schindler's list it is, although its not very funny
i like comedies
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Google couldn't tell you this? Really?

i tried... and failed miserably
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for both? I don't know the other one. Google it

EDIT: yeah GuitarPro tabs work for TuxGuitar. I can't use GuitarPro on this computer because as soon as I hit play it goes FFFFFFFFFFF and locks my PC up with nothing to do but button-holding

haha you and grocker said the same thing i was thanking both of you
yeah its free but there is one for both and thank you for the two posts above
hey guys whats the free guitar pro and power tab program called?
i thought v*ginas were inverted p*nises and that girls peed from their butts, that was an awkward gym class
Fassa's straight edge water dealer came on the turtle then came in jemima
Umbrella Video

I made this video for Dakkstar Darkling, i have no idea who he is but i liked his song so i made this for him. Thoughts?
alright thanks guys but the links you gave me were broken ug kinda broked it

but anyways he is just recording vocals so he only needs the stuff for that thanks again
I'm about to get $1000 dollars and im looking to get a recording set up for my brother's birthday. He just needs a microphone and software. What should i get him so he doesnt need to buy anything?
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there's no such thing as a screamo remix. All this fashionably-lame metalcore bands just like to sample rap songs and yell horribly over them. Bunch of scenester fucks

ill agree most of em are sh1t but some of them are pretty good
hey guys im looking to create a screamo remix with some of my buddies but cant decide on a song any help? pop songs are best to cover
get the spell check
of course

i want to start a band but my friends don't wanna wat do i do?
alright i changed it back you can come in if you want

bricks have been shat
alright guys let me know wen im aloud back in but im friggan serious its weird that there are 40 year olds in there talking about pokemon
alright i recently jailbroke my ipod to 3.1.2, and there are many problems

before i jailbroke it i had it jailbroken on 3.0 and then the internet was really shitty, youtube couldnt connect and appstore was screwed up. so i upgraded it. same problems still happen but this time in cydia nothing works, it all says invalid argument and bigboss is down or something

any help?
alright i know you guys are gonna hate me for asking because its probably been said like 5000 times but it will.

i am new to screaming and whenever i scream i am whispering for some reason, can u guys help me like show me a post or something? thanks
9 avatar = grreat movie
oneblackenedvag... ew
10/10 c'mon austin powers...
ive heard guitar hero was good wen ur high, but i think any fighting would be fun drunk
1st bouba second kiki

bouba sounds round and kiki sounds edged and im 15

EDIT: and i looked it up and its spelled booba, and im not telling you if i got it right

umm wow let me try that again


this is pathetic

James Roppo, 44, of Hoboken, N.J., was charged with a series of misdemeanors, including endangering the welfare of children and obstructing governmental administration.
"We asked for his help in getting the crowd to go away by sending out a Twitter message," said Nassau County Police Det. Lt. Kevin Smith. "By not cooperating with us, we feel he put lives in danger and the public at risk."

he was arrested for not sending a twitter message... wow
dear b*tch your a c*nt

i wish i could say that to a lot of people
guys he was posting from the same place the whole time, meaning he would have the same ip... he never moved, look at the whole thread jeez everyone says he is a troll, but i still dont think so
the ball in the derp photo was shooped i think
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Stevie Ray Vaughan 8 HURT
David Gilmour 177
Santana 16 HEAL

Stevie Ray Vaughan 9 heal
David Gilmour 176 hurt
Santana 16
shay nay nay
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'Hi, how are you'
'Hi, what's your name'

yeah but where the hell do i go from there? u know? and like the only time i can talk to these people are in the hallways which makes it kinda awkward help me out im struggling badly =(
okay guys, im having some trouble talking to some girls, any help, like umm starts to conversations, i looked for it in the faq but they took it out =( any help is appreciated
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Butterfly Effect, anyone?

with the guy from that 70's show?

it was decent, not that great tho
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Neil Young - Harvest

i thought it was harvest moon
spirit week is the week before our homecoming game, biggest game of the year, and you dress up in different **** to get ur spirit up i guess i dunno, but im looking for kinda weird suggestions idk