Out of those Vimto. My personal preference Dr. Pepper.
So about those Gameboys....
Probably the new Sony mp3 player after I left mine in a taxi, and the insurance company are refusing to pay out because I haven't got a reciept for it. >_< Barstards.

Other than that. I don't know. I don't think I want anything else. Maybe some picks.
It's a manual gearbox. Always will be.
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In prog, you have to be serious.

The 2 previous Dream Theater links which were posted beg to differ.
Also the majority of bands goof around on stage. I've never been to a concert where the band hasn't.

Maynard Keenan is always brilliant for taking the piss out of the crowd. "Why is there a shoe on the stage? Is someone missing a shoe? Or two. You're probably all standing in piss. But it's ok. You can just wipe if off with your dreadlocks. ****ing hippies"
It's a game at the end of the day... So no.
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What the **** man? No slow motion replay?

This is exactly what I thought.
Phil Lynott anyone?
So I was driving along today parked up, all fine. Started driving home and noticed the brakes had gone all spongy and the handbrake is going far higher on it's tether than it used to.
Looks like I'm gonna have to be bleeding the brakes tomorrow, and checking all the brakes on my car. Gawdammit I hope it is just air in the piping I really can't afford to have to fix her now.
I think it's the AnyColour extension. It's the one I use.
Quote by 2A1124

And on the back for when we have a stop, to show it...

"So yeaaaah! Look at this quote on the back of my guitar crowd!"
Seriously man, don't do it. Unless you're doing a Tom Morello-esque thing with "Arm the Homeless on the front or something.
Why on the back? No-one will see the back of the guitar.

Full pic

Smaller edited pic.

From a gig recently in Aberystwyth.
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There's no such thing as a good shoop thread.

We understand your objection to shoop threads. There's no need to make your opinion heard in every single one that crops up.
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dude, she's a woman, doesn't matter where she's from

This is where funny is ---------->

This was where your post came in -------->
I reported you for being a sexist div.
Chuck Norris x4 - Infinite
because Chuck Norris can multiply by himself.
She shouldn't be allowed to drive. End of. If you have to attempt it so many times you shouldn't be allowed to drive end of. It's like with the driving test. I know people who've taken it 8-9 times until they pass. They shouldn't be allowed the roads could be hell of a lot safer if they didn't pass people who constantly failed... >_>

or is that just me?
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I learned one of their tunes ages back, but I've forgotten which one now. You've inspired me to go learn another.

EDIT: Redundant sentences are redundant.

Haha Roses for the Dead is an awesome one to learn. :p Do it!
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Hahah righty ho.

I'm sure if I get a job at the beginning of the year (since I have to visit my moms a few times before so I can't really start working) if I save up I can get enough.

Fingers, toes, pretty much every part of my body that I can cross. I will try to
But yeah just go for it. Do whatever you want at the end of the day. Whatever makes you happy, that's what you've got to go for.
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I've been wanting to move abroad for awhile now - hopefully plans won't be thwarted. Nine months and 28 days until I am 18.
I just need to get a job in the meantime >_<

Hahaha ahh, you're getting me excited now. xD

Haha yes that might be a plan as planes don't come cheap. D: Hopefully, I'll actually be earning a decent wage then.
I started learning Escape Artists Never Die - Funeral for a Friend.
Mainly because I've been on a massive FFAF listening spree recently
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Really? It's hard getting into Wales?

Hahaha, nuh. It was a joke. :p It's easy peasy to get into Wales. You pretty much walk in. No-one cares. We love everyone it's alright
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But matt I wanna live with you! Hehehehehe.

Hahaha you wil be! Even if we have to smuggle you in. Welsh border patrols are pretty dozy if I'm honest. They just can't get the sheep these days.
Quote by Z_cup_boy
So tempting...I like Norway as it is. But I have a good friend in Wales who would let me room with him. I'd be a foreign student so I'd technically have to just have a student visa right? oO

Oh right forgot to mention I'm super sensitive to heat so no hot places.

Hell yuh you would be. Yes you probably would need a student VISA. :/ I'm not entirely sure. You'd have to look. I don't know if my 2 old Norweigan flatmates needed VISA's. Best to check it out.
<Insert whatever instrument you play> - ist/er/ etc.
Looking for <particular band members>
Any particular influences you require, style of music playing.
Where to call/email etc
the 70's. They had epic music.
Goldfinger - Superman
Eyes, I have eyes like a hawk. I can usually read a sign which everyone else will struggle to read.
I can't be arsed to take pictures.
CoD5: World at War
CoD4: Modern Warfare
FarCry 2
Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection
Racedriver: GRID
Killzone 2
Little Big Planet
Colin McRae DIRT

Diablo 2
Jurassic Park Operation Genesis

Gran Turismo 4
Champions of Norrath
Champions of Norrath: Return to Arms
Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Ps1)
Legacy of Kain: Defiance
Sheep, Dog 'n' Wolf (Ps1)
Tony Hawks Skateboarding (Ps1)
ToCa Touring Car (Ps1)
Quote by JimmyBanks6
well ps3 if u want super-lag online play, or if u want terrible games

Mmkay. I've never had much lag with my Ps3 at all. Only when my router is playing up. Which being a livebox it does constantly. >_> You must have a shit online connection or played at a friends house who also has a fail connection. Fanboy div.

Nah I pre-ordered it back in February. Means I get it cheaper. Plus earlier shipping. *fingers crossed*

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You have a Wii don't you

Touche good Sir.

Also reported. The Pit isn't your personal homework assistant
Ask at any pubs/ bars. Just do anything. Clean toilets. It's all money. Or ask at your student union bar.
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i really don't

spend a day in a kids hospital (i had valid reasons to be there) and they drive you insane. i hate kids

Spend 4 weeks working with kids on a playscheme you'll see that yes they can drive you insane but it's worth it because it's fun.

I work with disabled kids in this afterschool playscheme. Great fun, all the kids are great. But while I'm told I'm great with the kids. I'm not sure I'd be a great dad. So not sure as yet.
Can't beat a proper British cooked dinner. Yorkshire puddings, beef, gravy, roast potatos the works.
When Russell Brand told her he liked black chicks.

*reported* Youtube thread please.
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Till what?

Modern Warfare 2
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Just get guitars second-hand. You can easily find used guitars that have nothing wrong with them (besides minor scratches and blemishes).

Got my Fender P-Bass second hand for £190 and it has one small scuff which is barely noticeable. Bearing in mind new they are £500-£600

So yeah good and cheap guitars do exist you just have to look the extra bit harder for them, but in the end it's worth it then.
I said to myself before I clicked the thread. I bet there'll be something related to a dick in a box.

But seriously TS searchbar. There's like a million of these threads. Surely one of them will provide you with some answers. Also if you don't know what to buy your girlfriend after a year then there's something wrong. Pay more attention or something.