Dude, dudettes, thats not even meming, its just toxic masculinity and they should be banned. I know how you feel Epiphone*Beast I feel ya Banjocal
#metoo guys, #metoo rip guis
I don't have this problem, but all my (100+ games) on steam is just hentai so that might be a reason
I totally date a khajiit, charr or tauren. Its whatever yo
Zonzo is the best
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Nah, but on some you can. On some scripts you can go "Well, this character could be quadraplegic instead of abled and it wouldn't be much different"; and on others you can even go "I'll think of this character as quadraplegic and have it impact the story, instead of going the default route of making him able-bodied". With proper societal support some writers can write some scripts that include those type of characters. After some quadraplegic actors become famous and start bringing money to studios those characters will write themselves in future scripts.

It's not farfetched. For example, do you think it's impossible for writers to create a dwarf character for Peter Dinklage to play in a film nowadays?

Fits pretty much every role in the new star wars movies 
Space is overrated anyway 
I keep telling her its the lack of warm showers but I really know I'm just a nissan micra and she needs a bmw but I just don't have the power
Using my mouse as a fingerboard and can do kickflips 
Micro adventures bro, do small trips and do stuff like going to space
Reverse the question to him and put him in the girls situation, would he feel good about himself if he was turned down for something he did years ago? 
How about that youtuber who got banned from youtube by killing a feminist in red dead redemption 2 hahah 
How about a toyota ae86? 
A computer is only  good for MS paint 
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But at the same time, from a convenience perspective, why bother having multiple arbitrary scales instead of just using one?

As long its like at least B or C cup its whatever yo
Nope cuz Bob quit his job. Did you know that Bob quit his job today?
All of em
The earth is to crowded, just kill them instead. That really piss off the kids ehehhehehee
The floor is fk hard tho so won't help much with your back
Ballio Giving birth I guess
Ballio Mayor please explain she claims there is no need for toxic masculinity because all masculinity is toxic but then we have ''Other traditionally masculine traits such as devotion to work, pride in excelling at sports, and providing for one's family, are not considered to be "toxic".''. 

Does this mean if I ever get kids I don't have to care for them?
Ballio I don't think but I see myself as a queer trans gender so idk
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I don't disagree with that, depends on how children are raised and cultural pressures.

The only real difference I see is that men are far more capable of producing muscle mass than women are.
Possibly bone structure strength as well, can't recall my A&P, was so long ago.

Aside from those physical differences, things can be essentially equal.

But what about logical thinking? 
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I’ve never seen you be this understanding and sympathetic towards any other individual shitlord or group of shitlords

what size bra u wear bae?  
Women need more rights! hillary should have been president but toxic male just are stupid sadistic abusive sadistic abusive then maybe finally we could have world peace so men why dont you just do as the trees and fuck off
Twenty one pilots
I'm up for a dirty burger 7 days in the week 278 years a year
a Chevrolet movie theater
Just get a wife by the side, its what i do