I just submitted a tab : Amazing because it is - The Almost. but it got denied. I am not sure why but I have attatched it. I worked hard on this so I dont want it to be denied
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All finish can be sanded off... Do you mean it's all worn down so there's just bare wood? That can be achieved either by a process called "relicing", basically purposely making your guitar look old... Or simply by lots of playing and normal wear and tear

ok so any guitar, if played enough, will loose it's paint/finish?
Hi guys, I have a question. I have noticed some guitars' paint jobs, especially older ones, tend to sand off. This seems to happen easily with some and not at all with others. What about the paint lets it be sanded off (ala jon mayer, joe strummer, and others) This also happens with acoustic guitars. I think it's probably because of a polish or something but if someone could clarify that would be great.
ok thanks guys, i probably wont be able to afford the vetta and I have an amp that I really like (Fender devil) but thanks for the info. I'll probably go for the x3.
I am currently debating over the xt and the x3. Are there any Line 6ers who knew the main differences between the two? I have seen a couple pro's with the xt (porcupine tree, anberlin, muse(rack)) but not many with the x3. I have a boss gt8 right now but it is not cutting it so I am switching to this and single pedals in the fx loop. Which would be better to get rock/alternative/punk sounds?
Thanks! I will look into that. Does anyone know how easy it is to put in a floyd rose because thats about all i really like about my easy would it be to put a floydrose in a telecaseter? or a lespaul?
well my guitar has an edge 3 so maybe i should upgrade that? and the pickups arn't great and so I was looking at some kent armstrong motherbuckers or some Seymour Duncan Hot P90's. I was also looking into a fernandes sustainer (to get muse sounds) but I didn't know if I wanted to spend all that money on a average guitar.... would the actual guitar's neck and body affect the sound? in other word could I take a $400 guitar and upgrade it so it sounds really good?

EDIT: oh and my sound is a mix of Muse, Switchfoot, and Anberlin. I just got a Fender Devil so my amp is good
that's what I am debating....

I have an Ibanez 350 MDX and I was wondering what I could do to upgrade it. What could I do to make it sound better and play better? What about putting a edge pro tremolo on it? different pickups?

my first song was rocky racoon by the beatles! it was pretty cool. also the song i learned to sing on. [x]
My dad has a 64' SG specail. it is the most amazing guitar I have ever played! It's action feels like nothing and you can go so fast!!!!!!! SG basically rock!
they sound really good. do you know what the acoustic song is that goes on when you go to thier web site? It sounds like it's in drop d or c or something.
your call- secondhand seronade
hope for every fallen man- relient k
your guandian anjel- red jumpsuit apparatus
i will follow you into the dark-death cab for cutie
amazing because it is-the almost
ya i've heard New Surrender isn't as good as cities. didn't they get a new guitarist too?
they are pretty awsome! a huge plus is hailey from paramore was wearing thier shirt in a concert! my friend just saw them and he said they were pretty good. [x]
my list is really long:

Mattew bellamy.
'appy birthday! hope there are many more to come!
Thanks! you are the best ever emad!
hey i did it and it got approved! thanks bro! i was wondering is there anyway to edit my tab once it has been approved?
Earthquake-Family force 5
hey just wanted to make sure. I am about to post another tab but there are 2 versions for it allready. Should I just have the title or should i put (ver 3) in the title? It is way more accurate than the ones before. And I incude chord charts. (it is a chord tab) Thanks!
thanks for the suggestions guys. I will look into them. that was pretty funny! i laughed at myself.
haha i'm sorry. i thought that might sound dumb. The little rule thing said to say playing skills and stuff.
falling slowly- from the movie once.
drive - incubus
not really blues but kinda sad (to me at least)
this is so not cool! don't they have respect for the dead? i bet his daughter isn't too happy. [x]
oh sorry 200-300 bucks as in dollars. I live in california Usa
Oh and I forgot to add: I have a boss gt-8 and have been playing for 3 years (before i played on a little amp, through head phones, or through a P.A.) [x]
My birthday's coming up and I have the option of getting an amp. Can you guys tell which amps I could get for about 200-300?
I play alternative/hard rock. A versitile amp would be good.
I use an ibanez guitar if that helps. thanks a lot! [x]
Daughters - John mayer
amen to nirvana unplugged
you can also try Jason Mraz
Dare you to move - switchfoot ( you can basically play the whole song acoustic)
Which is better? more talent better song writer?
YEAH IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you guys are amazing! thanks again [x]
Thanks guys.....lets see if it worked....
I know this is really dumb of me but i cant findd this anywhere. How do you get the little picture to appear beside your name whenn you post on the forums? I have no clue how to do that. Thnx! [x]
Switchfoot rocks! I saw them reciently and theyy gave a great show. good lightss and the music sound quality was reallyy good. they were really clear and crisp. john foreman has an amazing voice and good stage presence. they aren't an openly christiann band but the members are christian.
Ok it got denied again. I just said zero and clicked chords. It is similar but it is 100% correct and the other is 90%. he is missing like 4 chords and some are wrong. I said that in the song.
u can try family force 5 thier first album. That is kinda waht thier music is classified as.
They are super awsome!
Ok now i think I have tried everything. i submitted it under every possible name so I am going to describe my exact procedures so you can see what i am doing wrong:
First I go to start page and click submit tab. Then I enter band name: Hawk Nelson. Then I enter tab name, i have tried all of these: Zero Chords, Zero (ver 2) Chords, Zero (ver 2) and Zero. I then go to type and select chords. Then I do the tab. I copied the lyrics from a lyric website and put the chords above. I just put capital letters above the lyrics for the chords. then i previewed the tab and it looked good. Then i pressed submit.
What did I do wrong?
I submitted it with just "Zero" "Zero Chords" and "Zero (ver 2) Chords"
Again this is by Hawk Nelson.
I have it saved to a word doc to i can paist it again.
I didn't have to use the guitar tab format did I? Because I just wrote the Lyrics down and put the chords on top.
I have tried to submit a certain tab like 4 times and it has been denied. I did the chords to zero by hawk nelson and put zero (ver 2) chords and everything. I dont know what I did wrong? can anyone help?