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I can speak Finnish thou it's not my first language.

Russia and russians suck so, don't even bother trying that language!

ты сейчас играешь с огнем, парень
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I demand to know.

He is russian. And he is from our office.
Get your f--king fingers, lol

Or do you want some shitty russian pop?
But still I'm a magic Russian though
lol, Yuri, seems like you've got a personal translator
I think, I'll better stick this thread for a day to let everybody know
that will be implemented with the IM system soon
fixed, thanks for the feedback
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am I doing it right? if not, just delete the post, carmel.
I'll repost to this thread


Я произношу это именно так.

Uh - nee - mah

So I'm Hugh, and now you know me. I love music - without it there'd be no point really. That's why I picked up guitar, so that I could make some myself. My guitar is my weapon. It makes rock, it picks up girls and everybody knows me because of it. The tabs and the people here taught me how to do it. Rock isn't just a genre, it's a way of life, led by music.

Do you rock?

picture is clickable
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I had suggested UG have an internal "instant messaging" system, but apparently that would be too complex.

Something like this is being developed right at the moment
Ofcourse, you're welcome. Reviews of any band are needed.
And an interview will be great!

You can submit your reviews yourself directly throug the submition form.

If you want to have your interview placed on the site, PM me please, we'll discuss details.
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have I spelled it wrong?

you need to post the original as well

Just erase the text and overwrite it.

hope, my english is understandable
Guitar Websites, lol
How about an article about pedals?
So, guys, how it goes? Will there be any more of those usefull columns?
And, tell please members of the other instrumental forums, that they are welcome too.
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ive always thought that Frances Bean was attractive. If you set aside who her mother is...

uhmm, is this a guy from Fall Out Boy?

Yo, dawg. Take your MS Paint and gimme some lulz.

Sorry Carmel, if it's not good to create such threads. Just PM me in that case.
I like all of your ideas.

1) Write
2) Submit
3) PM me
4) I'll approve and feature on the main page
5) ???
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i think a price and general type list and makes a little more sense with amps.

guitars usually fall into obvious genres depending on bridge and pup type.

a list would be pretty extensive.
a break down of different guitar options, and what to look for in a starter, intermediate, or higher end guitar, with some examples of each, would probably work better.

i think there's already a few posts in the EG stickies covering this.
edit: maybe similar to post 4-7

I'll approve, if you submit. Just PM me after submission.