^"Singing from the heart" is BS. Songwriting from the heart, however, is more plausible.

Nevermind is a great album that showcased Kurt's switch to pop, which is what he was wanting to do at the time. He felt restrained by Sub-Pop, forced to only be pure punk and enjoyed the freedom he received signing to a major label. He just hated the glossed-over special effect production of Nevermind.

I guess I'll list my favorite songs off each album for the helluvit:

Bleach - Blew, Paper Cuts, Big Cheese and Floyd the Barber
Incesticide - Dive, Aero Zeppelin
Nevermind - Polly, Lithium, Lounge Act, Drain You
In Utero - Serve the Servants, Milk it, Pennyroyal Tea, Dumb
Others - Old Age, Sappy, Verse Chorus Verse
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Yes yes it does, speaking of which, I lost my copy.

Haha. You just got LIFE!
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1. Who is "they"? I have a feeling that the millions of Americans you are speaking of probably would stop their use under different thresholds.

2. On an unrelated note, the answer is DEFINITELY no. Why? Because these threats are real. Their source is a manufactured black market. Certain drugs fund certain wars that have side effects like famine and disease. Look at Central and South America. Contrary to my third premise, this is something that legislation can actually help. The crisis in South America is indirectly the fault of American and European cocaine users, but is DIRECTLY caused by the United States drug policy. Regulation can obviously end this. (Don't tell me it couldn't on this issue. Street cocaine only contains about 30 percent of what is actually cocaine. Users would obviously pick the industrialized and regulated option.)

3. What does this control come from? Not the government. Legal or not, people still fall under the situation you speak of. Repeated drug use comes from positive reinforcement that can lead to habits. I don't see where legislation fits into human nature, here.

4. Obviously continued usage in some people. This still lacks relevance to the war on drugs. If you are speaking of the legal threats against drug users, then forget it. Current laws make it easy to get into the drug culture. (It's easy money to deal drugs, even easier to find them.) There will ALWAYS be people hooked on drugs unless there is a significant shift in the way our culture views them. I speak for a shift towards a more informed and moderate culture. I don't think you can get every drug user to stop doing drugs. (You can't.) I do support an end to the American "more is better" mentality and the complete ignorance surrounding drugs. Combine this with regulated and pure drugs and you have a better situation than we have now. (And I am yet to see a better solution. This is a lesser of two evils kind of thing, I don't see an extreme solution ever working because it won't.)


Well said, Sir.
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Well, if you don't take the bible literally, how are you supposed to know what is or isn't metaphorical? That's one of the reasons I don't accept the bible. There's just too much you have to accept.

If we use logic, it would just have to be a giant book of metaphors. You know, like a really graphic childrens story
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Oi, I've read some horrible, horrible translations of poetry.

So do you think then that most of what is wrong with the religions is false translations of passages?

No. I'd say the problem is people taking these texts literally, intead of allegorically/metaphorically
^^^I have the entire series and most of the Space Quest and King's Quest series. Have you tried any of the other QFG games?
Hey guys.

I consider myself an oldschool gaming nerd and for my fellow nerds, I wanted to know if anyone else remembers or still plays the Quest For Glory series?

If so, I wanted to let you know that there is a free remake of QFG 2 and here's the link:

Quest For Glory II: Trial By Fire

For those of you who haven't tried the series, you should, espescially if you're a fan of RPG's because this game is one of the originals..

In the meantime, if you feel that this thread is inappropriate or belongs in the gaming thread then I will delete it, but I think it should be in discussion with the series and the new remake. Enjoy


I also decided that we should include in this discussion Space Quest and King's Quest because they were both from the same developer, Sierra, and are also great game series.
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Because it'd create a chilled atmosphere, duuuude.

No jukebox in my local pub, as far as I know. Just live music

Which is far better.

Ube, you should try and book your band to play at your "pub". Our first live show was at a bar/club and we did mostly Nirvana/AiC covers. It was a fun experience
^^^Sex Type Thing and it's a damn good song.

Everyone feels Scott is failing, but I saw STP live not to long ago and he is still an awesome performer...
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The jubebox in my local pub only has Smells Like Teen Spirit

My local pool hall/bar has only Unplugged for some odd reason.
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^ Gonzo Princess? You're not a 300lb Samoan, are you?

I wish...
It's not bad. I'll have to hear the entire album first...
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It always come back to the hair...

^ Nice avatar by the way, is that Hunter?

The one and only. He's obsessed with HST...(as am I)

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Do you mean pumpkins cds if so i have no idea but i've got most of 'em excluding the rare releases and stuff. If you mean just cds in general i've got around 100-120 i would have more but i have a costly vinyl obsession

I'd say my Pumpkins collection is complete, but I know that I'll eventually bump into something else unexpectedly
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It doesn't make sense for it to be allegorical.
Heres a first aid book with tons of figurative language, follow it or suffer the consequences.

What else doesn't make sense is that people will take just the Book of Revelations literally and the rest allegorically even though it was written significantly later...
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I reckon that'd be great to hear if you could record it.

We might, so I'll let you know. My BF has a unique voice, but nothing like Kurts...
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yeah but that was meant to be interpreted allegorically etc

Right. Not literally
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When are people going to realize that the only true bad genre is nu-metal. Except Mudvayne.. LD 50 was cool.

The worst genre is Death-Country...
Quote by Uber-rocker

How this relates to Nirvana is that I had to take the Sliver compilation off there - and I wanted to listen to Old Age.. =/

Great song. My band did a cover, but we haven't recorded it yet...
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started drinkin last year when i was 14. it hasn't changed my personality at all. excepting, of course, when i'm drunk. which has been a lot lately. i been smoking a lot of the ganj lately too. i don't see anything wrong with it and most of my friends drink so they don't care.

I think you need to go off an objective opinion because alot of my former friends changed quite a bit when they started drinking/smoking
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Wasn't the bible written to be interpreted allegorically or even metaphorically?

*spelling fixed

I thought the bible was just an archaic fairy tale...
The best female vocalist is definitely Geddy Lee from Rush...

Lee is female, right?
yeah, but your pink text is epic (*cough sarcasm)

and 8/10
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You do understand this is talking shit about science and people (atheists) who think like Dawkins right? That whole episode is how if religion were obliterated, science would in essence become the new religion, but people would compete over whose science is the true science. This is what happens in religion, and the same will happen to science if that were to happen. That's why they say sciencedamn you United Atheist Alliance, instead of God damn, or science be praised instead of God. Basically it proves my point that most that atheists hold beliefs on science without any substantial proof yet they don't reject it the way they reject God. its contradictory..

Yeah. That was my whole point. It's a stab at the people (like darthteet) who spend their whole day in this thread, trying to "prove" that they're right and anyone who disagrees is wrong. Just like that episode...

And as told by someone earlier, if I don't like it I should leave, so bye
^no pics, so 0/10

and Kid_Thorazine recieves a nice .038/160.9
Since you have no real pic of yourself, I'll assume you look like Liberace:

Reading through this thread, it has reminded me of the Southpark episode "Go God Go".

For my fellow Atheists and more for the ones here who seem to enjoy spending hours in this incredibly pointless debate, I leave you with a few of quotes from the episode and hope you get to watch it in entirety:

The otters: "The United Atheist Alliance has taken the bait! Soon they will send their ships out to destroy our decoy clam fields! And while their ships are away, the United Atheist League intends to attack them! Our plan has worked perfectly! For when the United Atheist League attacks the United Atheist Alliance, we will charge in and kill them all! Our Science, our answer to the Great Question shall prevail!"

United Atheist League: "Our answer to the Great Question is the only logical one. Our Science is great. Let us not forget the great Richard Dawkins who finally freed the world of religion long ago. Dawkins knew that logic and reason were the way of the future. But it wasn't until he met his beautiful wife that he learned using logic and reason isn't enough. You have to be a dick to everyone who doesn't think like you. Prepare all the troops! We will level the United Atheist Alliance to the ground!"

The United Atheist Alliance: "We cannot tolerate the otters! Their Science is flawed! Their answer to the Great Question is different from ours."

I'll let someone else rate you...
5/10 (sorry, you look exactly like my brother)

edit: Yeah, to be fair. My decision is incredibly biased
This thread...
Duke Nukem kicks ass (and chews bubblegum, apparently), so no
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sodomy is in the bum, and most guys haven't thought that far ahead when they're taking a quick peek at a girl. also, sometimes i've done it subconsciously, but I try not to look. So at least I'm trying.


Yeah it was an attempted metaphor with an uber-fail, sorry

And you're a great artist...
No. Well, maybe make it smaller...
It doesn't change anything for me
Sad or drug-induced happy.

Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins?
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ya.... and its such a perfect time too. Im going down the stairs above her (and im tall anyway) you couldnt ask for a better time. But i make eye contact before i look so i dont get caught really easy and she's always glaring.

Maybe she is just staring at you because she digs you? So don't go and screw your odds by getting caught molesting her with your eyes...

People or pets?