Thanks for the comments!
Will You Forsee:
Woah, turnn that bass down! I like the solos. The vocals are good, quite unique :P

Not bad, production could be a little better.
Wow! Love this! The drum-mix could be better, but it sounds like your fixing that.

Loved the soloing at 2:55ish.

This is totally epic.


EDIT: Better!!
Damn! Haven't logged on her in forever!

Anyway, this is an instrumental that I wrote and recorded the past two days.

Its on my profile as "Eclipse"

You could try Reason, but It's quite expensive.
I have an EMU 0404, it is great, and actually, I should have some recordings done with it up next week.
Here is the complete version of this song.
Quote by Tom Araya
Man, this song doesn't sound like Death. Maybe only the bars 35-42...And what the hell with the Standart tuning? 0_o Death-metal in E standart? o_0 Death tuned their guitars whole step down, you ought to know this.'s not too bad. The song isn't great, but cool

Whats wrong with death metal in E? Opeth does it. Theres no need to be like almost every metal guitarist on the planet.

Anyway, great song. The clean parts were great. So was everything else. Didn't really sound like death to me ,but still, it was great.

Awesome job! The only one thing i didn't like was the rhythm behind the solo at 65-68.

Pretty good! The intro was very nice and aggressive, and the sweep. In part 2, I think some harmonies would be cool. Part 3 wasn't terribly exciting, but it would be great with vocals. Part 4 was very melodic, great job. I actually liked the synths in part 5 and 6. Part 7, ****in heavy! The rest of the song was good also.

Great job.

Quote by master69
ya i know lol i had to call it something and i didnt know the exact genre so i just put it as that

Alright mister just because i didn't like your song dosen't mean you shouldn't return my crit.
I didn't like 1-16 at all. However, 17-24 was very good. 25-28 had a very nice classical vibe which i enjoyed. 29-34 was a cool change. 36-51 i did not like at all. 53 to the end was nice though.

I don't think the clean things really fit into the song.

Not bad though,

The intro was pretty cool, and so was the chorus. The chorus to verse transition wasn't very good though, but the verse was fine. The breakdown was boring as ****, lol. I did like the clean interlude though. The guitar solo was really quite good, and the song ended well.

Quote by MaAal_MaAan
It's not bad in any way
Sounds like your going for the eerie/epic feel in certain parts, which you did pretty well
other parts sound quite CoB-esque IMO

the only thing I really don't like is the drums.. too many bursts.. too generic lol

I also didn't like the intro a whole lot, the piano was cool.. but when the guitars came in with the power chords and then the drums too...
I just thought that was a bit corny
But when it kicked in (when it went to 9/8, bar 9, or something), with the guitars playing and the keyboard doing the melody it was all good. I would have just left the guitars and drums out of the intro intro part

But good job overall
you in a band to play that now?

Lol, I'm not in a band at the moment, but I'm working on one. I have a bassist, a drummer, and a keyboard player in mind. Hope it'll work out.
I wouldn't call it prog. It had some cool riffs, but the first 5 bars were pain to listen to.

Not much in leads, 53 didn't fit very well. The solo wasn't very good.

To be quite frank, i would just scrap it and use some of the riffs.

Heres a metal song ive been working on the past few days. Listen with MIDI.


EDIT: Latest is down there.
None. Unlike some of you, I don't care what other people think about the music i listen to.
A quick question, can you turn off the amp models on the GT-10?
Good story bro. jk XD

Very good actually. Very melodic, not much to complain about.

I would like to see it when its done.

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Well I have a Orange Thunderverb 50w with a 1x12 and it still could blow out my windows. And 6505's have a rep of needing to be really cranked. So I dont think a smaller cab will help too much. No first hand experience with trying different cabs with a 6505 tho. I'd say a line 6 spider valve combo. Shut up haters I know your comments r coming. "If its not the real thing it sucks", get your head out of your butt! Sure for a record never use modeling, but this is bedroom practice.

Sorry just had to cover my bases. Try out a spider valve and see what you think

With 650 he can prob get a Flextone, which is better,

Spider Valve is still good though.
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Am I the only one who thought TS meant a flying v when he said "losing my V".

Thought that at first. haha
Stop bumping dammit. If you want crits its called C4C.


Pretty good song. Not much to say. Nice melodies and harmonies.

Good job.

Silly guys. XD

You have to arm the track and also, turn record monitoring to on or auto.
Quote by Gessu
Its much like Slayer i think (i hate slayeeer) But this wasnt very bad because chorus is almost like Amon Amarth which is my favorite band currently Sum critic:

+: Chorus

Kinda chaotic sometimes
too much changes in melodies

Hahaha, we were listening to Valhall Awaits Me before I wrote the chorus.
Good job. I liked the transition. The sweeps in the beginning sound a good bit like Bleeding Mascara by Atreyu, haha.

I think if you work on the structure of the song, it will be much better.

Good job. The riffs were a tad generic, but oh well, they sound good so whatever.

The chorus did'nt seem to fit the song to well, but its okay.

I think having more leads would help.

Very good. I think some leads thrown in there would be nice..

Good work.


Very melodic and interesting. Everything fits together very nicely.

Can't say much here, great song..
^ I agree with him, I think its almost perfect, and it needs a fade out.

I liked the clean parts a lot.

No leads or drums yet, and a little bass is written.

The E-MU.

I have the 0404 and its a great audio interface.

I've heard some bad things about M-Audio stuff, like monster latency, but there good for beginners.

I would go for the E-MU

EDIT: Also, be patient. Riffs and Recording is one of the smaller forums around here, so it takes a while to get replies.
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Hes not a dick. Hes very helpful and has helped me make gear decisions several times.
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Look in compilations on your ipod, it might be in there.
Def Leppard.
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Intro was very nice! I liked the distorted guitar at 9. 27 was pretty cool. I love the distorted guitar at 31. I really liked 61. 70 was pretty cool, but not great. 86 to the end, great,

Overall, very good.'