If you gig or have to move the amp often at all, a combo/head+2x12 will make your arms very happy.
Don't believe any of this "lm308 rats are better" bologna. Op amps have little to nothing to do with the sound quality of the pedal. However, it may be true that modern rats use cheaper components which may actually make them worse. I recommend a generalguitargadgets rat clone if you're at all familiar with a soldering iron. My bandmate made one and I envy it.
That is beautiful ianae. What is it?
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Get a used Line DL4. period.

Quote by Tedward
probably for a little more.
but that's a bit unethical, to me at least.

Well my first reason for getting it would be to play it of course. I just meant that it would be nice to get my money back if I don't like it.
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grab the Jetking! The JTK1s are pretty rare, I've never even seen one in that colour.

Would I be able to flip it for more if I end up not loving it?
I want the jet king :/ but I think I want pedals more.
Any idea what that amp is?
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anybody know anything on jay turser guitars?

The only one I've looked into is their surfmaster and that looks pretty sweet. I can't imagine it has a very good stock setup or hardware, but they look pretty awesome regardless.
If any of the resident Radiohead fans in here are bored, you should let me know what you think of this bad cover of Let Down me and my mates did last friday in a tree that fell down on their property.

I mess up several times and don't really play much during the chorus cause I learned to play it right there so...lemme know what you think of our singer and melodica-ist.

Also, I'm getting a dod fx25(?) envelope filter this week for 25 bucks so I can bring teh funk!
A HRD and a Jeckyl and Hyde is pretty much Nick Valensi's (The Strokes) sound. So yeah, the HRD would be a good choice.
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It does look pretty cool.

I just send email for "The Rat"

waaaaaaat. 40 bucks for an lm308 rat? Yes please.
Is that a deluxe 85 thar?
Yeah it is quite cold. I think here in California its down at like 70 :/. I'm freezing.

Also, I got Beck's discography last night and...he is an enormous troll. I'm serious. For his first two albums, he is completely trolling.
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EDIT: I answered my own question moments after posting It will work, but unfortunately musiciansfriend doesn't carry the verbzilla module, so I guess I have some ebay hunting to do

Amazon has it.
I agree with the micro synth. Seems like a pretty fun pedal. Nice username and avatar by the way TS. One of the better bands there have been in the world.
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Hey guys, is $65 a good price for a 90's big box Rat?

Very good price. I see lots of assholes selling them for upwards of 200$. Its ridiculous.

And what does the purple name signify?
I recommend the OCD as well.
uuug. Just show the amp.

And incase I forgot to come back I'll go ahed and say happy NAD dawg. Enjoy your tube tonez.
I'll suggest the barber dirty bomb.

The Hyde is a shredmaster clone and the Jeckyle is a tube screamer clone I think.

Its a pretty versatile pedal.
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Some kind of Chorus?

I'm saving up for a polychorus
I can go from Radiohead to Children of Bodom, to Utada Hikaru, to Tegan and Sara, to The Used, to Death Cab for Cutie. I like music. All kinds .

Speaking of which, what pedal should I try to get?
I have a nice reverb, a digital delay, a tape delay (basically), a nice overdrive, and a phaser. Ruling out fuzzes and flangers, what else should save for?
Anyone like Tegan and Sara?
Thank you. I've been interested in this pickup for quite a while. Can it still get that tele single coil sound when split?
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Nicest part is it was free.

I need friends like yours

happy new free amp day you bastard
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If my dad gets a job there, I might be moving to L.A.

LA has an amazing craigslist.

Anyone see the 10 best bands of the decade on the UG homepage? What a joke. Radiohead as 15th. Harumph!
The Dirty Bomb is a seriously nice pedal. Tis a good choice.
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I'm scared to get the dl4 cuz i heard its really impractical to use in a live setting and theres some tone sucking.

Plenty of pro's use it in a live setting.
So I got Dragon Age on the 360.

Gotta say, I'm a little disappointed. Fun nonetheless.
Yep, they main difference is that the older rats use the LM308. It pretty much depends on how much you're paying for this vintage rat. Its not very expensive to mod a newer rat or to just build a general guitar gadgets clone with the lm308.
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I've said it one to many times and now again, but Fulltone OCD does everything. The guitarist from Minus the Bear AND Russian Circles both have one.


I loooooooooooooooooooooove it.
I got an OCD . Its amazing.
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In other news, potential NGD very soon. I'm trading my Ibanez Blazer for an Ibanez Artcore Talman, which looks just like this:

EDIT: Picture doesn't work, and there's nothing else on google images... it must be somewhat rare.

It's kinda like an offset guitar, but is kinda like an EB MM1 too. And the one I'm looking at has some sort of Seymour Duncan pickup in the neck.

That is a seriously radical guitar.
So I found an awesome way to spend my break.

I downloaded the soundtrack to all three Lord of the Rings movies (the most epic thing EVAR) and now I'm listening to them while reading the Sword of Truth series. Anyone read them? Awesome books.

Oh, and my mommy is getting me a GFS tuner and an OCD for christmas .

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However, I got mugged at Waterloo station and some cumstain has absconded with my ipod!

That is incredibly shitty.
Fulltone OCD. Do it.