Sounds good! Great background music. Love it.
I personally thought there was a little too much compression, the snaps of the mutes seem too loud relative to the tone. Just my opinion.
I used to have some songs uploaded on my profile. it's been a couple years since I've logged on, but all of my mp3's that I uploaded are missing. Is this a feature that's been removed from the site? Is there any way of recovering those old songs... I know they sucked, but I'd like to relisten to them.

So yeah, finished building a pedal. Everything seems to work fine except one thing. When I touch the adjusting part of any one of the four potentiometer, the sound cuts out. I'm wondering if I should add a plastic washer on the inside of the pedal to isolate the pots from the case, but I have no idea.... Any Thoughts?
I recently received a 'new' blue alnico (celestion), and it sounds perfect at quiet volumes. I broke it in for about a hour, slowly turning it up. When I get to a certain volume (It's pretty loud); I can hear this rattle/buzz sound come from the edge of the speaker cone. Plus it is coming from one direct spot, not the whole surround. I have also taken the speaker out of the box to make sure it wasn't the cab or hardware making the noise..

My question is: Is this a damaged speaker?
Great playing! My only thought is the tone of the guitar seems like its very "Smiley" Lots of low end, and lots of high end. It's personal opinion, so nothing to complain about. Overall sounds great; Would love to see real drums/bass and perhaps some vocals someday
Thanks man! I'm the guy playing the Gretsch.
I listened to the Surf Style one, I think it sounds awesome! I eat that kind of stuff up, and you pretty much nailed it! Some minor things, like the acoustic sounds a little thin and brittle, the lead sounds pretty good to me, and the drums sound pretty digital (which im sure they are)

Love it though, keep up the good work!
He represents at small list of artist, like 5 or 6. I actually have met one of the artists that work with him (I didn't like him very much either). I'm not going to say the name of the company for discretion reasons, but it's a very small operation.

I appreciate everyone input, thanks a ton! I think our band will be looking for someone a little more reasonable.

@Windwaker: How did you find your agent?
We have no idea what we would be making per show. Maybe $200/show?? He said enough to cover gas and things like that. So I have a feeling we would be playing shows for pretty much free, but like some of you said...Maybe the promotion is worth it.

He also sends out contracts to all the venues we play, making sure we get paid no matter what.

Also, I hate using first impressions, but when we met up with him...He seemed like the kind of person who would possibly back-stab someone (metaphorically, of course!) which makes us hesitant with doing business with him. Luckily he said we can start off without signing a contract... which also may be a bad thing?... What do you think?
Here's the deal, we are a fairly new band (1 year), lately we've been getting played a lot on a local college radio. We got contacted from a booking agent/promoter asking us if we wanted to start playing some more shows around the 5 state area. Initially I asked him, "What kind of commissions do you make off a show?" He said "Generally 50% for starting bands." That being said, he does have a decent amount of larger venues to play at, which is exciting.

Granted we are a new band and only have very localized fame, is 50% of a show as crazy as I think? I thought booking agents got 10-15% on a high scale...
You may want to put this in the "Covers" section of the recording forum.

That said, it really is a nice clean tone! Well played too.
I could not hear the vocals at all. I have a place in my heart for lo-fi stuff, so that didn't bug me too much.

I just couldn't hear the vocals! The tiny bit I was hearing sounded a bit off key, so you may want to work on that. Make sure to keep a constant tempo as well, you may want to setup a click-track when you do some real serious recording (It's also good to practice with one).

Keep it up man, remember it doesn't take lots of fancy equipment to make a good record.

Sounds like it's produced pretty well, I'm not sure if it's my laptop speakers, but the highhats (closed ones) sound just a titch too loud. I dig the sampling, and that little wah sound (I hope you know what I mean). Also the overdriven guitar that comes in could be turned up just a bit.

Pretty nifty little techo song ya got there, I enjoyed it, thanks!

Hello, I'm a member of the band The Gibby Hibbies, just thought it would be nice to get some feedback from people, as well as some free promotion!

You can view some of our songs here (If you want to stay local to UG):

we also have videos of a "Monday Night Live" (Hosted by a local Collage Radio Station [KVSC]) on YouTube:

and our personal band website:
pretty cool. It's a jam ya know, not much to crit on.

What kind of set is your drummer playing? I really love the sounds (I see the K ride, yum)
Reminds me of like Primus (the bass) mixed with the Theme music from Sonic 2 - Mystic Forest (or whatever that stage, you know what I'm talking about dammit!). Pretty awesome. As someone said, the tones are a bit thin. You did a pretty good job mixing. Cool Cool.
It's a pretty good tone. If you're really trying to sound like david gilmour, you're tone is going to have to get less harsh. I'm not sure if it's the mic you used, but the reverb & delay you used sound very chinsy. As does the overdrive, it sounds digital to me. How did you record your amp? Was it a very cheap mic? I'm curious.

Overall, good playing and nice bends. Good looking strat. Good looking shorts.
Hello all, me and a friend of mine have a new song up for our band (Gibby Hibbies) called "Someday Soon" It can be found at

We have a drum part lined up, we just have to get to recording it.


C4C as always.
Listening to "Shoot Me" I can tell you're influenced by both slash & led zep (sounds like a mixture of them). You're right, the quality isn't that great... some pretty solid riffs in there though, I'd keep the songs, upgrade the recording! (I couldn't really hear the singer however...which can always make/break a band)
Lion and the Antelope: The drums sound very far in the back, they need to come up a bit, especially the high hat & ride, the crash is plenty loud.

Battles I've Won: There are times when the solo & vocals are going together in the verses and it's a bit confusing. The chorus part is pretty cool though.

Overall, it's pretty good stuff, keep up the good work
With the one I posted all you'd have to do is The SM57->XLR->interface->USB->computer.
Thanks for the crit sir!

Haha, the deathmetal background came up on your myspace, and I was alittle worried at first hehe... The vocals were a little bit pitchy, so you might want to work on that. The acoustic sounds pretty good. Overall I can hear where you're trying to go, keep working at it man.

P.S. I currently don't have any time for a collaboration, sorry, maybe if I find some free time sometime, thanks for the offer though!
Kind of reminds me of "The Submarines" (The intro). So far I'm really really digging this! Haha, the bust-out, pretty solid man, mixed really well, decent tones overall (The overdrive channel sounds pretty digitally), I like you're guitar style though, very tight, and I loved the choral thing at the end haha, very epic.

The pod sounds a better than most digital amps, however it still has the digital harshness...
The Symphony sounds pretty sweet though, they are just missing a tiny bit from the real thing (the sound the bow makes on the strings seems to be super tough to emulate), I'd give it a 8/10 though, very cool!
It was pretty cool...Not much crit I can give as It wasn't intended to be a produced piece. Pretty crappy tone (I'm sure you know that). haha, keep it up man.
The ART Tube preamp has a version with a USB, get that.
Hey thanks! I wasn't sure where to put any sort of crit for ya, so I just left ya a little comment on your UG profile.
Crit as I'm listening:

So far, this is not what I was thinking it would be haha Vocals need to be turned up. Reminds me of Golden Years a little bit. The breakdown was really cool. Vocals also remind me of a Beck a little bit (at times). The ending was also really cool with the triplet (or whatever rhythm that is on the keyboard). All in all It's a pretty cool tune, unique. I'd mix it so there is a little more sound in the center of the mix, everything seems to be panned off to the sides pretty extremely, or just turn up the vocals a bit more, that might help. Have a good newyears day! Keep Creating Tunes

C4C: - It's Not Far & Where Have You Been

C4C as always, Thanks!
Oh, also for the equipment we used: mBox into protools, Synth: MicroKorg, Amp for the lead was a Fender 600 (the little junior 5w tube amp) w/ a American Tele, the other amp was a Epiphone Valve Junior (We both used our practice amps because we were lazy...:-/) w/ a Strat... The Acoustic Was a Martin something, the bass was a SX...

I get paid 8$ an hour, have student loans, rent, food, insurance to pay for...Every extra ounce of money goes towards gear...Worth it
That's pretty decent man! I'd love to hear this song with some better guitar tones, as far as mix, vocals could come up a titch. Other than that, it sounded really good. Maybe work on your bends a little bit in the solo. Keep it up man!
Thanks for the crit!

I like the sound of the drums, the highhat was quite a bit louder to the rest of the mix (Sounds maybe like fruityloops?)... It's def. a really strange song haha. I'm unable to pull vocal melody from it, or for that fact any real rhythm haha. If I were you, I'd practice with a metronome a little bit more, overall the recording sounds alright for what you're using (I'm sure it's some digital amp, maybe like a 20$ mic, audacity)

Keep working at it man!
Very cool, the riff around 3:17 was my favorite...and for some reason it reminds me of the chorus of Live and Let Die...Similar kind of vibe (which is a great thing). You got something there, I'd like to eventually hear some better guitar tone, and not something from a pod or solid state amp, but the idea is there, and it's great!
Hey man, pretty cool tune. Has potential to add lots of cool stuff over the top, more leads and hamonies and such. Keep it up. You may want to work on the mix a little bit, the instruments seem a little cluttered together.