not necessary if the person they interview are Japanese. but yeh, if the person they interview speak English then there will be Japanese sub
so change pre amp tube might fix it.

what is pick up cover?

any other idea?
i did tell him. he test the guitar with no gain and there was absolute np with it but he said the guitar need some adjustment and hopefully fix whatever the hell i was talking about, but it still the same

i uploaded it quite back on media fire but the site is down and will be back up in about 15 mins
the thing when it first started to notice it, i did bring it to a luthier, he took it in but he didnt mention anything about it. When i take it back, same thing happened....
nah, i dont think i do it wrong cause i have an micro cube before and i never have this problem.

I also discover something, when i hit fret 10 on lowest string then hammer on fret 11, i hear very bad rigging feedback but if i hit on fret 7,8,9 and hammer on fret 11 then it would work just fine....

is it possible that my guitar is the problem
it definitely not bad technique since i been doing it for over a year and too much gain doesn't explain why it only happened around 12th fret
i been have this problem for quite sometimes now but i just cant find a way to fix this.

My amp make a rly weird rinigng feedback when i play a certain note (it sound just normal) but then when i hammer on the note next to it, i got some weird ringing feedback seem like the 2 string are hitting against each other. If i play same note was making the rigging before but this time just ONLY play that note then everything is just fine.

The weird thing is it only happened around the 12th fret area in 2 bottom string.
no one can help me with this?
Well i have a situation that i need help.

my amp is making very loud sound wave when i play 2nd note right after first one. if i just play 1 note then it sound fine. It only made sound wave on some particular fret.

It like the 2 string touching each other and make wear sound wave rigging sound.

I dont think it come from the guitar because it was fine when i use my guitar with cube 30x. Another thing is that i already brought the guitar shop and get a set up and they said it fine
so i done swap the speaker and now have bit money and try to swap tubes but i dont know anything about swap tubes or preamp or anything like that at all... can anyone guide me through this? what should i buy and how do i swap it?
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omg japanese sig guitar i want to go to japan so bad
so in my senior year, i have option to pick a music class. I picked guitar of course even though i will just learn beginner stuff anyway so it leave me with music theory and piano class. I dont know what i should pick, i really like to play piano but lot of ppl say music theory is important.

So what do you guys think? which class should i take?
stupid me, i always mistake those 2 >_<
i just saw this ad on CL

is it any good, 400 series for 125 bucks is a good deal isnt it?
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I can get pretty good cleans out of my EMG 85. You want to check them out I personally like the 85 better than the 60. You may want to consider the 18v mod too.

what extacly is 18v mod? is it easy to do and what benefit i can get from it?
i bought it used and the dude sold it to me doesn't know. the 2 emgs on it look identical so i figure both are 81 cause the 60 one have different color.

and what do u mean exactly by quick wiring? i heard it just pop the cap and connect right?
So i just found out my ec-400 have pair of 81 instead of 81/60. I play lot of classic rock and lot of clean stuff, is it worth it to swap it out?
all the string is muted properly.

no want what can cause this?
So i posted this problem in guitar gear forum cause i thought my amp was giving me this bad feedback/hissing (vibrato or whatever u call it)

It only happened on certain note like fret buzz but if i play that note alone, it sound fine. But if i play note next to it and then hammer on the same note that sounded fine before then it will give back a very bad feedback.

watch this small clip to see what i am talking about:

so what should i do? what am i dealing with here?
i thought it wasnt normal fret buzz cause the note only sound warble if i played a note before that one. If i play just that one note that supposed to give me a weird vibrato, it'll sound just fine.

I am gonna put this in electric guitar to seek more help
yeah, i did some research oh how to fix it but i am really confident about it cause it look kinda hard.

and i rly dont want to touch it yet unless i am 100% sure fret buzz so can u plz confirm it?

and yes, English is not my first language
can u make sure of it?

i record the part where it buzz

do u know how much it cost to fix fret buzz?

i dont understand how it got fret buzz. I was playing this guitar alot 2 month ago with a cube and it work fine, then my bro use it. He said he broke a string once because he keep turning the tuner. Maybe that the reason?
So I have my crate v18 not to long ago, i often play around with it but not to much since i bought it. Today, i decide to put out couple hours to practice guitar then i found out my crate give lot of feedback/hissing kinda sound. It only occur on particular string and fret. it only occur it it the second note being play from the particular note and string.

For example: my 2nd string 13th fret give feedback/hiss sound if i play 2nd string 12 fret then hammer on the 13th fret. It doesnt give feedback/hiss sound if i play just 1 note on 2nd string 13th fret. It rly weird and very annoying, can anyone help plz?
well i can get good metal sound but i cant rly get that particular sound that i like
Hi, i just wondering what pedals would be necessary to get the best out of my amp for classic/hard rock to little bit of metal

here the sound i am looking for
So i bought a old model of esp ltd ec-400 about a month ago. a guy sold it to me didnt know what kind of emg is in there. I did some research and found some guitar that exactly the one i was buying on ebay with 81/60 EMGs but i recently came across lot of website and they said ec-400 have 81/81. Now i am pretty confuse, is there anyway to find out which i have?

here some link of it say it 81/60

here some that said 81/81

I play lot of clean stuff so is it worth is to change out the 81 to 60?
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That amp is very cool. I know you all have been saying to go for the agile, but if I'm going for the tube I kinda want the esp. I am kinda hooked on the les paul shape, lol. I'm just nervous about buying something before trying it out and seeing it in person, although you guys know more than me. Maybe that's not an issue...

the esp ltd is very well worth the money man, well i bought mine for 350 bucks off CL and i almost brand new so i am very happy with mine.

The V18 is sweet deal cause u cant beat that price man.

Look for used esp ltd on CL, maybe u can get lucky like i do
yeah, if u do buy tube amp then go for crate v18 if u playing in bedroom. on sale for half the price (300 bucks before, 150 now) and it going quick. But u need to get some pedal for it if u want it to sound good
EMG is great and i love them. I just matter of taste, dont let anyone tell u what kind of sound u should like.

anyway, it true that EMG sound like crap through SS but for me, it great through my tube amp.

If u going with 30x Cube then this would be good for u

EC-400VF. It basically the same exactly as ec-500 with different finish and SD (Passive) Pick up
i am in exactly same situation like u with 300 bucks and wanting a metal guitar, ESP/LTD particularly. i got ibanez for 300 buck but then saw on CL a used ec-400 same price. return the ibanez asap and get the ltd quick, the improvement was amazing so yeah, go used
I dont think so. Unless u just bought the guitar brand new and the tech (or whatever u call them) is nice enough to give u a free set up. I get my set up free anyway, off the book of course, no paper involve cause the tech guy say he like to help me out.

I am not sure if GC even set up guitar or not
Those guitar u call "gay" is consider as awesome/cool in japan. Just because the guitar have hearts sign on it doesnt make it gay..... I guess it all about cultural differences
I dont know if this been posted but these guitar are just awesome
so far, i am still getting mix feedback about how emg sound through SS and tube amp. Let just say tube sound better with emg, is there any tube amp in my price range that i can get to sound better than cube 30x? just name them then i will go to GC and try them out to decide for myself. i play mostly metal/rock

remember i am willing to go used
I have ltd ec-400 and just recently bought 30x cube but in some other thread, i read that SS amp doesnt sound as good with EMGs and Tube amp will sound much better. I just want to know if there big difference and should i get different amp then 30x cube for my ltd. I have 300 bucks and willing to go used
i know this kinda off topic but some said emg dont sound as good on SS amp like the cube 30 so if i get tube amp, it will sound much better? cause i have emgs on my ltd and also cube 30x

sry for stealing your thread...
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