probably hardly ever use it unless you plan on joining an orchestra.
I went to see an AC/DC cover band in some club and stood right at the front next to one of the speakers. Didn't help when they came to play 'For those about to rock'. They played for nearly twice as long as the real AC/DC when I saw them too.

I left the club nearly deaf but it was worth it. It went after a few days.
I saw him live in May, it was pretty immense. I don't see how he could have used stooges too since for volunteers he just chucks frisbies into the crowd
All I got

No offense but that's a pretty daft question. If you say no you might aswell not date anyone on the off chance that they cheat on you.
Happy Birthday Tony. I got you some other Tony's so you can hang out and talk about being called Tony and what not

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Dude just use Audacity, it's piss easy. Open up your song, go to 'Effects > Change tempo' and bob's your proverbial uncle.
You've only been here like 5 months and I don't think I've seen you around much.

Not that that matters anyway since the link just takes me to my facebook profile.
You're the best...arooound

followed by

Push it to the limit... limiiiiiiiit

and of course to finish off

Weeeeeee are the champioooons
Nope, just me. I'm not one to talk about myself.
Why must everyone make lame-ass facebook posts like 'I think some people need to grow up' and shit. Seriously, nobody cares. I don't care, your facebook 'friends' don't care, infact, I'm gonna go ahead and say that nobody cares.

Except maybe the one person that it's directed at who ironically is probably the only person you won't tell.

Something I thought of today for my non-existant future stand up career.
You should be listening to happy songs, sad songs will only make it worse. Actually you shouldn't be listening to songs at all you should be out having fun.

But I can't tell you how to live your life and since you asked for it.
50 grand?! Shit, I better turn myself in.

The article made me laugh for some reason. I think it was just the thought of the bag bursting in the airport infront of a load of security guys while he's just stood there like 'Errr..'
I was kinda annoyed by this, I always liked not knowing who the stig was. Whenever someone tried to tell me I'd just stop them before they did.

I hope they still keep Stiggy on the show.
inb4 'It's a conspiracy'

I watched the video you linked but to be honest, I never paid attention to what he said. If he said it in a calmer more professional way I might have but most of the time he just sounds like a '**** the system' conspiracy lunatic.
You have to fake it to make it my friend.

Alternatively you can just actually do some cool stuff so you tell people about that rather than lie about doing it.
Dreadlocks mon.

Seriously, just cut it short and find a style to suit you.
This makes the cat in wheelie bin woman look like mother teresa
In Finding Nemo, the pelican guy only met Nemo once where everyone refered to him as his new name 'Shark Bait', yet later on in the film when he hear's his dad talking about trying to find his son 'Nemo' he's all like 'No way man, I know where he is', despite only knowing him as 'Shark Bait'.

I mean, what the actual ****?
One - Metallica

I thought it was pretty bad at first but thinking of the the lyrics it's actually pretty badass.

'Nooww the world has gone I'm but one' *shotgun blast* 'Darkness, imprisoning me, all that I see, absolute horror!' *shotgun pump*

****in' A.
11 floors you say? I guess that hotel...

..goes up to eleven.

One of your friends has no pubic hair so I can only assume you're all gay with each other.
I hope they make a harbour and name it 'Pirate Bay'
I'm from the north of England and I have quite a deep voice so as you can imagine my voice is horrible. I'd probably take the surgery.
If both Feminism and Masculinism's aims are to eliminate indifference in genders, would it not be easier to just combine the two and call it 'Personism'?

In all seriousness though, it makes sense.
Not a huge fan of them but I don't mind the occasional Orange Lucozade when I'm really tired.
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I thought exactly the same thing
Just don't go the cinema at all. You haven't seen her all summer and you're gonna sit in silence next to each other for the good part of 2 hours?

Find something fun to do!