Stop promoting your band/ trying to get the Pit to flame another band.
I need a hug. >_> The past couple of days what with having my phone break on me for the 5th time, plus I'm on my 3rd replacement, and 3 essentially refusing to do anything bar keep repairing it and charge me £40 for the privilage of having a replacement phone. Yet, they believe £10 off my bill is fair compensation for the amount of time I haven't had the phone. >_>
Nothing but willpower man. Good luck to you.

And to that n00b on about lung cancer. STFU.
CD's then I have the traffic annoucements on.
Aiming to get myself a 6CD changer next week hopefully so no more need to keep swapping CD's when I'm driving. >_>

I agree with Mr Rollins on this one.
Well, I say that but ones that make their own music. Feh, it's up for debate. It's not my scene so I don't really care enough to have an opinion on the ones that make their own music.
Opening Credits
World of Make Believe - Within Temptation

Waking Up
Eve of Seduction - Symphony X

First Day At School
No Bravery - James Blunt

Falling In Love
Feel - Robbie Williams

Fight Song
Razorblades - Story of the Year

Breaking Up
Scream - Michael Jackson

Still Laughing - Lostprophets

Life's Ok
Frail Grasp on the Big Picture - The Eagles

Mental Breakdown
Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day

The Best of Times - Dream Theater

Suicide & Redemption - Metallica

Getting Back Together
Kickapoo - Tenacious D

Birth Of Child
The Test that Stumped them All - Dream Theater

Snow's Night Out - Spock's Beard

Final Battle
Folding Stars - Biffy Clyro

Death Scene
New Last Jam - Joe Satriani

Funeral Song
Guerrila Radio - Rage Against the Machine

End Credits
Five is a Four Letter Word - Lostprophets
Yeah... *reported*

I think you be trollin'
No but what it does do is report this thread.
Do it all the time man. Random trips up the A48 are always fun.
TS.. you owe me 5 minutes of your life for the time you just wasted of mine.

Plus interest.

Quote by rabidguitarist
This website is really quite unpleasant about some of these artists.


Also Scream didn't deserve to be on there. It's actually a pretty good album. Hell I liked it.

Also these guys just seem to be butt-sexing what the critics say, and I think it's common knowledge that critics don't have a clue... about anything. >_>
C4 > Fireworks. Try it with that next time.
Quote by GoldenBlues
The world needs Paris Hilton, she's a role model to so many young girls.
Which is good for a sexual deviant like myself.

Good sir you have made me chuckle.

But yeah she did that TV show. Paris Hilton's British BBF. Many chuckles were had watching that show.

Me: "What the hell? Why is that guy wearing a sleeping mask?"
My mate Courtney: "Because gay people don't have eyelids"

We were drunk. It was hilarious at the time...
xyz99 & and SMB13.

You both have officially made me weak with laughter. I'm actually crying.
You both win this thread, the internet, a stack of lol's and my soul. >_>
Life on Mars,
Top Gear,
Black Books,
Balls of Steel,
The Inbetweeners
Buttered toast. Unfortunately it only had Flora on it, this took it down to a 5/10
Yeah... what? I still don't get it. It's a picture of a guy in front of a cinema. It's kinda bland. Not that artsy if you ask me. And when I say bland we're kind of talking wallpaper paste bland.
I don't get it... you said pictures this is a picture.
Alestorm - Wenches & Mead/ Nancy the Tavern Wench/ That Famous Ol' Spiced

Best drinking songs... ever.
Fight Club, anything from it. >_>
Opeth - Deliverance
Quote by Neer
^ You didn't read more than the first sentence in the hurry of getting the first post, did you?

I did. I just skim read the majority of it.
I had cancer... Diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. (A.L.L) if you will.
Diagnosed in September 2003 just after a holiday in France. 2 years of intensive treatment, then about a year on tablets and the occaisional lumbar puncture/ bone marrow test. Now 6 years on I'm just dandy, albeit changed. That chemo is wicked stuff. ****s with you completely.
Never used to get car sick, now I do especially if I'm in the back.
My memory is shot to pieces, can't remember much.
My eyesight however, is goddamn amazing. All my family have had short sightedness, and before I had treatment it was looking that I would need glasses too, yet ever since I had treatment I've had perfect vision. Can see a bird shit across the street.

Good times.
CoD or Burnout anyone? I'm easy as long as you're on PSN mdg16.
Diablo 2
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
WET demo.
Me and Alibabz last summer. When we both had blue hair
Ready for this....

"The Bass."
Quote by Mistress_Ibanez
Yeah they're actually pretty big inside, the new minis...

don't care, still want one.

I know loads of people who have one/ want one. Both my cousins want one for their first cars.
They're evidently doing something right.
Hahah sounds like a plan. At the end of the day it's a basic run-around, and cheap cheap. Me and Blayney went out in his Mini last weekend. It made me want one again. Damn my Dad for selling his old one. We pulled up next to a Beemer Mini, and it was psssht! You're so not mini!

Haha, I don't understand the whole finance thing. But I've got a couple of years to think about it anyway. Only 20 now!
TS.. shut the hell up. Some of us have to pay for our own cars, own insurance, own tax, plus rent at my house. >_> Stop whinging and grow some balls.
Quote by Mistress_Ibanez
I can't decide whether to spend £500 on an older 1997ish Renault Clio

The 08 and 09 coopers have BMW stop-start technology so they are as "green" as a prius but they cost like £10,000 =/

Get the Clio. The pre 1999 ones are actually really good, particulary reliability wise. Plus you'll have far cheaper insurance. My insurance for above 1.1 206 is £750 and thats on my own policy so I can have some no claims bonuses

Nooooo not the BMW Mini's. I refuse to accept that they are real Mini's

I've set myself an aim. It's to get a Lotus Elise by the time I'm 23/24 because my insurance wouldn't be too pricey. Can't decide if I should get the old one or get a new one on finance though.
Quote by StewieSwan
ITT: nobody cares

Aren't you cool. Being all rebellious.
If you don't have anything to add to the topic GTFO.

Yeah paid £1,900 for this

Not bad considering it only had 50,000 miles on the clock, and hadn't been further than Bridgend - Cardiff. Also it was in damn near perfect condition bar a few trolley dings.
I was dead chuffed with it.
Quote by Davo Ownz
Ask a boating forum or Google? Do you honestly think that even a 10th of the pit have any boating knowledge?

I pride myself in being in that 10th.
My dad has a boat.

TS go to a boat yard they'll be able to help you more.
I think you be trollin'!
No, but I'd love to start one. >_>
Damn I'd have it. Like I already told Blayney. I'd animate it with robotics and have it wander my garden. >_> Like a giant walking gnome. Except without the fishing rod. Possibly a hat though.
Eat an Oran berry.
Quote by osXtiger

And that he needs to be burnt at the steak.

I think you mean stake.
Quote by BrashPersona
It's just a another pussy dead.

I'm surprised no one has suggested rape or some form of cumming blood into the maggot filled anus.

Pit, I am dissapoint

Line. You have crossed it.
This is just disgusting.

I still call BS. If it isn't then that's just bad luck.