I have put my vote we wait!
I also think fear and loathing in Las Vegas is a good one. I have already read it but I am more than happy to read it again.

Catch 22 - I hear it is a must read.
TS WHERE ARE YOU???? We need some management here.
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im in, but i may not be able to contribute everymonth, but ill try... TS can you start a group

^^^all of the above^^^

Maybe put up a poll of the most recommended and go from there.


I'M IN!!
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Yeah I have Ulysses collecting dust on my bookshelf at the moment. Just picked up Selected Poems by W.B. Yeats. I've always loved his work and we're studying him in Literature at the moment.

I can't get enough of Yeats. He was so far ahead of his time.
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i have it tucked away with my to-read books. slyvia plath has always fascinated me. i have a bit of a morose obsession with authors and artists who killed themselves, their psyches are always the most interesting to explore.

Save it for when you are feeling brave! I was miserable for days. It's brilliant though, let me not take anything away from it. The book reveals some of the complexities of life (especially womanhood) that I expect drove her to suicide. Or maybe it was all pure fiction...? I don't know. Thats why I am trying to find someone else who has read it!
Where are you from that it is so hot?
Ah, well thanks anyway. Its quite a read if you are looking for one.
Hello there!! (ALL OF YOU!!)

Does anyone care to discuss the belljar? Or please direct me to somewhere more appropriate.

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I'm not sure whether to laugh or give that a serious response.

You can laugh I don't mind.
This actually very sad.

Do you truly believe that smoking weed and having a child is acceptable? Im telling you right now it is not. You are ruining your brain and if you are so irresponsible that you choose not to accept that fact I doubt you will ever be able to raise a child in the environment that it deserves. You are actually a very selfish person. Children need to be nurtured and directed so that they can become decent and well educated human beings who are able to function in this cruel and difficult world. You are putting your own need for weed ahead of a defenseless child.

I'm sure that you will argue you have no need for weed. That is for you to decide but the evidence shows that it is, at this moment, the most important thing in your life.

EDIT: Im sorry I am so up in arms but I have seen this type of situation end very badly and I do not want that for another child.
I really do wish you luck. It is going to be difficult. I hope that you and your girlfriend have a good support system in place and I do hope that when the child is born you will be a little more responsible than you were on that fateful night.

CAPO on my nylon. Everything else is in good condition.
"Biyayayatch! This is all your fault. Im having doog withdrawels!!"
It reminds me a bit of skull and bones the cypress hill album. I think its pretty rad.

Ear phones

Car keys

Estee Lauder sunscreen

Picture of my sisters

My non-stop taping fingers.

Black Pen

Calculator you could start a jet with


A bent and buggered paper clip.
Dude, I wouldn't advise it. Its a really dick move because it doesn't belong to you and if you Dad finds out he will lose a lot of respect for you because you would basically be a liar. And should something go wrong (and there is always a chance it will) you will have wrecked a vintage bike with no insurance.

Feeling bad doesn't change anything so I don't waste my time on it.
Ha ha!
I bought a Rancid CD last Tuesday.
Led Zep....I do agree with you!! Economics is interesting!!!
The most noted benefit of migration for the host country would be the increased labour force. If the said immigrants are educated at a tertiary or professional level the country is benefiting in that it now has a new knowledge resource. If the immigrants are uneducated they may be a relatively cheaper labour source than the current residents.
I can tell that there is something different but I couldn't tell you exactly where they come from.
It is most likely that it is because they have not grown into cats yet.
Ah, so sweet!

Happy Birthday cheapie!

Take this life - In Flames
I remembered to take my happy pills!

What was the last thing you ate?
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Stop acting like you don't know anything about it. We all know you're trying to shift the blame on other UGers so it takes the suspicion off you.

Ah, you got me! I am a closet PUKEMON fan...



EDIT: Oh eggo, im sorry I hurt your feelings. Go to the hugging thread, they will make it all ok again.
chicken drank ten
WOW, you are all pretty clued up on this. I have no idea what gold, silver bladi blah is.
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So you where a yu-gi-oh/digimon fan back in the day then ?

No, I did try watch it but I couldn't stand it. I just liked the free spinning tops that used to come with crisps.
What is Fire Red?
I see there are quite a few threads on the topic at the moment.

I was just wondering if anyone else hates that rubbish??
No, it probably tastes worse!

What makes you unique?

I would be remembered for my unfathomable good looks.
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Why do we hate
We need to appreciate
We all need to love one another
Because we look like each other
Im sorry but this is LAME
Look at the person to your left and to your right
for those are the one in which we fight This doesnt make sense

I wondeer what was botherin marvin wonder
It could have been the fact that kids are dyin
could it be the kids starvin

How can we be down for the cause
when we are the ones helpin it pause Huh?
we need to think of all the kids that died
Just because one of there parents lied
This is a poor adaption of a Rudyard Kipling poem called Common Form "If any question why we died, Tell them, because our Fathers lied.
Stop having sex if your not married
Cause pretty soon your gonna have a kid to feed
Especially if your young
I know its hard, even when the devils got you sprung.
Even if they tell ya
Its ok to use a "rubba"
Having sex just doesnt effect you affect
IT effects your family, the community to again, too
I dont care how hard it is
Trust me i kno, at 15 do you wanna have kids no not really
IN the movies they say lust is beautiful
There the ones bein un truthful
BUt you wanna go and get an STD
Youll have one less friend thats me
I told you not to
You wanna mess this up do what you wanna do

To sun this up, wait till your married. I dont want you to mess up your whole life just because of one stupid decision. just wait

Besides for the terrible punctuation and spelling this is um...bad.
This isn't going to help you now but in future remember this. (I read it in the popular mechanics a while ago)

If your phone gets wet DO NOT TRY TURN IT ON this will just cause it to short! If it was wet by salt water rinse it with fresh water.
Put it in a bowl of rice, which acts as a desiccant, over night. It should work, well it has for me.
HEY!! That worked!
Thank you!