ibanez s series, and get an okay amp with the rest
not that you should buy your guitars based on this theory, but when i see an s series im like damn, theats hot. that aint no gio, but when i see an ltd, i think (yes i know ltd's go higher in the range of quality than gio's) its no esp.
yeah , true. your best bet is to buy a lower grade s series model and put some mean pickups in it.
i have an ibanez s520ex and the zr bridge is far, far better than a floyd rose. the zero pint system keeps the axe in tune when you break a string, and it makes going to drop d very easy because you dont have to adjust all the other strings tunings and re set up the spring tension.
well, for starters get a few sachets of silica gel, (the stuff that comes in boxes of shoes. that wll keep the guitar from getting condensation on it like windows. keep the case out of sunlight, and preferably in a wardrobe or something still in the house so it stays at a moderate temperature. loosen the strings. i think thats about it
so i was pondering the other day, would it be possible to go wireless with my Marshall two button foot switch for the MG100hdfx?
surely there would be a way to switch channels and effects on/off by transmitting and receiving an iR signal, just like a TV remote?
has anyone ever done this? or something similar?
and on a side note does anyone know of any circuit diagrams out there for a home made UHF wireless guitar system?
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zomg so much fail. worst amp ever.

i disagree now that i've tried it i think it has a good bundle of sounds, for a fair priced amp
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Why do you want to play a half stack and use headphones through it?

because . . .. its the only way i can convince my mom to buy it for me is if i do that at home. . . .i won't of coarse but i have to convince her its possible
ok so i'm gonna buy a Marshall solid state half stack and the instruction manual thing says to never turn the amp on without a cab connected, why is this? and if i was to use the headphone jack while playing in my room, does this mean i have to have the cab connected? because i believe the sound still comes through the speakers even when you have the headphones plugged in due to it being "emulated" or something (seems stupid), can someone please clear all this up for me?
i have seen them in guitar center already with floyds?
settings, clean amp channel gain 4 vol 4 bass 6 mid 5 treble 4.
ds-1 tone on about 3.5 distortion on about 8
no idea what this is about, but i'm a kiwi and i'm here mate.
mate, its like 8:12pm here in new zealand, quick plane flight score you some more tima hahahaha it is already monday night though haha
i'm pretty sure it's the distortion or tone or something other than my playing, i'm not shit at playing them i just can't get them to sound really full
ok so any help very much appreciated,
i own an ibanez s520 stock pickups, a boss ds-1 and an ibanez tbx 15 amp, i know the first thought is shitty amp is the problem, but i still have the issue through ableton live using heaps of different amp simulators, my pinch harmonics lack that, for lack of a better word, creamy beautiful tone, can't really single out any bands for an example.
what do i do to achieve these lovely sounding pinches? thanks
0:41 sounds like kickapoo by TD
awesome great guitar and bass, vocals great too, you guys really nailed it overall brilliant sound.
hi pit,
just checked my intonation at the twelth fret (harmonic and fretted) and found that my intonation is pretty much perfect, but when i play say the 4th fret the not is like 5 cents out. whats going wrong.
also when i tune to drop d, the e string (that is now d) doesn't ring nicely when i strike one of the barred powerchords like its out of tune with the a string, yet both are perfectly in tune
cookie! also thaught about painting my old gio
when i had to use the beach . . .
i know you said not to but it could be your strings, if your using a light set try a really beefy set and see if the sound improves
whats wrong with that? just learn songs you like and techiques that you need to do so.
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whats this for?
thanks heaps, i have a digitech multi effects and i came across this and just went **** this let the pit do the work
hi pit,

I just downloaded a gp tab that said the delay time is meant to be 3x16th notes the song is 109bpm how long in milliseconds is this?
i want to change them because i hear they are muddy compared with others, my rig? i use a tbx15r amp by ibanez, and a digitech rp90 multi effects.
just curious of your thaughts as to which pickups to put in an s520, i have the stock ones in at the moment so im looking for a replacement with great fat tone, i play mostly anything between john mayer jazz kind of stuff to hardrock/metal

im guessing this is an edge trem? eg edge III, edge pro?
because if its a zr ( i think they only come on the s series) the zps system shuld allow you to go to 1/2 step down without the bridge even moving hence none of the other strings will go outa whack. if its an edge trem i recommend sticking a AAA battery in the bridge cavity, should fix the problem.
line 6 spider has great distortions
your on UG therefore you have a guitar right? no one likes a guitar in their ear at 6 am go replace his alarm with a good shred
that'll **** 'em
fair point, i only said aussies because i bat half of you no nothing about nz, steve irwin was a dip****
both are whimpy compared with kiwis and aussies. and a bit dull in the head also
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I think its seven by necrophagist if I remember right.

You actually have a Xiphos? nice
pizza! just cheese will do me gud ryte now
hi, just wondered what song is behind the start of the video about the making of the xiphos on the ibanez site?

any help appreciated
just wondered if anyone knows of a torrent for the computer software version of the peterson strobe tuner