Yeah, i don't think I've been here in years. but if you're still around, Matt, I got to see TBC last Tuesday. And it was ****ing killer. Just thought it was important enough to warrant a brief return.
I got a pair of random free tckets from a friend to go see Van Halen in Louisville last weekend for the tour opener. Now THAT was an awesome show. Definitely he ludest I've ever been to on top of that. If you didn't know the song right off, it just sounded like a wall of noise. 2 of my friends who came along had never seen the actual band before & I couldn't convince them that DLR wasn't on drugs, that's he's just wild all of the time.
Though now that I think of it, it could be both...
Quote by Thefallofman
Cold Roses is awesome. It's also got Magnolia Mountain on it, which Phil and Friends and Furthur have played (I think Ryan does it better- Neal tears it up). Ryan is playing here next week with Jason Isbell opening, but it's sold out. I'm pretty bummed- I'm just getting into Ryan, and I'm a big Isbell fan.

Sorry to sneak out of the Great Abyss, but I just decided to get on here for a second. I actually went to the Cincy DRA/Isbell show. It was absolutely amazing. great setes from both & Ryan was hilarious. Got my Black-cat-shooting-pentagrams-from-its-eyes t-shirt (with complimentary upside-down cross matchbox) for 20 bucks. My only beef was that Isbell only played maybe 6 songs! He did Goddamn Lonely Love & Outfit Truckers-wise, and both were amazing. I've seen DBT, Hood Solo, and Isbell solo. Now to catch an elusive solo Cooley show!

English Girls Approximately was a real highlight of the night for DRA.
Listening to Father, SOn, & Holy Ghost right now for the first time on Spotofy &, I must say, it's pretty damn awesome. You hit the nail on the head with brilliant.
Caught Tuesday's show in Indianapolis. F*cking incredible. Opening with a tune they'd never played before certainly was a nice touch. I'm the Man Who Loves You to close...Nice.
If ye be interested, I'm blogging it. Part bullsh*t, part music. Alot like the CR Off-Topic thread, actually.
Haven't been on here and ages, just thought I'd drop by with some purchases I just made-
^^Kind of a clone of the Fuzz Factories. Guy was nice when I chatted with him, sound clips are great, and I've heard nothing but good stuff.

-Rogue Analog Delay (Wanted a cheap meat and taters Analog Delay)
^^^Once again, I heard clips and how this thing does OD, Distortion, and even decent Fuzz in one neat package just awed me. I talked to the guy who makes em and decided it was worth it. Great price for an awesome pedal.
Quote by BrainDamage
^^Luther and Cody Dickinson are opening for Plant. They're playing The Beacon twice next week but tickets are more money then I would like to spend. What really pisses me off is that Luther and Cody are playing a duo show a few days before the Beacon shows with Plant at a venue in NYC with a listed capacity of 120 people...but it's 21+ to get in

Now that would be a killer opening act...Plant and Page are both on my Bucket List to see in some form, so it would be nice to knock him out right now.
Funny broski, my name's Joplin
^^Very very nice catching the Jayhwaks. Ne re-issues are something currently in my sights.
Hopefully I'll be catching Robert Plant in April myself. He's in Louisville Mike, within range
I literally cannot describe the awesome that this thread is here now.
Crowes-related tidbit: Currently loving Don't Let Me Down.
Merry Christmas all!

I go The Promise (3 CD/3 DVD Darkness on the Edge Of Town Box Set) today...that alone made Christmas worthwhile.
Very rough indeed. I really love Blackjack, great new tune. I got to hear Break For It at Riverbend this year and I really liked it too. Finally made it outside of the soundchecks.
I have a TON of Vinyl, man. Floyd-wise it's WYWH, Animals, the Wall, Ummagumma, DSOTM, Final Cut, Momentary Lapse, and Meddle.

Please God Matt elaborate on these Phish New Year's plans

Also popped in my TBC 200 2005-10-03 ILR today. That opener is awesome. The Band covers rip, and Another Roadside Tragedy as always doesn't disappoint. Not to mention the MMS & Soul Singing jams.
That's exactly how it is here dude. Just a bit of snow and we're out for days. Then around June 5th when we're still in school we all realize...should've grown a pair and drove to school
And thank you for the driving tips, I couldn't text driving a standard even if I were that stupid

Next step for Gorman...This Boy. Please. Please.
I graduated Woooo!
And yes Matt, the Phillies will be an unstoppable machine. An ever-present thorn in the face of the Reds even when they manage to pull a decent season out of their ass. Tragic, just tragic.
Snow's pretty bad here in KY too, we probably won't back in school until January if it continues. Roads are awful, and this guy is officially on the road in January
I'm really hoping my Dad will make the ride to VA...we've missed Furthur like 3 times and we're bummed every time enormously. A man can pray!

Ver nice catch Matt

Btw, relistened to the Tall Sessions after taking a leave of absence from TBC.
Top 5 new Favorite TBC tunes:
Title Song
Thunderstorm 6:54
Tied Up and Swallowed

All just amazing tracks. Feathers is mesmerizing.

EDIT: Cheers for the free Tweezer...that is one HELL of a tension/release bit. Trey's the master. 'Nuff said.
That's a good question. Just been too lazy to get on UG here lately. And that's lazy right there
Coral Sky.

This is my favorite Phil & Friends that I have, but I just have a couple. Mike & Phil Bass duet is to die for.

Jam >
Uncle John's Band>
*Brown Eyed Women,
Mirror Of Thalassa>
Norwegian Wood tease>
Mirror Of Thalassa>
Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys >

Set II
Crazy Fingers intro>
Shakedown Street >
Doin' That Rag,
Into the Mystic,
Unbroken Chain>
Midnight Hour >
The Eleven >
Midnight Hour

Golden Road >
Viola Lee Blues%>
3rd Stone tease%>
Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad%>
Viola Lee Blues%>
Come Together tease%>
Viola Lee Blues%,
Taste Like Wine>
Mountains Of The Moon>
Dark Star (V1)>
*I Am The Walrus>
Bass jam%>
Eleanor Rigby tease%>
Dark Star (V2)%>
I Know You Rider%,
Stella Blue

--Encore--, Forest Of Fennario*,
New Potato Caboose>
Just A Little Light,
Comes A Time*>
We Bid You Goodnight

%w/Mike Gordon on bass, *1st time played
Steve Gorman radio is Win.
When I saw Petty (I think '08) he did do a song called Sweet William which I think may be the biggest Full-On quietLOUDLOUDquiet song I've ever heard. It wailed.
Yeah, I wanted to go to that concert so bad. The Truckers are amazing.
I don't know if anyone here's ever heard of the Drive-by Truckers or Hill Country Revue, but last Friday I caught them on the same bill in Louisville. Amazing show. HCR ended with a Wild Horses cover, then I got to meet the band out in the lobby. Truckers ended with a Buttholeville> State Trooper (Boss) that was pretty immense.

Jesus, I haven't been here in forever....
Stubhub is where I got my amazing Phish tickets. Check there.
Well Jazzy, I've just been around. After two exceedingly easy years of school, Junior year is punching me in the face.
On the subject of Ryan Adams, Gold and the two Love is Hell EPs are great. I'm a HUGE advocate of Easy Tiger also, but alot of people don't like it. Halloweenhead is one of my favorites.
^^ Good times.
Thought I'd stop by with late birthday wishes for Matt, hope you had a good one!!
Jesus Christ, it's been a while.
Anyhow, saw Phish on the 13th- best show I've ever been to. Great performance, better setlist, cool people.
Nice new music list btw Matt. I got the Black Crowes Halloween show from '06 in the mail a few days ago, I really dig it. The costume set is great, and the rest of the show really rips too. I need to get back into TBC...
Quote by BrainDamage
I just saw Inception. Mind = blown.

Absolutely a fucking creative masterpiece is it not? The intricacy of the plot, the pretty top notch cast, the visual effects. Stunning.
Sidenote- I watched Memento again 2 nights ago. Damn that's a good movie. And I mean really, really good.

EDIT: Bodyheatseeker, I love me a good limp story
My totem is going to have to be a tiny replica of Jerry's Tiger.
Yeah, I heard about the show and downloaded it. Tough break on Bob being wasted, but shit happens. Brown Eyed and El Paso were definitely train wrecks. Set II sounded alright though.
Any pics?
And that sticker is absolutely amazing
Bodyheatseeker: STFU it's been a while since I've seen Memento . In hindsight, you're right though.

Good luck and be sure to give us a good review and pics Matt!!!
Quote by BrainDamage
Memento was AWESOME. I need to watch that movie again.

Duh, I haven't watched it in a while myself. If you liked it or Christopher Nolan in general you'll like Inception. I actually didn't know Inception was a Nolan, but after the movie, particularly the conclusion, when his name popped up it was so obvious.
I'll be anxious to hear you opinion of it if you get around to seeing it.
Be forewarned: It's a good 2 1/2 hours.
Quote by bodyheatseeker
Although that said, I like watching the film very slowly and seeing how many albums I can pick out.

Oh man, me too! I love whenever Cusack pushes Jack Black up against the shelf when he pulls his jacket and he's right on a copy of Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys. Awesome.
Quote by bodyheatseeker
Dee Brown. It's a hell of a book.

That's the one, it was an awesome book.
Quote by stonegolem13
Why do you hate people with cancer?


By the way, I did go watch Inception yesterday. Best new movie I've seen since V for Vendetta. Classic Christopher Nolan. Great storyline, very intricate and compelling. I liked the ending also. Very Nolan. Maybe my second favorite of his his behind Memento.
Quote by BrainDamage
Eh, it's not even my favorite John Cusack movie (that would be Grosse Pointe Blank).

I love that movie, but I'm just in love with High Fidelity.
Quote by BrainDamage
I had no idea the movie was based on a book. Then again, what isn't based on a book these days?

It's by Nick Hornby, one of my favorite authors. The book is set in London rather than Chicago.
Quote by BrainDamage
EDIT: That reminds me, I need to read more. I have a huge list of books I want to read, and in the past year or so, I've finished four out of about 40.

Here lately I've finished American Psycho (Easton Ellis), A Briefer History of Time (Hawking), Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee (Native American History, Can't remember the author), Winterwood (Very strange/McCabe), The Stranger (Camus), and I'm reading a pretty cool Biography of Einstein right now.
Who knew that he had an out of marriage Love-child with his future wife, never saw her once, then put her up for adoption, her new identity never revealed? Interesting stuff.
Anyhow, I acquired a ton of new music yesterday. Anyone interested? Of course you are. Here be the goods.
Hendrix: Electric Ladyland
George Harrison: Dark Horse
Tracy Chapman: S/T
Talking Heads: Remain In Light
John Prine: Prime Prine

Miles Davis: Bitches Brew Deluxe
Frank Zappa: Hot Rats
Otis Redding: Dock of the Bay
Decemberists: Her Majesty (Bought with/for my girlfriend, but the Decemberists kick ass and this album is no exception.)
I then arrived home to one of my Dad's hipster friends handing me Hendrix's Smash Hits and Willie Nelson's Red Headed Stranger on vinyl. I already have the latter, but the former was a nice acquisition. He also gave me and assortment of Jagger/Stones 45s, many of which still had their picture sleeves.
^^Correction-Greatest Movie. And in my Top 5 Books.

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That's just freaking weird.
My folder is full of Rich-on-Marc.

Quote by BrainDamage
Ah come on, she was good in Juno. And she's cute.

She looks just like my crazy ex-girlfriend who convinced half the people I know I hate people with Cancer. Disclaimer: I DO NOT hate people with Cancer. Juno was a cute movie. Michael Cera always crack me up.
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You think that's bad? I organise my records autobiographically.