1. you want to leave an impression. Pick a name like "Flying Rainbows". I guarantee no one has heard a name like that for BDM.

2. If you can't write a heavy riff without tuning down, I mean come on. But, here....

Dying Fetus; C standard
Cannibal Corpse; G#-A# Standard
Origin; Drop C
Carcass; Standard, B Standard
Mortician; Down one octave (E standard still)
Nile; Drop A
Psycroptic; Drop B,C, and D

Bands use different tunings because it fits THEM. Not their genre. Now these may not be the heaviest bands in the world (except Mortician, REALLY ****ing heavy), but they are good. I don't know much on the gear side of it, but I know a fair amount on the music side.

Hope this helped a bit.
anything by Steve Digiorgio isn't gonna be easy, okay??

but-- The Philosopher by Death

also Iron Maiden can sound fine on a fretless,
Sadus covered Invaders and it sounds like pure Jesus.
It won't sound weird, ya just got to play it with the right conviction.

hope I helped
Mine first was Bombtrack by Rage against the Machine. Or at least the intro.
Or try Snow by the Chili Peppers.
Redneck-Lamb of God

Try to Play on Bass