I am liking it.
What bands are you inspired by?
Presenting 'Givson'.
The cheap-ass INDIAN ripoff which every beginner guitar player has played at some point of time.
"Bodies" is by Drowning Pool.
Just so you know.
Hi everyone.
I've been playing guitar for around 4 years now. Three years played on acoustic and only last year started playing electric.
The thing is I used a capo sometimes on my acoustic. Since I've started to play electric, can I use the same capo for electric as well? Would it somehow affect the neck or anything? It sounds kinda fine to me.

This is the capo I have:
Hey there peoples.
I just noticed I have scratches on my pickup. Which everyone says is fine. I also noticed a bit of rust(or dirt) on the magnets. I cleaned it with a cloth and it went away for quite and extent, but still some spots are there.
This is mostly on the neck pickups (where I strum most), as opposed to my bridge pickup (which I mostly use). Is it bad?
I use desktop.
Funny thing is, I used it at a friends place for quite sometime and it worked fine. He had a laptop.
I have both Guitar Rig 4 and Amplitube 3.
The problem is I cannot use it.
I have the "Feedback" issue on both of them. I tried to search forums for solutions, but nothing helped.

What I have is a a normal 1/4″ to 3.5mm converter jack. I connect my guitar through the microphone input. Also, I have Asio installed.
All I get is the feedback sound as soon as I start any one of Guitar Rig or Amplitube.

When I record something with cubase and then put the guitar effects of Amplitube or Guitar rig, it works, but I cannot make these softwares work standalone.

Let me know if I am doing anything wrong here. And somebody PLEASE help me with this problem.
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Gn'R - Patience

I cannot remember any more right now
I listen at all 3 levels.
But things like daft punk and other techno/electronica/ambient music till the second level.
And the picking hand placement and everything to get a good sound?
Hi everyone.
I have been playing acoustic for around 3 years and this year I got an electric, around 2 months back.
The problem is that I tried to record something, just to listen to my own self how I sound, and I do sound awful I know. The biggest problem is that I am not able to get a good sound on palm muting. I tried to use the bridge humbucker pup.
The guitar I use is Cort X-1.
The recording I did was so bad I just don't want to put it up.
Can anyone tell me how to practice? Also, I mess up on the timing if I try to palm mute.

The song I tried to cover was Green Day's "Geek Stink Breath".

Please help me with it.

Thanks ya' all.
Doom 3 Theme.
Shang Tsung : Your Soul is Mine!
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The Yamaha thing right?
I'd say a very bad decision.
I'd say chords. Also with that, try leads from GP files.
Thank god SOMEBODY mentioned it

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I thought everybody was just too cool for Big Bang. My week is not complete without a dose of "The Big Bang Theory" episode, and "Riot Band Blues" one too.
Thx Yuji.
I guess it is 7th fret capo.
Then Am, G and C (with pinky on the 10th fret). Later F.
Let me see if I can come up with something.
It is actually too dark.
He has a capo on. I can see that for now.
I recently downloaded Amplitube3 and borrowed a Bass from a friend.
The problem is that as soon as I start Amplitube, there is this weird feedback sound, even if nothing is connected. Even when I connect the bass, the sound just continues. I tried to do a lot of things here and there. Even tried 2 different cables, same sound.
Any clues on how to resolve this?
Anyways a BIG thanks to everyone here. The comments have been helpful to me in more ways than you can think of.
Take care everyone.
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Are you using a proper soundcard? If so it possibly could handle it but if your just using onboard sound you may have issues.

That would again be out of my budget to buy a good soundcard. I will be using my on-board one. I'd try for toneport or something else later. But for now, I have good RAM.
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The best way to start is to get a cheap multifx and plug it into your speakers or your computer's line in. The problem with software is you need an interface, which costs bucks. Then you need to deal with your computer's performance, which may have latency problems.

If your budget is extremely low you can get Digitech's lower end RP series. .

About the latency thing, I guess I have a descent enough PC to support it. So HOPEFULLY no latency problem.
The idea of using a processor with th guitar on PC seems nice. My friend has some Zoom processor he is currently not using. I am not sure exactly which one. I think I can ask him for a while. Should serve good IMO, what say?
You mean to say it is good enough for starters to go with these softwares right?
And recording stuff?
Hey there.
I'm FINALLY going to buy an electric soon (as soon as Cort X-1 is available here, been waiting for 2 weeks).
The thing is that since I am low on cash, I am just planning for the guitar. For everything else, I would be using Amplitube 3 (I have descent 2.1 speakers).
But is it necessary that I HAVE to buy an amp? I had a word with a cousin of mine, he said since these softwares came (Amplitube and Guitar Rack), they have changed the game. He said you can a sound VERY close to the original using softwares.
And I won't be playing live in the near future as I would be practicing more.
So here's the question, Should I (at some point of time) or should I not get amp for the guitar?
Also you can call me n00b/tr0ll whatever for this question. But I need good number of replies explaining things.
Thanks y'all.
Hopefully it is not a laptop.
For that, you need to call the customer care.
I've seen a lot of people use "Drumkit from Hell".
Meshuggah Drummer Tomas Haake used it too.
That pedal review was a torture! Even I am doing that Mustaine face palm right now!
Can you ACTUALLY be that Bad+Ignorant+Courageous? All at the same time?????????
How can he play without EVER tuning the guitar?
And does he know he is being pwned all over the internet?
Lamb of God!
Lamb of God!