These were a limited edition exclusive run over at Pro Guitar Shop demo video
I bought one when it 1st came out and sold it about a year ago.
I miss that guitar! Anyone have one they are willing to sell?
I got a close to new KRANK 1-12 cab. but shipping to UK from NYC might be cost prohibitive...
hey man! I got a near perfect Black Ibanez RG7321 im looking to sell.
I can do $275 + shipping from Brooklyn NY 11201.
Amp Gone!
No Longer Available!
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Quote by CodySG
Very curious as to what became of this.

I'm interested in the new features and if they really "improved the sound" at all.

Really riding on your review to see if you noticed any tonal change and/or enjoy the new controls and options.

You're my only hope Obi...errr..LTD-live!

But in all seriousness

I'd love to read a review or just hear what your experiences have been so far.

Yeah, sorry for the delay with the review. I got the head but unfortunately it came with a busted footswitch. still waiting for my replacement before I do a formal review.
Bump! Still available!
Now also included free of charge is the Eurotubes Mesa Dual Rec 6V6 - GZ34 - High gain pre option for the Dual Rectifier.
3 --ECC83S-HG-K
1 --ECC83S Standard
1 --ECC83S Balanced
2 --GZ34
4--6V6 (Matched Quad)

Over $150 value, already installed + The original Mesa Boogie Tubes!
I have 2 - Krank 1x12 Cabinets (Chrome Grill) that I'm selling for $225 each no head though.
Would you be into a trade for a BRAND NEW 2010 Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100watt Head (multi-watt version)? - see my thread for pics (
Quote by AE25RR
ok sounds great

pm'd yah
Quote by AE25RR
hmm... how about splitting shipping costs? i'm in massachusetts. do you also have a cab for sale?

I only have the Head, but am also selling 2 - 1x12 KRANK Chrome Grill Cabs for 200 each..
I'll PM you a shipping quote for the head and see if it's possible to split the fee.
Quote by AE25RR
$1500 and i can send you payment in full right now?

I dont think I can accept anything lower than $1650 + shipping.

Thanks for the offer though!
Quote by JoeyPeaPot
I know this is insanely old, but how much are you asking for?


Since it's virtually brand new I'd like to get what I paid for it. $1799 shipped (with in the continental US) or comparable trade.
Of course, I'm open to straight up cash deals and gear + cash deals.
Send me some offers. I'm not restricted to the items posted above.

Hey All,
Im looking to trade my BRAND NEW Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier 100 Watt head.
It's the new Muti-Watt version for 2010.
Comes with original Manual, tags, packaging, warranty, footswitch + slip cover!
I recieved the amp last Monday, it only has about 2 hours of use

I'm interested in ENGL,ORANGE, + DIESEL heads.
Not really looking for guitars, but shoot me a line if you think you have something I may be interested in.
Quote by mmjohn
Head or Combo??

I'll be running it through 2 - 1X12 KRANK closed back speaker cabs, (until I sell these and get either and Orange 2X12 or Boogie 2x12)
Ordered a new Multi-Wat Dual Rectifier last week and get it monday. I'll be sure to post some sound clips and a review ASAP!
Quote by Benguitar2
Multi-Watt Dual Recto, If you must have multi-watt, Get the Dual so you can switch to 50 watts in the studio, Or when you play live get the headspace of 100 watts.

But a used Dual Recto may serve you fine as well,

I have a THD hotplate and a Marshall Powerbreak, Yeah, They are great and they work, But I have never needed them for my Mesa, Mesa's handle lower volumes well in my opinion. They may be known for being one of the world's loudest amps but that doesn't mean they can't be played a low levels and get good tone.

So you may just want to get a previous series Recto, and have an attenuator, Just in case.

Also, The member fbeckinsale said in another Mesa thread that the older Rectos sound better than the new ones.

And I have good reason to believe she knows what she is talking about..

I personally don't have much experience with the Mark series of amps, I've always liked the Recto sound.

Thanks for the input.
Yeah, The good sound at low volume is very important. I LOVE the Peavey 6505 but couldn't get a decent sound without going past 4, even with the hotplate, it wasn't the same.

Any body try the new Recto's? I've been looking for reviews on the new 2010 multi-watt models but haven't found any.

Also it maybe worth noting that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ENGL amps and was originally set on getting a Powerball, (had a Screamer, but wanted more versatility and gain) but I figured it would be way too much power for me and I might not be able to get a decent sound out of it with out blasting it. Just to give you of the kind of sound/tone I'm looking for.

Thanks again for the info!
Seeking advice/reco's....

I've been saving for a new amp and finally have the funds!
I'm torn between the Mark V Head or the Multi-Watt triple rectifier.

I've owned a Mark IV, which I really liked, just wanted a higher gain amp without having to use an Overdrive pedal to push the Amp.

For the most part this rig will live in my home studio. Cant play too loud, cause of neighbors.
For that reason I'm leaning towards the MARK V because of the 10watt setting.
Although the Multi watt Rectifier with a THD Hot plate might do it, but I've had mixed results with my THD.

I'd be feeding 2 X 12inch closed back Eminence cabs.

Looking for an amp that can do cleans, hard rock, and BLAZING Metal Riffage and Leads.

Any advice would be great!
Quote by vegetoe01
Judging from the specs the powerball 2 is worth it. 4 gain controls which means, each channel is more independent. Just missing a seperate E.Q for all 4, (has 2 shared E.Q's).

The mid boost button and fx loop that can be turned on/off via a footswitch. All stuff which i'd use. I have the old powerball and have to use a E.Q pedal in the loop to boost the mids.

Yeah, the 4 Gain controls is a huge plus. The black faceplate is a pretty sweet too.
The mirrored one on my Screamer would get annoying in certain situations.
Im not sure the PBall II is compatible with the Z5 footswtich, didn't see the connection for it in the pics off the website. Think it'll require the Z-9, Can anyone confirm?
Has anyone tried the new Engl Powerball II Amp Head (E-645/2)?
Not Vers2 of the original Powerball, but the new model with the BLACK faceplate.
Google Mad Ape, they seem to be the only ones that have it in stock at the moment.
Been scouring the web for any reviews with no luck.

Anyone try one of these yet?

Saving for a Powerball and am wondering if the II is worth the extra couple hundred bucks.
Quote by guitar4life24
ISP Decimator is amazing!

I have a DECIMATOR and it worked great for about a year, now, it works sporadically.
There are 4 used ones on Musicians Friend, all non-working.
I've been reading a bunch how other's are having problems with the DECIMATOR.

That being said, I've only heard AMAZING reviews about the ISP G-STRING. It's more expensive but it'll save you in long run.

Good luck....
a friend of mine is selling one here in NYC.
PM me if you're interested.
I got a Ibanez TS9 Tubscreamer that I modded (The Monte Allums Tri-Gain Mod). It works but the knobs dont seem to do anything and it stays on all the time. I'm sure it's just a short or a mis-soldered component. Hit me up if your interested. Reasonably priced!
Quote by enselmis
I have now joined the club.

NICE! just sent you a PM. hit me back when you get a chance.
Quote by UniverseZero
here's a tutorial on stewmac that shows how to work with bindings , it also shows the way to handle paint if the guitar has binding.

^^The link for the binding Tutorial doesn't work anymore...

Any help with a tutorial/video page on stripping a guitar with binding would be greatly appreciated.

Sold! Thread Closed!
Hey All,
I'm looking for 2 quick connect cables for a set of Seymour Duncan Blackouts.
EMG quick connect should work as well.

Let em know if you have spares. I need them ASAP!

$350 shipped (continental US)
Quote by johnb1777
I dont know about the knucklehead II but I would try to slap a TS in front of it with the gain at 0 and the level between 8-12 o clock. To me it has that Mesa low end mud to it and the TS cleans that up nicely. I have a K-Tre 120 and that is what I do to clean the mud up. I also run a para EQ on the effects loop and throw the HP/LP filter on 60/11khz respectivly. I am running a Mesa Recto standard cab as well

Sweet thanks for the tip johnb. It makes sense, I have a similar setup on my Mesa Boogie Mark IV. I'll try this out after I finish modding my TS to TRUE BYPASS.
Price is negotiable! Great amp! Needs a new home!
THIS THREAD IS CLOSED, the amp is no longer available.

MODs please close this thread!

Yeah, the price just dropped on the VK recently.
But, keep in mind that price does not include the footswitch a ($40 value)
It' basically a new amp, used only a few times.
The price is slightly negotiable, as stated above.

It's a decent deal for a brand new amp w/ warranty and free footswitch.
Hey All,
I just got a sweet deal on a KNUCKLEHEAD II. Received it yesterday and I'm having trouble getting a decent Metal Sound from Channel 2. I'm running it into 2 - KRANK 12inch cabs (Eminence Speakers I beleive).

Im having a problem getting a really tight metal sound. The lows are really muddy and the GAIN is pretty "farty" (for lack of a better word). I've seen/heard some great sound clips from users of the KNUCKLEHEAD but I cant come close to that sound.

Any suggestions? Maybe I need to replace the tubes? Anyone else have experience with the KNUCKLEHEAD II?

Thanks in Advance!
Still Available!
Also, the Black Shadow speaker is no longer available.
I found a great deal on a RIVERA KNUCKLEHEAD II today and couldn't resist.
I'm now open to any reasonable offers.
Cash ($1400, slightly negotiable) or trades, or a combo of both.

Don't be afraid to drop me a line!
Price drop!

$400.00 + shipping....
Including footswitch!

Will ship UPS ground to anywhere in the continental US.

PM me with any questions or for HIGH RES pics.
Quote by Muramasa
Ugh i just sold my 2ch triple rec and the 4x12 a few days ago to buy a mark IV widebody combo!! I could have kept the 4x12 with this deal!

somebody snatch up this deal!!

Doh! We both would have been very happy!
Enjoy the MARK IV!